Predator: Celtic Days

Date Released: January 2018
Director: Marcin Skruch
Budget: 10,000 euros
Length: 23 minutes 41 seconds

 Predator: Celtic DaysPredator: Celtic Days is a Predator fan film set in Ireland and explores how where the flintlock pistol came from at the end of Predator 2. A man takes a group to go in search for his son who went missing. The fan film was originally supposed to be released in November 2017 but YouTube suspended their channel when the film was posted. They eventually managed to publish it in January 2018.

Official Description

XVIII c. Ireland. Father is searching for his son, who run away from home. During his journey he’s finding out more then he anticipated and of course he’s faced with our good old friend „Creachadóir“. That’s Predator in Gaelic. Is it the same one that will give Lieutenant Mike Harrigan (Danny Glover) the pistol?



Marcin Skruch – Director, Writer, Producer


Martin O’sullivan – Morgan, Red room
Wil Nugent – Storage, Race the drop
Jonas Piechnik – Ripper street, Vikings
Nina Reilly – The black, 3 friends
Robyn Janikowski – Case files
Paul Morisson




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  1. Why does this film exist? Not only do we already have an official explanation as to how Greyback got the pistol in the comics but this isn’t even faithful to said comic. Did the person who directed this even read the comic? Also our main protagonist is an abusive, selfish, unlikeable a**hole who flat out tries to rape a girl…..

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