Predator: Dark Jungle

Release Date: 1999
Directed By: Corey Bauer
Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Runtime: 42 mins

Plot Outline

They didn’t think they’d get away alive; all but one were right. After the U.S. Government got word of the survivor’s story, a special forces group was sent to Colombia in hopes of finding the ultimate hunter; the Predator. Captain Reed Donaldson (Cory Bauer) and Leutenant Michael Weis (Joe Lee) keep tight-lipped about the alien hunter while Craig Friedman (Mark Marvin) and John Hastings (Rothanak Chhoun) unknowingly act as prey. If it’s real, the four are extracted and replaced with a group to capture the Predator.


Directed By: Cory Bauer
Cast: Cory Bauer, Joe Lee, Mark Marvin, Rothanak Chhoun.
Crew: Rothanak Chhoun, Adam Laidlaw.




 Predator Dark Jungle
Predator: Dark Jungle Fan Film
Download the 41 minute fan film.
Stream: YouTube
Download: Predator Dark Jungle (231.79MB) (1 downloads)
 Predator Dark Jungle
Behind-The-Scenes Feature
Watch this 14-minute behind-the-scenes segment.
Stream: YouTube
Download: Predator Dark Jungle Behind-The-Scenes (107.12MB) (1 downloads)


Official Website – Offline, but can be found on web archive.
AvPGalaxy Interview – With Cory Bauer in 2004 by The Ultimate Predator

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