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Posted by Darkness on October 10, 2002 (Updated: 08-Sep-2023)

If you’ve read the Alien and Predator player classes, you’ll know what I’m talking about. For those of you who don’t know, each of the following characters is different in some certain way that makes them a player class. This is only for Multiplayer mode so you can’t play as any of these characters in Singleplayer mode. There are five different player classes to choose from in the Marine section. Like the Predator and Alien classes, there is a huge difference in each player class. However, in the Marine classes, there is not much of a difference between them all. This means that they all have the same strength and speed as each other. The look of different of course but the main difference is that they each start off with different weapons. This is only affected if the Class Weapon Settings option is turned on in multiplayer. This means you’ll start the level with a set number of weapons so you need to have a certain strategy when playing a level. Below you’ll find five descriptions and strategies of the Marine player classes.

Harrison – Specialist

Corporal Andrew Harrison is the Marine you play as in the Singleplayer missions. Here’s a list of what pieces of equipment you start off with in multiplayer: the Motion Tracker, Shoulder Lamp, and finally the Image Intensifier. Remember there’s the absence of the Flares, Hacking Device and the Welding Torch. This equipment doesn’t apply to Harrison but also to the other Marine player classes as well.

In terms of weaponry, in Mission 1 of the Singleplayer mode, you’ll start the level with a Pulse Rifle, a Pistol and a Knife. As you progress through the missions you will get more weapons and more ammunition. In the Multiplayer mode, you’ll start off with these weapons: a Knife, a Pistol, a Shotgun and a Smartgun. The Smartgun is the key weapon in this player class. This is a very powerful Machinegun that no other Marine player class has in their arsenal.

Johnson – Demolitionist

In the Singleplayer mode, you might possibly see Ms. Johnson as a pilot. Her job is to transport the Marines into battle. In Multiplayer mode her starting weapons are: a Knife, a Pistol, a Pulse Rifle and lastly a Flamethrower. Now obviously her main weapon is the Flamethrower which can be used mainly on Aliens for use in close combat. The Pulse Rifle is better used for combat in medium range. Don’t forget that you also can fire grenades out of the Pulse Rifle. That is an extra bonus for you.

You might run into trouble if you come into contact with a Praetorian. All you have is your Pistol. Switch the appropriate ammunition and dodge the Aliens while firing at him. With the Pulse Rifle and Flamethrower in her arsenal, she is definitely a good all-rounder for fighting enemies. She has weapons for multi-purpose events and for different ranges.

Ichiro – Sniper

Although Ichiro doesn’t make an appearance in the singleplayer missions, you can play as him in the multiplayer levels. As you can see from the screenshot, stealth isn’t going to be one of your strong points because of his red shoulder pads. Your best bet is to hide behind crates or trees. The weapons of Ichiro are: a Knife, a Pistol, a Grenade Launcher and obviously the Sniper Rifle.

The Sniper Rifle should always remain your default weapon when playing as this guy but the Grenade Launcher will definitely come in handy for trapping enemies or escaping from them. Remember you need to keep a low profile when so try to get to high places where you can see everything going on. Open environments are the best because it’s much easier to hide and to see opponents coming.

Jones – Heavy Weapons

Mr. Jones is the Heavy Weapons expert and he’ll be the man in charge of the singleplayer missions. In Multiplayer mode, he carries the following weapons: a Knife, a Pistol, a Shotgun and a Rocket Launcher. With the Rocket Launcher as your main weapon, you’ll be forced to battle in open environments and over long distances. Remember the splash-damage that the Rocket Launcher has. You could take out a whole group of Aliens if you fired one missile at them.

When you’re battling close-up enemies, you’re best off using the Shotgun. Also, remember that running away will be hard when carrying the Rocket Launcher. Switch to the Shotgun so you can run faster from enemies. This man has definitely got the power to deal with troublesome enemies but it comes down to what sort of level you’re playing on.

The Exosuit

The Exosuit is an extremely powerful suit that a Marine can put on. It works like a Marine in terms of mobility. Therefore you can follow Marines about and go perhaps to places where APCs can’t go. This suit doesn’t just boost your speed and strength but also it comes with four different weapons.

First of all, it has a Minigun which can fire a million rounds of ammunition in one go. Next is the Rocket Launcher holding powerful rockets. Then there is a built-in Laser Gun which can be used to tear up Aliens. Lastly, there is a Flamethrower. As I said before it increases your mobility. If you look at the Exosuit, you’d think it would be very bulky and slow to manoeuvre but luckily it isn’t. You can also jump a little higher than average Marines.

Along with the advantages, there are also disadvantages. Because you’re inside the Exosuit, you can use the Motion Tracker which means you are unable to know if an enemy is approaching you. You just have to use the sounds to hear nearby enemies. It’s not just the Motion Tracker which has disappeared but also other pieces of equipment such as Flares or Shoulder Lamp. The only piece of equipment you can use is the Image Intensifier.

Another side effect of the Exosuit is that you can pick up extra ammunition or most of all Medi-Kits. This means you have to use all of your weapons to your advantage. Kill the enemy before they can fire at you first. After playing the Exosuit in the Singleplayer mission, I do tend to get the feeling that you can slow really down to a very slow speed. I think this is caused by your battery supply. The Laser Gun, especially, uses the battery to fire lasers. But it does fill up if you don’t move or fire. Overall the Exosuit is a very powerful thing to have. It’s really up to you if you decide to play in the Exosuit.

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  1. When my friends & I play multiplayer… we don’t start as the race we selected. We have all the latest patches. Including single & multiplayer updates & master server 2.0. Do you have any idea why?

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