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Updated: Showcase 2017 Alien: Covenant Footage Impressions and Katherine Waterston Interviews

Earlier in December 20th Century Fox hosted their Showcase 2017 event where they previewed several of the films on their slate for next year. They screened 10 minutes worth of footage and the trailer that we just watched.

The embargo on that event has now ended and so many of the news outlets are now publishing their impressions and their interviews with Katherine Waterston. The press were shown two sequences, the Covenant on approach to Paradise and the birth of the Neomorph, JoBlo had this to say about the Neomorph’s appearance (beware spoilers):

“Back in the medbay, Ejogo is trying to help the infected man. Spikes suddenly pop out of his back and cut her. She reels back and then his spine seems to BURST OPEN and fall to the floor, some type of creature attached to it. Like a newborn, it kind of wiggles around a bit as it “wakes up”. We get a closer look at the creature and it’s basically a dog-sized white-colored xenomorph with spikes on its back. It seems to grow slightly bigger with each passing second. It charges at Ejogo and she kicks it away. It turns to come back, attacking her, scratching and clawing. She defends herself as they struggle in a huge puddle of blood.

The white xenomorph escapes the room and chases after Amy Seimetz as she fires at it with a shotgun. It continues to grow as all of this happens. The creature leaps all over the place, clinging to walls, dodging every shot. Seimetz is firing blindly and eventually hits a series of tanks, which sets off a massive explosion, destroying the dropship entirely. Outside the exploding ship, we see Billy Crudup‘s team nearly there and witnessing the devastation. They’s screwed. They stop in their tracks, still dealing with their own sick man, who almost on cue starts convulsing like the guy on the dropship.”

JoBlo and Coming Soon also spoke to Katherine Waterston, the actress playing Daniels. They’re largely along the same lines of discussion with talking about Daniels’ similarities to Ripley (expect a lot of that in these), working with Ridley Scott and the horror aspect.

We’ll keep this post updated with the various new articles as they’re released.

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  1. Corporal Hicks

    I've not watched all of these yet so I don't know what's interesting or not.

    There were some duplicates of footage in there but some interesting stories. I think Waterston is at her best when she's talking at the Showcase event, far less nervous.
  2. motherfather
    Lv426? That would mean the planet would have to be nuked / atmosphere destroyed before the end of the movie in order to have a scorched cold planet with boney looking protrusions in time for Alien, and an unbreathable atmosphere that requires atmosphere reprocessing towers in Aliens.

    I suppose you could go back and spend money and time re-terraforming a planet, although it would make more sense to keep exploring other worlds.

    If it is LV426, I really hope what scorched the planet and maybe eradicated aliens/spores was a natural mass extinction event like a comet or something more science driven than just the covenant survivors taking off at the enr of the movie and nuking the planet from orbit.

    In fact, even if its not lv426, that is how I would like the movie to end. A natural mass extinction event wipes out everything, maybe pompeii style. The camera rapidly cycles through the planet experiencing an ice-age. Then things start to thaw. Last shot is that of some strange new egg/spore thing that somehow, unlike the dinosaurs managed to survive even a mass extinction event. The End.
  3. Ingwar
    Quote from: Corporal Hicks on Dec 27, 2016, 07:03:34 PM

    The Playlist.

    Cannot wait to see it:

    QuoteWith about 10 minutes of footage shown, plus the upcoming new trailer, "Alien: Covenant" horrified. It was as though Ridley Scott took issue with the mixed reviews of "Prometheus" and was coming back hard with a vengeance. 'Covenant' footage looked like a fan's wet dream: a disturbing picture, with scares, gore and guts that appeared to be hard-R terrifying. (...) It's important to point out just how gory and stressful this sequence is. The medical bay scene tops the cesarean section sequence in "Prometheus" by a mile. (...) 'Covenant' is taking no prisoners at this point; the scenes are horrifying, gross and even revolting. The dread of sweat is palpable and heartbeats are rising from the characters and the audience.
  4. Ingwar
    Quote from: Corporal Hicks on Dec 27, 2016, 05:47:59 PM

    Den of Geek.

    I like this:

    QuoteTo put it mildly, Alien: Covenant looks determined to compensate for those that thought Prometheus was too slow or bloodless. This is thick, fast, and extremely gory with body horror violence so excessive that in a moment, it became clear this is not one to watch on a full stomach.
  5. Waddlesquatt
    Merry Christmas indeed

    Super trailer! Its lv-426?

    So still another once this planet is same in Prométheus, alien Covenant And alien (1).. Its lv-426 Acheron?! :o
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