Tracker Predator

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Tracker Predator Tracker Predator

Tracker Predator

The Tracker Predator, also known as the Flusher Predator, is one of the three Super Predators featured in the 2010 movie Predators. Tracker controls the Predator Hounds which helps him to hunt his prey. The Predator’s most distinguishing feature is that it has two tusks jutting out the bottom of its mask.


In the film, the Super Predators captured a group of humans from Earth and dropped them on a game preserve planet in order to hunt them.  The Tracker Predator orders his hounds to attack the humans. He manages to kill Cuchillo and sets a booby trap for the rest of the group which is unsuccessful.  The humans reach the hunting camp where they find a Predator tied up on a totem. The Super Predators open fire on the humans, killing Mombasa, but the others escape uninjured.

The Tracker Predator tracks the humans to Noland’s hideout after Noland sets fire to it. The Super Predators descend on the hideout and kill Noland but the rest of the characters escape. Edwin got lost in the darkness, lighting a flare in the process and threw it at the cloaked Tracker Predator. Nikolai appeared and saved Edwin by firing at the Predator. Tracker shoots Nikolai in the back with his shoulder cannon and decloaks as he slowly walks towards Nikolai. The Predator impales Nikolai with his wristblades but Nikolai pulled out of two of his claymore mines. He set the charges and a huge explosion occurred killing both him and the Tracker Predator in the process.

Tracker Predator Tracker Predator

Tracker Predator killing Nikolai

Weapons & Equipment

Like the other two Super Predators, the Tracker Predator has wristblades which are much longer than normal Predators (though the ones seen in AvP were longer). They were also strong enough to lift Nikolai off the ground and hold him up. The Tracker possesses a shoulder cannon which is much stronger than a standard shoulder cannon. It still fires blue plasma bolts but its firing mechanism and sound effects are completely different.  The longer the Predator charges up the cannon, the more powerful the subsequent blast will be. We saw in the film how a blast completely obliterated Noland after he charged it up but only injured Nikolai when he fired at him a little later. The Super Predators also have a cloak and advanced vision modes enabling them to see even more ranges and in more detail. The Tracker also has a whistling device which he uses to call his hounds.

Tracker Predator Tracker Predator

Tracker Predator

The Hounds

The Tracker Predator is the first Predator in the entire series to be seen using other alien creatures to help him to hunt. The hounds are similar in appearance to boars but are extremely aggressive. The creatures are extremely hard to kill as one was seen still standing even after been shot multiple times from Nikolai’s Minigun. The Tracker Predator uses a whistle device which is never seen on screen but is heard. It makes a very loud high-pitched sound and presumably, the hounds have been trained to return to the Tracker upon hearing the noise. It’s unknown whether or not the creatures were indigenous to that planet or whether or not the Super Predators brought them there from a different planet. In the expanded universe media, it’s said that the Tracker Predator prefers the company of the hounds rather than other Predators. It is said that upon his first official hunt of a xenomorph, the hounds allowed the Tracker to kill one in record time. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much of a trophy to collect as the hounds had ripped the xenomorph to pieces.

Predator Hound Tracker Predator

Predator Hound


In the film, the Tracker Predator was portrayed by actor and stuntman Carey L. Jones.


NECA Tracker Predator Tracker Predator

NECA Tracker Predator


The Tracker Predator was released in 2010 as a figure by NECA in Predator Series 2. Hot Toys also released a 1/6 Scale Tracker Predator with a Hound in August 2011.


The Tracker Predator is a playable character in the 2013 mobile game AvP: Evolution from Angry Mob Games.


  • The Predator was nicknamed Tracker, or Flusher, due to him tracking or flushing out his victims.
  • Tracker was the first of the three Super Predator to be killed in the film.
  • According to the Making Of documentary, the tusks on the Predator’s mask were made from the Predator hounds.
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