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AvPGalaxy’s Interview With Trevor Steedman

In 2011 Andrew David Clark and Darren Kemp organized the Alien Encounters: 25 Years of Aliens Convention at the National Space Centre in Leicester, United Kingdom. The event saw the reunion of several of the cast and crew from Aliens including Chrissie Overs, Ricco Ross, Cynthia Scott, Daniel Kash, Collete Hiller and  Trevor Steedman.

Following the convention, Andrew was kind enough to host an interview between Mikey, Corporal Hicks and the actor behind the marine Wierzbowski, Trevor Steedman, for the 6th episode of the Alien vs. Predator Galaxy Podcast.

Trevor unfortunately passed away at the end of this June following a second stroke.  He was a vibrant and enthusiastic man who was grateful of his fans and the community. We’re immensely grateful that we had the opportunity to talk to him.

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