Aliens: LV-426

Date Released: May 31, 2014
Director: Márcio Napoli
Language: Portuguese
Runtime: 10m46s

The fan film is loosely based around James Cameron’s Aliens and is about an adult Newt returning to LV-426 10 years after the events in Aliens. She finds a damaged Bishop android and asks him what happened. The short film is from Brazilian filmmaker Márcio Napoli and it’s in Portuguese with English subtitles.



  • Directing, Writing and Visual Effects: Márcio Napoli
  • Produced by: Márcio Napoli and Stephanye Tavares
  • Cinematographer: Márcio Napoli
  • Special Makeup: Fábio Hostert
  • Music by: Elliot Goldenthal
  • Matte Paintings, 3d Models and Rendering: Márcio Napoli
  • Editing and Postproduction: Márcio Napoli
  • Pyrotechnic effects: Junior Jozué
  • Capture audio: Vinicius Westerkamp


  • Newt: Luiza Greca
  • Bishop: Sergio Barreto
  • Mother of Newt: Isa Muller
  • Patient Zero: Stephanye Tavares
  • Patient: Vinicius Westerkamp
  • Patient: Junior Jozué
  • Patient: Giovanna Morastoni
  • Patient: Luiz Eduardo Mello
  • The voice of the colony: Stephanye Tavares




Márcio Napoli Official Website
AvPGalaxy Interviews Marcio Napoli – June 2014

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