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YouTube Space Alien Day Party – Alien: Covenant Prop Display, Q&A and Preview

A corridor hidden in darkness… Not too far away, video feeds ignite with an incomprehensible array of Weyland-Yutani employees in panic and distress. Tails of crab-like terrors can be glimpsed coiled around fencing, while miniaturised computer displays blink invitingly from the nearby safety of a pressurised spacesuit.

Welcome to Alien Day, 2017 – London.

Yes, it’s that magical time of year when the world unites in celebration of cosmic horrors, forced impregnation, flamethrowers and Sigourney Weaver (not necessarily in that order). With Ridley Scott’s latest effort on the way, ‘Alien: Covenant‘, the hype train was making one final stop for passengers and we chosen few had free tickets to board.

Express elevator to hell, indeed…

For this year’s festivities, Fox had hired out YouTube’s open-plan venue in London, which allowed for a spacious area in which to decorate with themed wallpaper and rubber facehuggers. Our representatives from Fox, I have to say, were all very friendly and approachable and, meeting up with Leigh Burne (better known on our forums as HuDaFuk), from Xenopedia, we obtained our passes and entered for the coming festivities.

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