AvP2 Primal Hunt Predalien Walkthrough

Posted by Darkness on November 5, 2002 (Updated: 17-Sep-2020)

This is our AvP2 Primal Hunt Predalien Walkthrough Guide for Aliens versus Predator 2’s 2002 Expansion Pack, Primal Hunt covering all three missions: New Hosts, Body Bags and Freefall.

Level 1: New Hosts

 AvP2 Primal Hunt Predalien Walkthrough  AvP2 Primal Hunt Predalien Walkthrough

Quick Facts:
Date: Approximately 500 years prior to the incident.
Location: Zeta Hive

The Mission Objectives:
1. Find a solitary Predator to facehug.

After the cut-scenes are over, you’ll begin as a Facehugger in a dark tunnel. Go through the tunnel and you’ll get to some green rock. Go though the small gap in the rock at the bottom. You’ll soon get to a small room with grates at the top. At the end of the room, you’ll see a tunnel opening in the wall. Go through it and follow the tunnel through. You now should be behind some grates and you should be able to see a lone Predator standing in the middle of the room. Pounce through the grates and a couple of Drone Aliens will appear and kill the Predator standing there. Go left from the Predator and you’ll arrive at some more grates in the wall. Pounce through them and follow the vent through and you’ll arrive in a big room.

Crawl down from the vent onto the wired ceiling but be careful as there are a number of Predators lurking about the place. Look through the wired ceiling and you’ll see a Predator get attacked by two Drone Aliens. Unfortunately, the Predator has a number of friends nearby which help him to kill the Aliens. Wait until the Predators have gone back to their posts and you’ll see a small gap in the wall at the other end of the room. You’ll just be able to see two Predators patrolling the door near the gap in the wall. Make sure they don’t see you and jump onto the right-hand wall and hide over the rock on the wall.

Carefully look across to the wall on the other side and you’ll see a passageway. Jump quickly and go through the passageway and you’ll be above the patrolling Predators. Take the first right and go to the end of the wired fence. Wait for the Predators to disappear and jump down into the corridor. Crawl towards the pillar and watch out for the Predator behind it. Go through the gap in the floor just right of the pillar and follow the vent through to the next room. Jump down onto the floor and you’ll see two Predators just in the next room. There is also a column just before the Predators with a grid preventing you from getting in. Not to worry, go round the other side of the column and go though the opening and follow the tunnel up.

You’ll reach a small room with some digital panels on the wall. Just to the left of these panels is yet another vent and a tunnel for you to follow through. Eventually you’ll be on a ledge above the floor. Go around and follow the route round and you’ll be on the ledge with a floor below. When I came to his point there were no other Predators nearby so I just jumped down onto the floor. If there are no Predators nearby, crawl to the floor and go to the small opening in the ground. Turn right and go under the floor. Follow the passageway through and you’ll get to another room. When you’re in the room, be careful of any Predators and go towards the windows where the broken control panel is. Nearby is an opening in the floor and a ladder leading down to the ground. There is also a Predator on the floor which you’ll Facehug. Jump down onto the floor and you’ll have finished the first level.

Level 2: Body Bags

 AvP2 Primal Hunt Predalien Walkthrough  AvP2 Primal Hunt Predalien Walkthrough

Quick Facts:
Date: September 22, 2230
Time: 12:05 pm
Location: Communications room aboard Pod 5

The Mission Objectives:
1. In order to grow into a drone, a chestburster must eat. Find a secluded spot with an ample food supply.

After the cut-scenes have finished, you’ll be inside the chest of a Predator. Bite your way through his chest and watch the cut-scene. You are now a Chestburster and you begin your journey in the Communications Room. Go out of the room and into the corridor. Go past the first open door and take a left and try to keep an eye out for a grill in the wall. Bite your way through the grill and go right in the shaft. You’ll get to another grill with a marine standing in the room in front of it. Let him see you and he’ll open a door that was previously closed. Go back through the shaft and you’ll get to another grill in the wall. Bite through it and you’ll be in the corridor.

The marine might be standing the main corridor waiting for you. You can either take him on and try to kill him or you can just quickly run by him. Either way, enter through the newly opened door into a small room with a few closed doors inside. In the corner of the small room are two signs. Go towards them and jump down into the shaft below. Follow the shaft to the other end and let the marine see you. Go back to the other end of the shaft and jump back onto the floor above. Mind the scientist on the floor and be careful of the marine standing guard. Run through the open door into the next room.

Behind the desk is another grate. Break through that and continue through the shaft until you get to another grill. Break through the grill and you’ll notice that you’ll be looking down on a room you’ve probably explored at the beginning. Whatever you do don’t jump off the ledge. Instead just continue along the ledge and go through the opening with the red light over it. Go right and follow the ceiling up and go through the next opening in the wall. You’ll be on a ledge, looking down with a close door on the left and two open doors on the right. Be careful of any marines and take the open door directly in front of you. Take the first left and you’ll get to a room with a large table in the middle.

To the left of the room is the door you need to get through. Unfortunately it’s closed so explore around the room that you’re in and the door will open with a marine nearby. Run past the marine and go through the door and at the end of the corridor is a grid in the floor. Go through that and follow the tunnel underground. Bite through the grid at the end and go through to the toilet area. A marine will suddenly get pulled up into a vent above the toilet by a Drone Alien. Follow the Alien through the passageway above the toilet. Explore and you’ll find a grid in the ceiling you’re on. Bite through and drop down into the corridor below. Follow through the corridor until you reach a marine.

Two Drone Aliens will appear and attack the marine and hopefully kill him. Wait until they’ve finished fighting and continue through the corridor until you reach a door with steam inside. Dodge the steam and follow through the corridor and you’ll reach a big room. Go through the door into the room and the cut-scenes will come on. Well done you’ve completed the second Predalien mission.

Level 3: Free Fall

 AvP2 Primal Hunt Predalien Walkthrough  AvP2 Primal Hunt Predalien Walkthrough

Quick Facts:
Date: September 23, 2230
Time: 03:28 AM
Location: Pod 5 morgue.

The Mission Objectives:
1. Find the Artifact and return it to the hive.
2. Abandon the Artifact and escape Pod 5 before it falls.
3. Disable the electricity to the girders and escape.

You’ve finally grown into a mature Alien and since you facehugged a Predator, you have become a Predalien. When you start the level, immediately kill the marine that’s shooting at you in front of you. Turn back around and crawl up the cylinder in the middle of the room. Stop when you get to the top of it and you’ll notice steam rising from the cylinder you’re on and there’s also a vent above the steam. Be careful of the steam and break the grill on the vent and crawl inside the shaft. You will now be faced with two options to go. It depends which way you crawled into the vent but take the left hand shaft. Go to the end and you’ll find two grills. Break one of them and crawl through until you get to a small room. There’ll be lots of flying bug creatures in the room but at the end is a control panel labelled Electrified Duct Control. Smash that and go back the way you came in until you get to the entrance of the shaft where the steam was.

Go through the other shaft now and when you get to the end, you’ll notice an electrified fence. This fence will have been armed before you smashed the control panel but now you can break it down and go into the next small area. Turn to your left and you’ll notice another control panel on the wall. If you smash this, some Sentry Guns in an upcoming room will be disabled. Smash that and go back into the shaft. When you’re in the shaft, make sure you’re the right way up and go up the shaft that’s above you nearby. Follow the shaft until you come to another room with pants on the floor. Inside the room you’ll notice that there were four Sentry Guns in each corner of the room. They should now be disabled. In one corner of the room is a pipe which goes under some grills. Smash the grills and continue through to the other end.

In the next room, there will be two marines inside. Smash the grill and kill the two marines. Near one of the big pipes hanging from the ceiling is a grill in the floor. Smash the grill and exit the room. You will have to switch to your Night Vision to see in the dark. Do that and follow the shaft along until you get to an exit. Climb out of the shaft into the room above. Kill any marines waiting for you and look around the room for a vent in the wall. There will be red light just above the entrance. Crawl up to it and go through into the shaft. Follow the passageway and you’ll come to a junction. Go right and you’ll see a pole in the middle of your route with sparks flying off it. Destroy the pole and go back down the other way and break a grill in the floor to drop down to the floor below.

Take your first left through the door and you’ll get to a junction. Kill any marines and go right. Be careful of the Combat Synthetic and continue to a big room with many plants. On the walkway in the middle of the room is a Combat Synthetic with a Rocket Launcher. Crawl up there and try to kill him. Once you’ve done this, a marine will come through a door nearby. Go through the door and help your Alien friend out. At the end of the corridor is an entry into the ceiling so smash the grill and climb up to be above the ceiling. Once in the shaft, look up to the ceiling nearby to find another vent. Follow through the vent until you get another area. Drop down into the area and turn around. There are two directions you can go but Synthetics will be chasing after you. Kill the Synthetics and go around to the other side through the corridor. Brake the grill covering the pipe and go through it to start the next part of the level.

Follow the pipe down and until you reach the exit. Jump down, destroy the Sentry Gun behind you and kill the guard waiting for you. Continue along through the corridor into the next room. Kill the man on the floor if you want but go left into the next corridor. Watch out for the Sentry Gun and the Combat Synthetic and continue until you get to the last room. Kill the Combat Synthetic on a walkway near the ceiling. There is also a control panel for you to destroy. This will open another door below you. Go through the open door and kill the marine patrolling the area. Go left into a large room and kill the marine and the Combat Synthetic. If you go onto the walkway to the left of where you came in, you’ll notice a control panel with a red light above it on a wall. Jump down and destroy it and come back up onto the walkway.

Go back down the walkway to the other end and jump down and go into the tunnel nearby. Be careful of the steam and make your way through the tunnel. Take your first right and at the end is a vent for you to go through. The cut-scenes should appear showing the marines set fire to the room in front of you. Once the cut-scenes are over, go through the wired fence in to the next room. Turn right and follow the corridor. Immediately look up to see an escape route above you. Break the grill, go up the shaft to the top and climb out to be in a very big room. Turn right and kill the Combat Synthetic waiting for you. Then you’ll see an entrance. Go through that and follow the right corridor. Kill the Combat Synthetic and destroy the Overhead Sentry Guns on your way. Take your first left to be in a control room.

Kill anybody in there and turn right and there will be a control panel on the wall. Destroy that and make your way back out into the big room. Two marines inside Exosuits will be visible guarding two entrances. Make your way over to them and destroy both Exosuits. Go in one of the entrances and crawl up to the top. Destroy the Combat Synthetic and you’ll be soon in another big room with machine in the middle of the room. Watch out for the two Sentry Guns so you might have to crawl under the floor to destroy them. Go around the object to the other side of the room and you’ll reach some control panels on the wall. Destroy them and come back to the long shaft you crawled up. Crawl into the shaft and you’ll notice that the high voltage grid on the wall nearby is not electrified anymore. Go through that and follow the vent to another grill. Smash that and that’s it, Level Complete!

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