Predator: The Harvest

 Predator: The Harvest
Title: Predator: The Harvest
Release Date: May 2004
Genre: Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Runtime: 15 mins
Certification: Mature Audiences

Plot Outline

Heading to a cabin for a nice weekend getaway, two young couples find themselves stranded on a country road with no help in sight. As the couples decide to go for help their nice weekend getaway takes a turn for the worse. Now they must fight their own fears and come together in a hopeless struggle against a deadly nightmare (a Bad-Blood Predator), hell-bent on stockpiling as many victims as it can on the start of it’s grizzly, ritual harvest.


Directed and Written By: Matt Rubenstein
Cast: Larissa Kasian, Rebecca Friese, Andy Freeman, Sean Michetti, Cynthia Burgess, Morgan Hastings.
Crew: Morgan Hastings, Chris Constantine, Jason Dube, Katey Lewis, Deborah Kelly.

Predator: The Harvest Review

Posted by The Ultimate Predator on January 13, 2007

This film was created in May 2004 as the result of a competition, that held the rules of no CGI, and a budget of only $50. It was directed by Matt Rubenstein, who also created the original script in a matter of 2 hours (which was originally centred around aliens – but converted to Predator when he got the chance to put it in his film). It was produced under 2King Productions, who haven’t done anything since, and the film runs for 15mins and 50secs.

The story starts off with a young women being chased through some woods. She finally is caught, and we hear (but do not see) the sound of wrist blades being drawn, and cut to her sliding in pain down a rock. The film then draws its attention to four teenagers on a road trip, driving through some deserted countryside (the young women is seen once more, but only in a missing person’s poster they drive past). Idle conversation is made, enough to reveal that they are two couples. Like any horror film, the car suffers a puncture, and they have no spare tyre. They set off walking, where more about the characters are revealed. It hits night time, and low and behold, one of the characters sees a light in the woods.

They decide to follow it, and the fun begins. They all get scared after hearing noises, but when one of the girls runs away, and only the remains of her bloody shoe are found, hell breaks lose. The boyfriend screams, and won’t leave. The other couple run away, and the boyfriend that is left is seen stabbed by the Predator. As the other couple are running away, the girl trips, and is dragged away by the Predator. The boyfriend continues running, falls over, and looks up to see the fully-clad Predator for the first time. The Predator removes its mask, and the film ends with the eerie words being displayed; “The Harvest has begun”.

I have mixed opinions about this film. I think the film could have been improved a lot more with a bigger budget, the girl at the beginning isn’t very realistic with her sliding down the rock, nor is the shoe being “found”, it actually looks like it is thrown at them. The plot isn’t great, but then again neither do I really expect it to be, for 15 mins long. It’s your average slasher flick, but with a Predator. But that’s the thing, a Predator? It shows no honour or mercy, which leads me to think it must be a bad-blood, or the creators didn’t care a hoot for the mythos. But, in some ways this is the film’s major good point, it’s original, it’s never been done before. The acting is also pretty believable, as is the setting. I thought that the night time scene was brilliant, it was very realistic in some aspects, and seeing the blood spurt out of one of the characters mouth was haunting. I found the ending to be very enjoyable for a cliff hanger, the slow-motion, and the Predator, with the eerie words, all added together to make a good piece. All in all, it is worth seeing.



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Download: The Harvest (35.96MB) (1 downloads)


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