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Posted by Darkness on October 10, 2002 (Updated: 08-Sep-2023)

The weapons of a marine are the only form of attack a marine has. You’ll find below a list of weapons and equipment that a marine can use.

 AvP2 Marine Weapons Combat Knife
Considering all the other weapons, this is not an ideal weapon for taking down enemies. You’ll probably be using it more in singleplayer mode for when you’ve run out of ammo in all the other weapons. The combat knife does of one advantage over other weapons because it never runs out of ammo. You can use it often as you like but unfortunately, it’s not as effective as other weaponry. The combat knife is practically only used as a last resort weapon and for cutting yourself out of nets. This is the only weapon that actually allows you to cut yourself out of a net. It won’t be used for anything else than that.
 AvP2 Marine Weapons M-4A4 Pistol
As with the combat knife, this is another last-resort weapon. This gun can hold twelve rounds per clip of ammunition and also has two different types of ammunition. The first one is called dumb-dumbs which is what you start off with. There’s more ammo of dumb-dumbs but it’s quite weak compared to the other type of ammo. The second type of ammunition is called armor-piercing which can only be found in Ammo Boxes found in the missions. You get less ammo but it’s more powerful than dumb-dumb ammunition. The expansion pack, Primal Hunt, also allows corporates to have two pistols in their hands.
 AvP2 Marine Weapons Shotgun
This shotgun weapon is extremely effective in close-up battle encounters. It’s useless for long-range targets because you’ll never hit them. Like the pistol weapon, this shotgun also comes in two different types of ammunition. The first type is called shells which are small metal pellets. You will get lots of these on your travels and they are good for most targets. The second type is called slugs which is a hard and heavy type of ammunition. Remember that the weapon is for close-up encounters and you’ll be fine. Overall it’s not as good as the pulse rifle but you will definitely get some use out of it.
 AvP2 Marine Weapons M-41A Pulse Rifle
The pulse rifle is the most common weapon a marine will be carrying in singleplayer mode. The primary mode is a machine gun and the secondary mode is a grenade launcher. When you’re using the primary mode, it’s best to fire in short bursts at your target. This not only saves you lots of ammo but you also get a better accuracy on the target. The secondary mode pumps out a very powerful grenade and has a good splash-effect. This mode is for medium to long-range targets because if you fire it too close, you’ll be killed in the blast. It’s a brilliant, multi-purpose weapon that a marine definitely shouldn’t be without.
 AvP2 Marine Weapons M-240A1 Flamethrower
You can just hold down on fire and watch the burst of flames that emerge from the weapon. Unlike the pulse rifle which is better fired in short bursts, you’re better off firing this is long bursts since accuracy isn’t a problem. If there’s just one enemy, you can fire a short burst of fire to save ammo. When the flame hits the target, they’ll catch on fire and die immediately. The flamethrower is a great weapon to have, especially when you’re playing against aliens. One note to make is that, however much you fire the weapon, you can never get on fire yourself. In fact, you can’t set fire to any inanimate objects.
 AvP2 Marine Weapons M-56 Smartgun
The marine’s smartgun is a very heavy weapon to carry. The machine gun can hold about 750 rounds per clip and also has an auto-targeting system like the predator. Remember that the auto-targeting system, apart from the motion tracker, is the only way to track cloaked predators. This type of gun is for taking down small targets such as marines or runner aliens. Because of the weight of the gun, the disadvantage is that you are slowed down to walking speed when you want to move about. The weight doesn’t help as it slows you down. Apart from that, it’s a good weapon to use against most creatures.
 AvP2 Marine Weapons WY-102 Sniper Rifle
This is the marine’s ultimate long-range weapon. It comes with thirty rounds of ammunition and is very powerful at taking down targets. Because it’s a long-range weapon, you’ve got a scope which you can use to zoom in on enemies. One good thing about this gun is that it’ll take out an enemy in one shot maximum. The best place you need to be is on a high platform where nobody can see you. aliens and predators have far superior vision and will discover you before you can discover them. aliens will be hard to hit because of their speed. Remember to hide efficiently and be ready to kill anybody who discovers you.
 AvP2 Marine Weapons M-92 Grenade Launcher
This Grenade Launcher simply fires out grenades and there are five different types of grenades to choose from. The first grenade type is called the Timed Grenade which automatically explodes on impact with the target or after a few seconds if you missed the target. The next grenade is called the Proximity Grenade which explodes when the target comes close to it. The third set of grenades are called Smart Grenades which, when fired, sit and wait for the target. The last grenade is called the EMP Grenade which is designed for use against predators which de-cloaks them, drains their energy and immobilizes them.
 AvP2 Marine Weapons M-90 Minigun
The minigun is one of the marine’s most powerful weapons. One clip holds nine hundred rounds of ammunition and the weapon fires extremely fast. Instead of shooting small, weak bullets like the smartgun, this weapon fires big, powerful bullets at the target. In primary mode, the gun takes a few seconds to charge up and then it pumps out a million bullets a second. As you’ll notice, the gun needs to spin before it can fire. However, in secondary mode, you can make the gun spin around on its own, saving you plenty of time. The problem with this is that it makes a huge noise, giving your position away to other enemies.
 AvP2 Marine Weapons M-6B Rocket Launcher
The rocket launcher is a weapon of mass destruction. Complete with guided and unguided rockets, this is a very useful weapon. The rocket launcher only comes with three round clips. The guided rockets are called tracking rockets which lock on a target. These types of rockets are best suited to medium range so you get a better accuracy. The unguided rockets are called direct-fire rockets which you can just fire anywhere at your will. The weapon is designed to be a long-range weapon like the sniper-rifle. Remember to save your ammo for when you really need it and use the guided rockets carefully.
 AvP2 Marine Weapons Sentry Gun (Primal Hunt Only)
Corporates can now pickup Sentry Guns for use on enemies which wasn’t previously done in Aliens vs Predator 2. The Guns are automatic and can fire in about a 90-degree radius but they can also fire from attacks coming from above. The guns are just as powerful as they were in AvP2 but they can also be destroyed quite easily. Sentry Guns can be found in both singleplayer and multiplayer levels. The purpose of Sentry Guns is to defend you while you’re doing something or trying to escape. Sentry Guns can also run out of ammo or even overheat which obviously stops them from working.
 AvP2 Marine Weapons Turret Gun (Primal Hunt Only)
The gun can be found in multiplayer levels and at the end of the Corporate missions. The gun is fixed in position so it can’t be moved. To use the gun, go around behind it and press the Use key and you will now be able to control the gun and move it in all directions – it moves vertically and horizontally 360 degrees. One drawback is that your ammo for this weapon decreases very quickly so fire the weapon in short bursts to save ammo. The gun works just like the M-90 Minigun. The primary fire charges the weapon up for a few seconds and then fires. The secondary fire keeps the barrel rolling so that you can immediately fire it.
 AvP2 Marine Weapons The Exosuit
The Exosuit is an extremely powerful suit that a marine can put on. This is available in the final marine mission or in mulitplayer. This suit doesn’t just boost your speed and strength but it also comes with four different weapons. First of all, it has a minigun which fires rapidly. Next is the rocket launcher holding powerful rockets. Then there is a built-in laser gun which can be used to tear up aliens. Lastly, there is a flamethrower. The exosuit allows you to jump a little higher than average marines. You can’t use the motion tracker or shoulder lamp when you’re inside the suit though so you must rely on the Image Intensifier to see in the dark.
 AvP2 Marine Weapons ComTech Hacking Device
The hacking device is only used in the singleplayer mode and its function is to bypass door locks making them accessible. It can also be used to hack control panels so you can continue through the mission. If a door needs hacking, a small panel will open near the door and an icon will appear telling you it needs to be bypassed. You can just get out the hacking device and simply run a bypass on it so you can gain access. It may take a few seconds to run a bypass so be patient. Be ready to switch to another weapon when you’ve finished bypassing the door so you can take out any enemies nearby.
 AvP2 Marine Weapons Welding Torch
Like the hacking device, the welding torch is only used in the singleplayer mode and it’s used to burn locks off doors or panels in the marine missions. Remember to switch to an attacking weapon, once you’ve finished using the welding torch because you won’t know what will be hiding around the corner. The panels can be easy to miss when you’re playing a level so just check any panels as you explore the level. Once you’ve found a panel you can use the welding torch on, an icon will appear just like the hacking device. You can then get your torch out and start burning those locks off.
 AvP2 Marine Weapons Motion Tracker
This handy device acts as a warning for approaching enemies moving in front or at the side of you but it can’t detect anything moving behind you. The motion tracker is based on movement. If you see a dot approaching you and suddenly disappears, one of the reasons could be they’ve just stopped moving. If a dot is moving very slowly, then the moving object could be a predalien or a praetorian. If the object is moving at an average pace, it could be a predator or a marine. If the object is moving very fast, it could be a smaller alien. In the expansion pack, Primal Hunt, players also have a 360 degree motion tracker.
 AvP2 Marine Weapons Image Intensifier
The image intensifier is the marine’s night vision and it helps you to guide your way through dark tunnels or areas. When you switch the device on, the device searches for any light at all and amplifies it, enabling you to see where you’re going. If you switch it on when there’s plenty of light around, the image intensifier will make your vision so bright, you won’t be able to see where you’re going. It’s best used in total darkness, preferably inside a building of some sort. A downside to the image intensifier is that it’s battery powered and you only have a fixed amount of time before the battery runs out.
 AvP2 Marine Weapons Shoulder lamp
The shoulder lamp is a bright lamp situated on a marine’s left shoulder. A problem with the shoulder lamp is that the ray of light only lights up the centre of the screen. Since the light doesn’t cover at the sides of you, any attacks coming from the sides are going to be a problem. The shoulder lamp runs on a battery and it takes power off gradually. Once it runs out of power, the shoulder lamp turns itself off and recharges itself. Remember to only use the shoulder lamp when you need it. The shoulder lamp is probably the best form of seeing in the dark for marines. It’s much better than the flares and image intensifier.
 AvP2 Marine Weapons Flares
Flares are small objects which can be thrown anywhere and they’ll light the entire area up within a medium range. You can easily see enemies and other things close by when you drop a flare. A problem with the flares is that they don’t last forever. After dropping one, a flare lasts for up to 15 seconds, then the area will return to normal. Flares can be picked up on levels and you can hold a maximum of 20 flares. You can use the flares to blind the marine if they happen to have the image intensifier on though this is not very likely. The shoulder lamp is still the best form of seeing in the dark though.
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