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Posted by Darkness on October 10, 2002 (Updated: 08-Sep-2023)

There are 4 different “types” of Predators in the AvP2 multiplayer mode and some of these Predators can be seen in singleplayer mode as well. Each Predator listed on this page is varied in speed and strength and so each one will have certain disadvantages or advantages when in combat. As well as the speed and strength being different, each Predator also starts out with a number of different weapons in multiplayer mode.

Note: The weapons will only be different at the start of the game if the “Class Weapons Settings” option is turned on in Multiplayer mode.

Standard Predator

Compared to the other four classes, the Standard Predator is the closest to looking like the Predator in the Predator movies. This is also the Predator you’ll be playing in the Predator missions in Singleplayer mode. The Standard Predator is what you would call the average Predator out of all the classes. Both the speed and strength are about average and it’s not the fastest and not the strongest out of the four.

Because you have average strength, you need to be quite aware of attacks coming at you in combat. You will be able to endure a few hits or slashes from a Marine, Predator or Alien but you won’t be that tough. The average speed does help compared to a Heavy Predator. You can get away and hide quickly from enemies and you will be fast enough to catch up with some Alien classes and Marines.

If the “Class Weapons Settings” option is turned on, you will begin with the following weapons: your Wristblades, the Combstick, the Plasma Pistol, Disc and the Netgun. As you probably notice, there are very few long-range weapons here. You won’t have the Speargun to start off with which means the enemy is going to have to be medium or close range in order to kill them. You will only have the Plasma Pistol to which you can use your zooming ability and that isn’t very good. You can use auto-targeting on the Disc but you need to be close up to the enemy. The hard part playing with this class is that you need to be close up in order to use most of your weapons so try taking out Predators who are using long-range weapons.

Heavy Predator

The next Predator class is called the Heavy Predator. If you’ve played the Predator missions, you will know that he is the second Predator you actually meet. In the first mission, he helps you out by killing the Marines and gives you a new weapon – the Disc. The Heavy Predator is the strongest in strength out of all the classes but as a downside he’s also the slowest Predator class.

Being very strong does give you a good advantage over opponents. You will be able to take lots more damage than you would if you were a Standard Predator. This means you will be able to last longer in battle and finish the opponent quicker before he finishes you first. If a Marine has a Rocket Launcher, for example, you will still be killed there and then. As I said before, you are much slower than the other classes. Running away from enemies and dodging weapon fire is going to be much more difficult. You’re also not advised to run after enemies because you are just too slow.

In terms of weapons, a Heavy Predator doesn’t start off with many, unfortunately. You will have your Wristblades, the Combstick, the Netgun and the Disc. This is the same as the Standard predator line-up but without the Plasma Pistol. You are definitely going to run into trouble with Marine snipers. They will kill you in a small number of shots, however, a Predator’s Speargun is not that powerful so you can run for cover easily. The best strategy I can give you would be to use the Netgun on the enemy and switch to the Combstick and finish them off. For this to work, the enemy must be on their own and not in a group.

There’s also the Disc weapon to think about. Use the auto-targeting system always and make sure it hits them and kills them on the spot. Fighting Aliens is going to be more difficult with the absence of the Plasma Pistol but just keep switching visions and find a nice, safe spot to ambush enemies. This type of Predator is built for face-to-face combat so use the cloak to hide you from Marines at least.

Assault Predator

The Assault Predator is not found anywhere in the Predator, Alien or Marine missions in Singleplayer mode. You’ll only find this Predator class in Multiplayer mode. In terms of strength and speed, this Predator is in between the Standard Predator and the Heavy Predator. The Assault Predator is stronger in strength than a Standard Predator although not as fast as the Standard Predator. The Assault Predator is faster than the Heavy Predator though not as strong as the Heavy Predator.

Looking at the other Predator classes, this Predator has given up the speed for a little extra strength. You will be able to endure a little more damage than a Standard Predator but not as much as a Heavy Predator. The speed comes in handy for escaping enemies and hiding away. You also will be able to run after slow enemies such as the Marine or Praetorian. Once you catch up with them, you can use a close up weapon to kill them.

The Assault Predator does come with an excellent line-up of starting weapons for you to play with. These are your Wristblades, the Netgun, Plasmacaster, Plasma Pistol and lastly Remote Bombs. This line-up allows you to kill opponents from a medium-range distance. You can use the Netgun and Wristblades for close up enemies but you will be using most weapons from a reasonably far distance. The only effective weapon you have for a Praetorian is the Remote Bombs so you need to set up some on the ground and detonate them when it goes by. None of the weapons will be effective.

You will run into trouble with long-range enemies like the Heavy Predator. If they are firing their Speargun or Sniper Rifle, it’s going to be hard to take them down. Remember to use the auto-targeting system on the Plasmacaster for better accuracy and use your cloak at all times. Overall your extra strength might come in handy for taking long-range enemies down and lasting in battles that little bit longer. This is definitely a good choice to make when choosing a Predator class. Not bad speed, extra strength and brilliant weapons make this a good option.

Light Predator

The Light Predator is the first Predator you meet in the singleplayer Predator missions. When you meet him, he gives you a new weapon – the Combstick. As well as the Predator missions, this class also makes an appearance in the Alien missions. When you’re playing as an Alien, you’ll encounter this Predator twice. From the name of the Predator, Light suggests that it fastest out of the four Predator classes. It is also built to be the smallest of the four classes.

Being the fastest Predator does come with some disadvantages. This Predator is also the weakest in strength. You’re going to have to use its speed to your advantage by hiding and escaping from enemies quickly and efficiently. If you can see the opponent firing at you, you may be able to dodge the weapon fire if you’re lucky. The high speed also allows you to catch up with enemies much easier. You might even be able to catch up with a Drone Alien and that is fast.

With the speed, you’d expect the Light Predator to be fantastic at face-to-face combat with an enemy. Unfortunately, you haven’t checked out the starting weapons yet. You will have your Wristblades, Speargun, Disc and Remote Bombs. This means that the Predator’s weapons are suited to medium to long-range opponents. Remember that this is the only Predator to have a Speargun which means you can find a quiet place and kill enemies from a long distance. If enemies see you snipering, you can just use the speed to escape from them and find another place. The Disc is the only weapon to break your cloak so this adds to the stealth factor.

Playing as a Light Predator means you have to be on guard quite often. It won’t take much enemy fire to take you down because of your low strength. This Predator class is strictly for long-range killings. Find high spots above the ground so you can see what’s going on and take out enemies one by one. If you think you’re good at hiding, then choose this Predator for the stealth.


After writing the above descriptions, I’ve lastly drawn up the table below. This table compares the speed and the strength of the four Predator classes. The Heavy Predator is the strongest but the slowest and the Light Predator is the fastest but the weakest. If you’re better at face-to-face combat, choose the Heavy Predator. However, if you’re better at hiding, choose the Light Predator. The Standard Predator and the Assault Predator are basically average.

Speed Strength
1. Light Predator 1. Heavy Predator
2. Standard Predator 2. Assault Predator
3. Assault Predator 3. Standard Predator
4. Heavy Predator 4. Light Predator.
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  1. I’ve been combing through the site and the rest of the web and found no answer to my question: How does the Ancient Predator class from Primal Hunt fit in with the base four?

  2. Actually, the Assault Predator is seen in the very first Marine mission. He fires the predator pistol that blows up the fleeing truck. He is cloaked up on the cliff above.

    I used a cheat to turn myself into a xeno, spotted him, and then turned myself back into Harrison, fired an EMP grenade, and de-cloaked him.

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