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Posted by Darkness on October 10, 2002 (Updated: 22-Aug-2023)

This section includes various AvP2 Cheats for 2001’s Aliens versus Predator 2 game for PC.

To use any of these cheats you need to do the following:

When playing a mission in Singleplayer mode press Enter to bring up the Message box. Type “<cheat>” first of all and enter one of the following:

General Cheats

mpcanthurtme – God Mode On/Off   E.g. <cheat>mpcanthurtme

mpschuckit – Add Weapons and Ammo   E.g. <cheat>mpschuckit

mpsmithy – Full Armor   E.g. <cheat>mpsmithy

mpkohler – Full Ammo   E.g. <cheat>mpkohler

mpdoctordoctor 100 – Regain Health   E.g. <cheat> mpdoctordoctor 100

mpbeamme – Beam Player to Level Start with Initial Conditions   E.g. <cheat>mpbeamme

mpsixthsense – No Clip On/Off   E.g. <cheat>mpsixthsense

mpicu – Third-Person Mode On/Off (HUD Not Visible in this Mode)   E.g. <cheat>mpicu

mptachometer – Show Speed Info On/Off   E.g. <cheat>mptachometer

mpsizeme – Show Size Info On/Off    E.g. <cheat>mpsizeme

mpgrs – Show Rotation Info On/Off   E.g. <cheat>mpgrs

mpgps – Show Position Info On/Off   E.g. <cheat>mpgps

mpfov – Edit (with Keys) FOV Value   E.g. <cheat>mpfov

mpvertextint – Edit (with Keys) Vertext Tint   E.g. <cheat>mpvertextint

mplightadd – Edit (with Keys) Light Amplification   E.g. <cheat>mplightadd

mplightscale – Edit (with Keys) Light Scale   E.g. <cheat>mplightscale

mpbreach – Edit (with Keys) Weapon Breach   E.g. <cheat>mpbreach

mpwmpos – Edit (with Keys) Weapon Offset One   E.g. <cheat>mpwmpos

mpwpos – Edit (with Keys) weapon Offset Two   E.g. <cheat>mpwpos

Morphing Cheats

The next set of cheats are for changing yourself into another specie/person. For a lot of the people you may not be able to see a visible affect but if you switch to Third Person View you can see the change. To use these codes bring up the Message box as before and enter “<cheat>mpmorph” and enter one of the following codes below:

facehugger – Morph into a Facehugger   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph facehugger

chestburster – Morph into a Chestburster   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph chestburster

drone – Morph into an Alien Drone   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph drone

runner – Morph into an Alien Runner   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph runner

predalien – Morph into a Predalien   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph pedalien

praetorian – Morph into a Praetorian   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph praetorian

queen – Morph into the Queen Alien   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph queen

lightpredator – Morph into a Light Predator   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph lightpredator

predator – Morph into a Standard Predator   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph predator

mhawkpredator – Morph into an Assault Predator   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph mhawkpredator

heavypredator – Morph into a Heavy Predator   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph heavypredator

marine duke – Morph into Duke   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph marine duke

exosuit – Morph into the Robotic Suit   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph exosuit

eisenberg – Morph into Dr. Eisenberg   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph eisenberg

droppilot – Morph into a Drop Pilot   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph droppilot

convict – Morph into a Convict   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph convict

combatsynth – Morph into a Combat Synthetic   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph combatsynth

apesuit – Morph into an Ape Suit   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph apesuit

femalelabtech – Morph into a Female Abtech   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph femaleabtech

grenadier – Morph into a Grenadier   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph grenadier

laboror – Morph into a Laboror   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph laboror

dunya_ai – Morph into Dunya   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph dunya_ai

ivan_ai – Morph into Ivan   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph ivan_ai

malelabtech – Morph into a Male Abtech   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph maleabtech

minigunner – Morph into a Minigunner   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph minigunner

sadargunner – Morph into a Sadargunner   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph sadargunner

obrian – Morph into Obrian   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph obrian

pocguard – Morph into a POC Guard   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph pocguard

pulseriflegirl – Morph into a Pulse Rifle Girl   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph pulseriflegirl

railgunner – Morph into a Railgunner   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph railgunner

rykov – Morph into General Rykov   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph rykov

smuggler – Morph into a Smuggler   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph smuggler

tamiko – Morph into Tamiko   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph tamiko

guard – Morph into a Guard   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph guard

guard1 – Morph into Guard1   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph guard1

guard2 – Morph into Guard2   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph guard2

guard3 – Morph into Guard3   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph guard3

officer – Morph into an Officer   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph officer

scientist – Morph into a Scientist   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph scientist

harrison – Morph into Harrison   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph harrison

merc1 – Morph into Mercenary1   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph merc1

merc2 – Morph into Mercenery2   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph merc2

merc3 – Morph into Mercenary3   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph merc3

merc4 – Morph into Mercenary4   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph merc4

scientist1 – Morph into Scientist1   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph scientist1

scientist2 – Morph into Scientist2   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph scientist2

scientist3 – Morph into Scientist3   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph scientist3

smartgunner – Morph into a Smartgunner   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph smartgunner

malelabsynth – Morph into a Male AbSynthetic   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph maleabsynth

hazmat – Morph into Hazmat   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph hazmat

scientistchief – Morph into the Chief Scientist   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph scientistchief

pocofficer – Morph into a POC Officer   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph pocofficer

mccain – Morph into McCain   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph mccain

pulserifleguy – Morph into a Pulse Rifle Guy   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph pulserifleguy

femalelabsynth – Morph into a Female AbSynthetic   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph femaleabsynth

guardofficer – Morph into a Guard Officer   E.g. <cheat>mpmorph guardofficer

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  1. Add Scientist_Female, Predator_ai, Predator_mp, Lightpredator_ai, lightpredator_mp, mhawkpredator_ai, mhawkpredator_mp, heavypredator_ai, heavypredator_mp, drone_ai, drone_mp, predalien_ai, predalien_mp, praetorian_mp, praetorian_ai, runner_ai, runner_mp, demolition_mp, minigunner_mp, harrison_mp, merc1_mp, merc2_mp, merc4_mp, sniper_mp, rykov_mp, queen_ai. Add these into Morphing Cheats, some of them have different stats, like harrison_mp have double armor stat, 200 max armor instead of 100 max and other changes.

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