AvP2 Alien Abilties

Posted by Darkness on October 10, 2002 (Updated: 08-Sep-2023)

Since an alien doesn’t have any physical weapons or equipment, it relies on its natural abilities. An alien’s attacks are its claws, its tail, its Head-Bite attack and finally its ability to pounce on a victim. However, one special ability which neither the marine nor predator has, is to crawl up walls.

 AvP2 Alien Abilties Facehug
This is the only attack used by facehuggers. When a facehugger uses it, it tries to target the face of a human or a predator. If it hits the target’s face, a facehugger latches onto the head and impregnates the victim with an egg. This attack can also be done from behind the victim. To use this attack, you need to be really smart and sneak up on your victim. Make sure they’re in a secluded area with no people nearby or else your cover is blown. Also if you’re using Primal Hunt, the facehugger can pounce through grills and grates. You’ll only in fact use the pounce twice in the first predalien mission to break down a grill.
 AvP2 Alien Abilties Jaws
This small attack is used only by chestbursters. During the singleplayer missions, you will get to play as a chestburster and you can use its jaws. During the mission, you can actually use the jaws on humans and actually kill them. This is not recommended because it leaves you with minimum health and probably will attract other humans’ attention. In Primal Hunt, a chestburster can bite through a grill. Since there are no grills or vents in multiplayer that I know of, you will get your chance to play as a chestburster in the second predalien mission. There are quite a few times where you’ll use the bite attack to go inside a vent.
 AvP2 Alien Abilties Claws
An alien’s claws are used by drones, runners, predaliens and praetorians. An alien’s claws are its primary weapon for killing an opponent. When used, these razor sharp claws can kill anything. It takes a few slashes of an alien’s claws to kill a marine or a predator. When an alien is not indirect combat with an enemy, the claws can be used to smash through a grill in the wall or ceiling, to destroy control panels and to rip through iron bars. As an extra, an alien’s claws can also be used to generate health. If you keep hacking at someone, you regain health but it’s only a very small amount.
 AvP2 Alien Abilties Tail
An alien’s tail is its secondary attack when fighting an enemy. It’s located behind your view and hits in front of you to take down your opponent. Its main purpose is for paralysing the enemy rather than killing the enemy but it’s still possible to kill your enemy with a number of tail whips. When you hit your opponent with your tail, it paralyses them making them unable to move for a couple of seconds. Be warned that the tail does paralyse enemies but they can still use their weapon. Don’t worry because they won’t be able to aim with the weapon so try to use the tail attack from the sides or from behind.
 AvP2 Alien Abilties Head-Bite
The Head-Bite attack can only be used by drones, runners and praetorians. This attack uses your inner jaws to instantly kill your enemy by biting off their head. There is one problem with head-bite is that you need to have the opponent’s head in the middle of the screen. This isn’t a problem if your opponent is already dead but if you do when they’re alive it can be difficult. This attack takes great accuracy and possibly a fair few seconds. Not only does this attack kill your enemy, but you also gain health from it. In Primal Hunt, predaliens can now use the attack to kill victims and/or to regain health.
 AvP2 Alien Abilties Pounce Attack
The pounce attack can be used by drones, runners and predaliens. The pounce attack is like one giant leap to quickly get in front of your enemy. With a good aim, the pounce attack will kill your opponent in one clear pounce. If you’re hoping to kill your enemy straight away, you should use it in small environments so your accuracy won’t matter as much. Apart from killing your enemy, this attack can also be used for jumping over large distances. The distance it can jump to is dependent on the species with a predalien able to jump the furthest and runner can jump the shortest.
 AvP2 Alien Abilties Crouch-Leap
The crouch-leap ability can be used by all adult aliens. When you’re using this ability you are able to jump much higher than normal. It’s mainly used for jumping onto large trees or onto a nearby platform. praetorians, however, can’t crawl or use the pounce attack so you’ll be relying on crouch leap quite a lot with this species. Crouch leap is probably better for accuracy than anything else. You can just use it for getting balanced on high places such as treetops. Then you could jump from one branch to the next. You can also use the ability for dodging human or predator attacks too.
 AvP2 Alien Abilties Crawling
The crawling ability can be used by facehuggers, drones, runners and predaliens. The good thing about this is that you can get to very high places easily and none of the other species have this ability. You cannot only crawl on vertical walls but you can also crawl upside down. When you first do this, it can be incredibly complicated but you soon get used to it. As an extra tip, there are arrows that appear around the screen when you’re in crawl mode. If you use the pounce attack to jump from one place to another when in crawl mode, you still will be able to hang onto the wall.
 AvP2 Alien Abilties Vision Modes
An alien’s normal vision, called hunt mode, has a number of nice features. This will let you spot enemies from a long distance because opponents give off pheromones causing them to glow a certain colour. If it’s a blue glow floating around the enemy, then it’s a human. If it’s a red glow, it’s an alien and if it’s a green glow it’s a predator. There is one flaw to this system. Synthetics don’t have any glow so beware. An alien’s secondary vision mode is called navigate mode which enables you to see in the dark. The only problem with this is that enemies don’t glow making it difficult to see them.
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