Predator: A New Enemy

 Predator: A New EnemyTitle: Predator: A New Enemy
Release Date: May 2004
Genre: Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Runtime: 9 mins
Certification: 15 (Official Site Rating)

Plot Outline

Another hungry Predator is on the hunt. Equipped with armour and highly sophisticated weaponry, it has come to London to collect the trophy of one target. But it picked the wrong prey. The battle begins between one man and the deadly Predator. But the question is – Just who is the Predator? And who is the Prey? A highly tensed thriller, filled with sound and visual effects. This is no hunt… this is war!


Directed & Written By: Mazaahar Shah
Cast: Abbas Ali Shah, Ikram Ramzan, Shuja Ul Alom, Atif Butt, Mazaahar Shah.
Crew: Daniel Bravo.


Posted by The Ultimate Predator on June 23, 2007

A relatively unknown Predator fan film, this was a university project which went under the production name Group3, and was released on the net for the public to see in May 2004, and gave it a personal certificate 15. It has a very small runtime of only 9 minutes, and can be seen as more of a creative collage centring around Predator, rather than a film.

The storyline is hard to describe, but it starts with seeing the Predator’s weapons and technology, and then the title is shown. Then some shots of a London street are shown, and suddenly one of them switches into the Predator’s view. Then the camera switches from the Predator’s view, to a man inside his house listening to disco music on his computer, with the music switching from disco music to sinister Predator music to disco music, as the shots change. Then the Predator climbs on top of the house, where the man receives a text on his phone, saying you’re on. The man then types a password into the PC, and the Predator receives a message saying the enemy is beneath you. However, the man changes into someone else, and has a knife, and beckons the Predator into the house, which the Predator does. Once inside the house, the Predator’s visor malfunctions, and so the Predator takes it off. The man then places a scream mask on, a terminator opens the garage door, enters, and just as everyone is about to attack each other, it says to be continued.

Confused? I was! The storyline is very, very odd, but the use of different colours and music (I love some of the disco music, especially the ending’s) makes this fun to watch. Also, the Predator looks fantastic, and I liked the Predator’s view. If you’re looking for a serious film, with good action, look elsewhere. If you’re looking to watch something fun for 10 minutes, go ahead and watch this.



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