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Below you’ll find a list of the main Predators characters along with a picture and description of their character.

Royce (Played By Adrien Brody)
Royce Predators CharactersRoyce is an American ex-military soldier turned mercenary and the main protagonist in Predators. The weapon used by Royce is an AA-12 fully automatic 12 gauge shotgun and is assumed to be loaded with Frag-12 explosive rounds.The opening sequence takes place with Royce parachuting onto the alien planet. There, he meets up with seven other kidnapped humans who were kidnapped too and reluctantly assumes leadership of the group. Despite having a cynical and ruthless personality, Royce demonstrates that he is an analytical and strategically minded individual. He is the first to note that the sun has not moved and that Edwin, a doctor, does not fit amongst the group of battle hardened killers.

Royce even uses the other humans for his own benefit. The most notable example is when the group first ventures into the Predator camp, resulting in the death of Mombassa. It is revealed later on that Royce had intentionally lead the humans into the camp purely so that he could find out what the group were dealing with. Despite this, in the end he returns to save Isabella and Edwin, despite having had the opportunity to escape from the planet with help from the Classic Predator via a Predator ship. With some help from Isabella, Royce kills the last Berserker Predator: Mr. Black. He and Isabella are the only remaining survivors at the end of the movie. Royce vows to Isabella that they will find a way to escape.

Cuchillo (Played By Danny Trejo)
Cuchillo Predators CharactersCuchillo is a ruthless enforcer from Los Zetas Mexican drug cartel who has twin submachine guns strapped to his back and a nickel-plated Colt 1911 with pearl grips as his sidearm. He was the first person who Royce encounters when he is dropped on the planet. Despite being one of the first humans to appear, Cuchillo has the least amount of screen time. His demise comes during the Predator dog sequence. Cuchillo is last seen firing at the Predator dogs with his sidearm. Later, the survivors come across a wounded Cuchillo in a jungle clearing. Isabella is the only one willing to help, however Royce advises against it, sensing that it is trap. Isabella shoots Cuchillo to put him out of his misery, only to hear him again call out for help, proving that it indeed was a trap. The ground around him, covered with plants, is rigged with hidden snare traps. With no choice, the group is forced to abandon him. It is implied that a Predator killed him.

Nikolai (Played By Oleg Taktarov)
Nikolai Predators CharactersNikolai is a Russian commando from the Spetsnaz Alpha Group. Before being dropped on the jungle planet, he was fighting in the Second Chechen war. In the original script, Nikolai was supposed to be armed with a GShG-7.62 – a four barrelled gas powered rotary machine gun. In the movie he uses a compact XM214 Microgun (a scaled-down version of M134 Minigun) because the production crew were unable to obtain one. The Minigun is destroyed by a Berserker Predator. After this, Nikolai uses a Tokarev TT-33 secondary handgun. He later acquires at least two Claymore mines from Noland’s stockpile.

Nikolai is amongst the first humans to encounter Royce. He also develops a friendship with Edwin who stops him from touching a highly venomous planet. In return he ultimately sacrifices himself to save Edwin and is responsible for the demise of the Tracker Predator who he kills by detonating several claymore mines that he acquired from Noland’s stockpile, killing the Tracker Predator as well as himself in the process. Of all the humans seen in the film, Nikolai seemed to be the kindest. He also had two children, Sven and Sasha, who he keeps a picture of with him at all times.

Isabelle (Played By Alice Braga)
Isabelle Predators CharactersIsabelle is the deuteragonist in Predators. She is a tough-as-nails woman armed with a Blaser L93 sniper rifle and blue-tone HK45 pistol. She is from the Israel Defence Force. Although it is not mentioned in the film, in the original script, Isabelle was depicted as a CIA black operations assassin. This would explain how she had heard of the Predators before, from a report by the only survivor of a Special Forces team who encountered a Predator in Guatemala in 1987.Sometime before Isabella was dropped on the alien planet, she failed to save her spotter during a mission and feels that she has been brought to the alien planet as punishment and to seek redemption.

After being dropped on the alien planet, Isabella joins the other humans to seek out answers and a way out of the jungle only to find that they were no longer on Earth. After suffering some casualties, she, Royce and Edwin are the only survivors. When Edwin is wounded by a trap she refuses to leave him behind forcing Royce to leave her. In return she is almost killed by Edwin, who reveals his true colours and paralyzes her with a neurotoxin that he had found earlier.  However, she is saved by Royce who returns and mortally wounds Edwin, using him as bait to kill the final Predator: Mr. Black.  When Royce is almost killed by Mr. Black, Isabella saves him by overcoming her paralysis and shoots Mr. Black in the chest.  In retaliation, Mr. Black fires his wrist blade at her shoulder. She is last seen with Royce, watching as more humans and aliens are dropped onto the planet.

Stans (Played By Walton Goggins)
Stans Predators CharactersStans is a death row inmate from San Quentin State Prison who was scheduled to be executed in two days before suddenly finding himself on the alien planet. Before his capture, Stans was third on the FBI’s most wanted list. He is notable for providing the comic relief in the film and has a scorpion tattoo on his neck. Alongside Edwin, he is one of the only humans not be armed with a firearm and instead carries a prison-made knife called a shiv.

Stans initially has an antagonistic relationship with Mombassa, though after Mombassa saves him from a Predator dog, they seem to be on good terms and Stans even expresses anger at Royce after he had led the group into the Predator camp resulting in Mombasa’s death. His demise comes when Stans ultimately sacrifices himself to save the other humans. After being shot in the back by Mr. Black’s plasma caster, Stans leaps onto Mr. Black, having survived because he had stolen an armour piece from Noland and wore it beneath his jumpsuit. This gives the other humans the opportunity to escape. Eventually Mr. Black overpowers Stans and kills him by ripping out his spine.

Mombasa (Played By Mahershalalhashbaz Ali)
Mombasa Predators CharactersMombasa is an African Sierra Leone Death Squad Officer and a member of the RUF, which was active during the early part of the 21st century. He is armed with an AK-47 and a pistol. He is portrayed very similarly to Billy from the original Predator film as both character have a strong jungle sense and knew when the Predator(s) were stalking/hunting them. Mombasa also had no fear of death.Mombasa also has an antagonistic relationship with Stans. His demise comes when Royce intentionally leads the humans into the Predator Camp and leaves them. Suddenly Mombasa is shot by multiple spears which expand within his body, jutting out in two directions, killing him. Later Stans, having resolved his feud with Mombasa after Mombasa had saved him from a Predator dog, expresses remorse for his death.

Hanzo (Played By Louiz Ozawa)
Hanzo Predators CharactersHanzo is a Yakuza enforcer who is armed with a Beretta 92FS. He rarely speaks; speaking only in one scene and having a total of three lines. He reveals late in the film to Edwin that he is missing his two fingers from his left hand, having performed Yubitsume. He later finds a Katana at Noland’s cave and ultimately uses the weapon to kill the Falconer Predator though at the cost of his own life.

Edwin (Played By Topher Grace)
Edwin Predators CharactersEdwin is an unassuming man and a doctor. His weapon is a scalpel coated in a neurotoxin that he found on the alien planet. Initially a suspicious Royce notes that Edwin does not see to belong amongst the group of hardened killers. Throughout the film, Edwin panics and often requires one of the other humans to save him, usually Isabella or Nikolai. He develops a friendship with Nikolai after he stops Nikolai from touching a highly venomous planet. Nikolai ultimately gives his life to save Edwin.

Late in the film, Edwin reveals to Isabella that he is a psychopathic murderer when he tries to kill her after paralysing her with a neurotoxin. He reveals that his meek and unassuming personality was just a ruse to gain the trust of the other humans. He begins explaining that on Earth he was labelled a freak, but on the alien planet, he feels normal amongst all the monsters and has no intention of leaving. Presumably he has a personal vendetta against humanity for ruining his medical career and most likely wants to exact vengeance by killing humans. However, before he can kill Isabella Royce arrives. When Edwin attempts to stab Royce with the same scalpel coated in the neurotoxin he used to paralyze Isabella, Royce having always suspected Edwin, disarms and mortally wounds Edwin with his own scalpel, paralyzing him at the same time. Royce uses Edwin as bait to lure Mr. Black into a trap. Edwin is killed when Mr. Black flips him over, detonating grenades that Royce had strapped to Edwin’s body, killing him.

Noland (Played By Laurence Fishburne)
Noland Predators CharactersRonald Noland is a United States Army Air Cavalry soldier who had survived on the alien planet for multiple hunting cycles, which he describes as anywhere between seven to ten seasons. He is implied to have been on the planet around the time of the Vietnam War and states that has managed to kill three Predators. Years of surviving on the alien planet alone have driven Noland mad and sometime before the main characters arrive, he seems to have lost his mind and developed imaginary companion, whom he is constantly arguing and bickering with. He is a scavenger and survivor in personality, and uses any means necessary to stay alive. He is armed with a plethora of weaponry including Predator tech such as the cloaking device.

The main characters first encounter Noland when he kills the River Ghost that was stalking the group. He takes the humans to his hideout; a large, seemingly abandoned, alien drill that was left behind. Here Noland reveals to the humans that the Predators have been dropping humans and other alien creatures onto the planet for years and explains that there are two types of Predators. He also reveals that the Predators have a ship they use to leave the planet at the end of each season. Later, Noland attempts to murder the group by asphyxiation by smoke, so that he takes their equipment. Royce uses explosives to attract the Predators to their whereabouts and before Noland can escape, he is caught and killed by the Tracker Predator with a single shot from its plasma caster.

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  1. U have a few parts wrong about the characters the names were right, but you left a few things out. And by the way Noland led them to an abandoned alien ship cruiser not a drill that makes no sense why would a drill have rooms and flight thrusters in the back with multiple hallways and corridors? But pretty good summary anyway! 😂

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