AvP2 Predator Weapons

Posted by Darkness on October 10, 2002 (Updated: 08-Sep-2023)

A predator has numerous weapons which make it into a powerful killing machine. On this page, you’ll find detailed descriptions and strategies for all the Predator’s weapons and equipment.

 AvP2 Predator Weapons Wristblades
A predator’s wristblades are generally known to be a last resort weapon. I would only use these if you have no other weapon available. The wristblades are also obviously for face-to-face combat. As an added extra, they come with two different modes. The primary mode of attack does a few quick punches in succession. The secondary mode of fire is a charged punch whereby a predator pulls back his arm and does a high-strength punch. The wristblades are also capable of getting trophies. Aim for the enemy’s head and use either primary or secondary mode to attack. This can also be accomplished when the body is dead.
 AvP2 Predator Weapons Combstick
The combstick is the better weapon for face-to-face combat unlike the wristblades. The combstick comes with two modes. The first is the primary mode where a few quick slashes of the weapon is done. The secondary mode is where one powered strike is done. Primary mode can also be used to paralyse your enemy leaving them helpless. You can also take off the enemy’s head for trophies. The secondary mode can also be used for trophies but is more commonly used to take out the enemy in one shot. Compared to your wristblades, the combstick is more powerful, and can slash and swipe a lot faster than wristblades.
 AvP2 Predator Weapons Speargun
This weapon is the predator’s sniping weapon so you can kill opponents from far away. It fires at a quick rate and also comes with two modes of attack. Primary mode fires one spear out of the gun whereas secondary mode fires three spears at the same time. This is good but it’s not very accurate. Using primary mode has very good accuracy and has the ability to kill an enemy with one hit. You can also pick up spears you’ve fired and use them again. As well as being a long-range weapon, the speargun can be useful as a short-range weapon if you use the secondary mode.
 AvP2 Predator Weapons Netgun
This is a nice weapon for immobilizing your enemy. Although it doesn’t do any damage to your enemy, it fires a big net out and captures anything in its path. With the few seconds with the enemy on the ground, you can switch to another weapon to kill and finish them off. The opponent will only be trapped for three or four seconds because they can escape with the use of a knife, blades or claws. There are a few disadvantages of the weapon. marines can still fire their weapon when they have been caught inside a net, but they can’t aim their weapon which is a bonus.
 AvP2 Predator Weapons Shoulder Cannon
The shoulder cannon allows you to fire two different types of plasma bolts. In primary mode, quick firing and less powerful plasma bolts are fired out of the weapon. This mode is great for taking out small enemies. In secondary mode, you can charge up a Plasma Bolt ready for fire. This can take out multiple targets who happen to be standing near the blast too but this mode does take quite a bit of energy from your Energy Bar. Another useful feature of this weapon is that it works with the auto-targeting system which, with the right active vision mode, the plasma bolts will target enemies automatically.
 AvP2 Predator Weapons Plasma Pistol
The plasma pistol is a gun the predator holds which fires out blasts of plasma and there are two modes. The primary mode shoots out powerful and quick bursts of blue plasma bolts. The secondary mode shoots out three powerful balls of energy out of the gun but they don’t launch very far. Like the shoulder cannon, the secondary mode of fire has a splash-effect. Anything close-by will be hurt by the blast. aliens and predators can be paralysed temporarily, lose energy and be un-cloaked. The weapon also doesn’t use the auto-targeting system and it uses a lot more energy than any other weapon that the predator has.
 AvP2 Predator Weapons Disc
Like the shoulder cannon, it uses the auto-targeting system to lock onto enemies. Depending on what vision you have, the disc will track the enemy and kill it in one hit. The enemies do need to be about close or medium range for the auto-targeting to work. Use the disc in an open area for full effect. The disc can get obstructed in confined areas so someone can dodge the Disc by hiding behind a solid object. You only have one disc to use but the Disc can be used again once it has been fired. The disc also de-cloaks you when you fire it so make sure when you do use it, you hit the target.
 AvP2 Predator Weapons Remote Bomb
Remote bombs are like little mines that you can put on walls, ceilings and floors. In fact, you can put them just about anywhere. These then can be detonated remotely. When you have detonated it, a big explosion occurs that has a big splash-effect. If opponents are standing together, throw a remote bomb in and detonate it and all opponents nearby will be killed instantly. A remote bomb can be thrown from a far distance and you can be as far away as you want when you right-click on the mouse. Note that if a remote bomb is thrown at someone and it hits them, they will be blown up instantly and they’ll die.
 AvP2 Predator Weapons Energy Flechette (Primal Hunt Only)
The energy flechette is a relatively low-powered weapon but you can fire numerous beams very quickly. This new weapon is attached to the predator’s right wrist and it’s best used when you encounter a number of enemies all at once – like drone and runner aliens. There are two drawbacks to this weapon. One is that it uncloaks you when you fire it and two, there’s no auto-targeting system. The good thing is you don’t need to have good accuracy when firing because of the rapid beams which are released from the weapon. Overall, the energy flechette does have its uses but there are better weapons.
 AvP2 Predator Weapons The Cloak Generator
A predator has the ability to turn itself completely invisible to humans. A problem with the cloak is that aliens, combat synthetics and other predators can see you and it also uses up energy a little bit at a time. When you run out of energy, the cloak wears off. Another way it can be disabled is by the use of certain weapons. The shoulder cannon, plasma pistol and the disc all make you visible again. Another way to lose your cloak is if you make contact with water. The cloak generator does make you invisible but a transparent outline will appear faintly around your body when you move. Enemies don’t see this though unless you’re close.
 AvP2 Predator Weapons Medi-Comp
The medi-comp is a vital piece of equipment and is used to regain health. When you activate the equipment, two knifes are shown and have some kind of medicine put on them. Then the predator puts the knifes into its stomach and screams really loud. Because of this screaming, your enemies can discover where your location is. Another problem is that once you use the medi-comp, you lose your cloak to become visible to marines. Also when you’re healing, you can’t move quickly. Another disadvantage is that it uses half your energy so you need to use the energy sift straight after you’ve used this.
 AvP2 Predator Weapons Energy Sift
The energy sift is used to regain your energy supply. Although you don’t need it to stay alive, you do need it to power most of your weaponry and equipment. The energy sift is the only way in the game for a predator to regain energy. By using it you’ll lose your cloak and become visible again and you can’t move very far because the energy sift slows you down to walking speed. The blue blast of light emitting from the energy sift will definitely let enemies know where you’re hiding. Sneak off to a small, confined location and use both the energy sift and the medi-comp to recharge yourself.
 AvP2 Predator Weapons Hunting Mask
The hunting mask comes complete with four very different vision modes. The default vision mode is called normal vision which allows you to see things like a human does. This vision doesn’t highlight species and it is mainly used for finding a way to go. The next vision mode is called thermal vision which allows you to see humans clearly. The third vision is called electromagnetic vision which makes aliens easier to spot. The last vision is called the predtech vision which makes it easier to see predators even if their cloaked. Your hunting mask also allows you to zoom right in on places too.
 AvP2 Predator Weapons Charge Emitter
When you go through the singleplayer missions yourself, you’ll find that some doors or objects have a small panel on them. By pressing the panel, a latch drops down and you’ll need to use something to open the door. This is where the charge emitter comes in handy. A small charge is released from a predator’s computer system and this will open the door. The charge emitter is just like the marine’s hacking device. This charge emitter is only available in singleplayer mode because the multiplayer mode doesn’t have doors that need hacking.
 AvP2 Predator Weapons Crouch-Leap
The crouch-leap is fairly basic and a predator just crouches first and jumps up into the air. This goes much higher than a regular jump because the predators have more power behind it. This ability is mainly used to reach high places like treetops or mountain ledges. This ability is also useful for dodging attacks from humans, aliens and predators. Particularly from weapons like the marine’s rocket launcher and other predator weapons such as the shoulder cannon and disc. Since these have an auto-targeting system it’s better to jump right at the last second to avoid being hit by them.
 AvP2 Predator Weapons Self-Destruct (Primal Hunt Only)
This feature can only be used in multiplayer mode. When a predator gets down to its last 10% of health, the mechanism can then be activated. Once you activate the attack, the predator counts down and usually about 4 seconds later, the predator explodes. Obviously, the predator is killed in the process but enemies in the nearby area also sustain damage and sometimes kill them. My recommendation is the feature should only be used when you’re surrounded by enemies and you know you’re not going to get out alive. The attack is best used in narrow corridors when there are a number of enemies nearby.
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