Homages in Predators

Posted by Corporal Hicks on July 28, 2011 (Updated: 22-Aug-2023)

“Ol’ Painless”

The minigun that Blain carries in Predator is one of the memorable aspects of the movie. In Predators a minigun is carried a by similarly large man, Nikolai. Both characters are extremely different, however, they just both carry the same weapon.

The Waterfall

After the group first encounter the Predators at the hunting camp, they proceed to fall down a down a cliff near a waterfall when they run away from the Predators. This a clear homage to when Dutch also tumbles down a cliff by a waterfall trying to evade the Predator in the first movie.

“Over Here…Turn Around”

When the group first encounter Nolan, he taunts the group, whispering “over here” and they all spin around, confused as to where it’s coming from. As he finally decloaks and reveals himself, he tells Royce to “turn around”. These are clear references to the same dialogue in Predator when Mac kills the scorpion on Dillion’s back.

“What The Fuck Are You?”

Literally just after Nolan decloaks, Royce asks the masked figure “what the fuck are you?” Again, this is another plain homage to Predator when Dutch asks the Predator that very same question after the Predator shows him it’s face.

“You Are One Ugly…”

When the Tracker Predator finally grabs Nikolai he utters something to the Predator in Russian before he detonates the claymore. While it isn’t a direct translation it loosely means “you are one ugly motherfucker “. This is a tribute to Predator 2, when Harrigan tells the Predator the same thing after he believes he has killed it. The direct translation means something similar to: “what an ugly face you face/you have a really ugly face”.

Hanzo Stays Behind

The moment in which Hanzo decides to stay behind and fight the Predators is shot very similar to the scene in Predator when Billy makes the decision to confront the Predator. The musical track is exactly the same as well.

“Come-on! Do It Now! Kill Me!”

Since Isabelle tells Royce earlier in the film how Dutch defeated the first Predator, when it came to the climax of Predators, Royce confronts the Berserker in a very similar manner to how Dutch did, even yelling the same dialogue as Dutch did.


Predator and Predator 2 carried several musical themes and elements between the movies. This isn’t uncommon for a film franchise. Predators also picks up and carries several memorable and key musical elements from Predator, infusing it’s own work and style into the soundtrack. However, the further in the movie we get the less original music we hear. Many tracks from Predator’s soundtrack are reused in the last half of Predators. An updated version of “Long Tall Sally” also plays in the credits.

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