AvP2: Primal Hunt Corporate Walkthrough

Posted by Darkness on November 28, 2002 (Updated: 17-Sep-2020)

This is a AvP2: Primal Hunt Corporate Walkthrough guide for Aliens versus Predator 2’s expansion Pack, AvP2 Primal Hunt. All three missions are listed here.

Level 1: Zeta Site

 AvP2: Primal Hunt Corporate Walkthrough  AvP2: Primal Hunt Corporate Walkthrough

Quick Facts:
Date: September 21, 2230
Time: 11:40 PM
Location: Zeta Site

The Mission Objectives:
1. Proceed into Zeta Site and locate the Artifact.
2. Place the disruption device into the proper receptacle to disable the Artifact.
3. Find an alternative route to the surface.
When you start the first corporate mission, you’ll notice two friends of yours standing in front of a door. Go towards your friends and they’ll run through the opened door. Go through into the corridor.

You will have noticed that your two friends will guard you along the corridor up until a point. Follow the corridor until they stop at a door. Open the door and you’ll encounter your first Alien. In fact, there are a couple but they tend to just attack your friends. Help them fight the Aliens off and follow the slope down to the bottom of the room. Turn right from the slope and head towards the closed door. Open the door and go into the next area. There’ll be more Aliens in this room so watch out for them and continue along the room to the other side. You’ll notice a large shaft in the middle of the room which you’ll need to go down. First of all look for the lever on the yellow box on the wall nearby. Pull the lever and the elevator will be called up. When the elevator arrives, your friends will jump on so follow them on and press the button on the elevator to go down. Go off the elevator and pick up the supplies nearby.

The next bit will be the hardest so far. Loads of Aliens will appear and eventually kill the two corporates. So you need to basically run down the tunnel with Aliens attacking you from all directions. Keep to your left and follow the tunnel through. You’ll get to a large area and you may just see a dead Combat Synthetic lying in a tunnel. Go through that and pick up any supplies. When you exit the small tunnel, keep to your right and follow the passage through. You’ll see another pickup later down the tunnel but you’ll eventually at a big room with the Artifact in the centre of the chamber. Go towards the dead Combat Synthetics and watch the cut-scenes. Pick up any items and you’ll notice that the Aliens can’t come into the chamber. Turn around to face the opening you came through, turn right and go down the passage way nearby. Follow it through until you get to the next area. You’ll notice a small container with white light shining from it. Insert the disruptive device to disable the Artifact into the container and watch the cut-scenes.

You’ll find out that the entrance you came from into the Chamber gets blocked so you’ll need to find an alternative route. When you can take control again, you’ll be on the platform of where the Artifact was. Nearby the platform, there is an Alien pipe which you need to jump on. Jump on it and work your way to the top of it. Jump onto the wired platform at the top and go inside the corridor. Turn right and you’ll notice a door up ahead. Go towards that and go through it. As soon as you come to the door though, Aliens will appear from behind you so take care of them first. Turn left when you get through the door and watch out for the Runner Aliens on the ceiling. Carry on and go through the next door. Turn left again and you’ll be in a similar corridor. Go to the end and through the next door.

If you’ve played the Predator missions, you’ll remember this next area from one of the missions. Kill any Aliens and be aware that there’s a Praetorian in this room somewhere. Go straight forward to the end of the big room and just left of the Alien eggs is yet another door. Go through that into the next small area. Unlike the Predator you will be using the elevator to get to the top. Go right into the small passageway and call the elevator if it’s not already there. When you get to the top, jump onto the platform and watch out for the Facehuggers which hatch from the Eggs nearby. Go the opposite way to the eggs and turn right and you’ll be on wired surface. Follow the narrow passage and you might have to crouch under the rock but carry on. Watch out for the Aliens which attack you and carry on into the next circular room. Go over the orange surface and a Praetorian will appear just in front of you. Take care of him and exit the room.

Be careful not to fall and stay to the right. Jump off the narrow platform onto the platform with the Alien eggs. They will immediately hatch so go down the slope nearby into the next big area. You’ll notice the skulls of different species hung up on the Predator’s wall. From the slope, stay to the right and you’ll reach another slope. Go down to the bottom and cross the yellow surface to the entrance on the left. Immediately turn left and go up the slope to the next area. When you’re at the top, watch out for the Aliens and head straight ahead. Mind the Aliens eggs which hatch and go through the door. Look to your left and you’ll see an angry Praetorian coming towards you. Take him out and follow the corridor. Jump onto the platform in the middle of the room and go towards the Alien eggs. Run around them and go through the final door to complete the mission.

Level 2: Artifact

 AvP2: Primal Hunt Corporate Walkthrough  AvP2: Primal Hunt Corporate Walkthrough

Quick Facts:
Date: September 22, 2230
Time: 9:34 AM
Location: Unknown exit from Zeta Hive.

The Mission Objectives:
1. Make your way to the extraction zone.

After getting to the surface of the planet on the previous mission, you now need to get to your APC which is waiting for you far away. This is the shortest corporate mission and probably the shortest in the whole expansion pack. It won’t be easy though as you will be running into a few indigenous creatures and many Aliens. When you start the mission, you’ll notice a red dot on your motion tracker. This is the APC you need to reach. From where you start, head forward and follow the route. You’ll soon meet your first indigenous creature to the planet. Kill the statue monster and continue on. Just after the creature, go along the narrow route and turn around when you get past a rock. You’ll a couple of Alien eggs which will hatch when you come by. Kill the Facehuggers and continue along. When you get to the narrow rocks, you’ll meet your first Aliens of this mission. Kill them and continue out into the open.

Whatever you do don’t fall off the cliff you’re on. Stay to the left-hand side and follow the edge of the cliff. Beware that there are those ground snakes lurking under the ground you’re walking on. Run very quickly to the other side and go through the tunnel. Make your way through the tunnel and you’ll eventually get to a dead marine lying on the floor. Get the pickup items and continue past him, killing Aliens as you go. You’ll get out into the open and you’ll notice a path leading up into the air. Use the path and follow it up to the small cliffs. Immediately turn left, go past the plants and you’ll soon see another walkway. Use that and follow it along. Go under a walkway above and carry on. You’ll reach some more plants and a walkway leading up. Follow it over and kill any Runner Aliens in your path.

Continue until you get to two grey plants and lots of Aliens will suddenly appear. Finish them off and continue along the route. Keep going past more plants and you’ll be on the highest walkway of them all. You now need to follow the paths down. You’ll soon see an opening in the cliff which you are to go through. Make your way along the paths, killing Aliens until you get to the opening. Go through opening and watch out for the ground snakes that attack you and just keep running forward. There’s also a statue monster lurking on your right but you’ll eventually see a surface in the distance with flashing lights. This is where you need to get to. After a bit of running, you’ll run into a Praetorian and even more Aliens behind him. Try to kill them off as best you can and proceed to the edge of the surface. You can’t just jump to the bottom so you’ll have to use the small rock platforms to work your way down. When you get down to the bottom, continue to the APC. Jump over each platform and run to the APC. Well done, you’ve now completed the second corporate mission.

Level 3: Severance

 AvP2: Primal Hunt Corporate Walkthrough  AvP2: Primal Hunt Corporate Walkthrough

Quick Facts:
Date: September 22, 2230
Time: 11:19 AM
Location: Pod 5

The Mission Objectives:
1. Proceed to Storage Area C and retrieve the Artifact.
2. Proceed to the cargo bay and assist with the evacuation of Pod 5.
3. Defend the cargo bay until Dimitri arrives.

First of all, turn around and pick up the weapons and the ammunition. Explore around and pick up anything else and exit through the door. Go down the right-hand corridor and carry straight on to the end. Open the door and go through it. Go right and right again and kill the Aliens that attack you. Go past the yellow ladders, into the small doorway and turn left. Go down the narrow corridor into the next room. The cut-scenes will appear showing you a Predator steal the Artifact. When you regain play, go back down the corridor and turn left. Go up the nearest set of yellow ladders onto the platform above. Kill the Runner Aliens pursuing you and go around the corner of the platform you’re on. You’ll soon notice a ladder leading into a shaft so go up there.

The next bit is quite tiresome because you’ll be spending a long time in shafts. So follow the shaft up and open the first door. Just straight after that one, is another door in the wall for you to go through. Kill the Runner Aliens and jump into the next shaft. Turn left and continue along and go through the next two air-shaft doors. Kill another Runner Aliens and turn right and follow the narrow shaft down. Exit the door at the end and another on your right. Jump on top the next shaft and make sure you don’t fall to your death. Try to grab onto the ladders and work your way down to the bottom. Go through the next door and half way down is the final air-shaft door. Go through it into the next small room.

You’ll soon notice a dead marine lying on the floor but you need to proceed to the left-hand door. When you get near it, kill the two Drone Aliens that come through the ceiling. Go through the door and you’ll meet a few Runner Aliens. Take care of them and go towards the flight of stairs down the corridor. Keep going down the stairs until you get to the darkness. Turn the Shoulder Lamp on and keep going down. You’ll eventually get to a door which should open automatically. Proceed out into the large room. You can go either left or right so for the purpose of the walkthrough we’ll go right. You’ll eventually get to a Sentry Gun which you need to pick up for later use. Press T on your keyboard to pick it up. Carry on down the platform and you’ll get to some ladders leading down to the platform below so go down them.

When you’re on the platform below, look down the corridor and you’ll see another deployable Sentry Gun. Go towards that and pick it up. Kill the Aliens and continue until you get to the entrance of quite a big room. Go inside and head towards the right-hand side. You’ll soon see a switch to bring the elevator up to where you are. First I expect you’ll be running out of ammunition in some of your weapon so deploy your Sentry Guns around here. As soon as you press the button, many many Aliens will suddenly come from nowhere and attack you. There’s also a Praetorian lurking about the area as well. Try to hold as many off as possible and the elevator doors will open. Pick up any Sentry Guns that are still standing and head into the elevator doors. The doors will automatically close and you’ll be transported down to another platform.

Proceed out and the cut-scenes will come on. You’ll find out that your task now is to protect the Cargo Bay from Aliens until Dimitri arrives. You don’t have long before they arrive so pick up the Sentry Gun nearby and try to set them up just in front of the big weapon nearby. Once you’ve done this, go behind the weapon and press E on your keyboard to use it. You can rotate it 360 degrees around so no Aliens should be able to escape from your fire. Try to save your ammo on the weapon because it doesn’t last very long. Be careful not to destroy your own Sentry Guns and after a long time of shooting the cut-scenes will then appear with Dimitri arrives. In the end the corporates blow up Pod 5 to prevent the Aliens from spreading to other Pods nearby. Congratulations, you’ve now completed all the corporate missions.

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