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Classic Predator Predators Derek Mears Classic PredatorThe Classic Predator, also known as the Crucified Predator, is one of the Predators that appear in the 2010 film Predators directed Nimrod Antal. He was designed by KNB EFX and portrayed by Derek Mears. In the film, the Predator was captured by Super Predators on the game preserve planet but was released by Royce but still ended up being killed by the Berserker Predator.

Classic Predator Weapons & Equipment

The Classic Predator has the standard weapons and equipment that Jungle Hunter and City Hunter had. He has his biomask which had been damaged from a previous battle but it still functioned properly. His cloak was still susceptible to water as it sparked when he touched water. He also had a lot less armour than other Predators, most likely due to the Super Predators stripping him of all his equipment. His standard weapons and equipment are: Wrist Blades; Shoulder Cannon; Cloak; Mask; wrist computer and Self-Destruct Device.

Classic Predator Predators Derek Mears Classic Predator

Classic Predator Biography

In the Predators motion comic, it shows the Classic Predator being hunted at a waterfall by the Falconer and Berserker Predators. He attempts to fight but is overpowered by the Super Predators and tied to the totem. In the film, we first see Royce and the group encountering him at a camp where he is tied to a totem. Nikolai approached the Predator and he awoke with a loud roar. The Super Predators attack and the humans then flee for safety. Royce returns to the camp several hours later to make a deal with the Predator and that if he takes him back to Earth with him, he’ll untie him. The Predator agrees and using his wrist computer to control the Super Predator’s ship and sets the course for Earth.

Classic Predator Predators Derek Mears Classic Predator

The Classic Predator gathers his weapons and equipment when the Berserker Predator appears. Royce flees to the spaceship while Classic battles with Berserker. The Berserker Predator managed to fire some shots with his shoulder cannon and Classic took cover under a log. When Berserker neared the log to investigate, Classic tackled him and knocked him to the ground. The Berserker recovered and head-butted him three times, knocking the Classic’s mask off. Berserker then took his mask off and sliced Classic’s head off. The Predator’s head and lifeless body fell to the ground.

Classic Predator Personality & Traits

The Classic Predator closely resembles Jungle Hunter and City Hunter in terms of personality and traits. He was an honourable warrior as he kept his deal to help Royce to escape the planet. He also didn’t use his shoulder cannon against the Berserker Predator even though it would have helped the final battle significantly. At one time, he was a skilled warrior, but because of been tied up without food and water, and possibly tortured by the Super Predators, he had been severely weakened. He was no match for the Berserker Predator.

Classic Predator Predators Derek Mears Classic Predator

Classic Predator Behind-The-Scenes

The Classic Predator was designed by KNB EFX’s Howard Berger and Greg Nicotero who also worked on the original Predator under Stan Winston. It was directly based on the design in the first film. The Predator is portrayed by Derek Mears who is 6’5″ tall.

Classic Predator Merchandise

In 2010, NECA released Series 1 of its Predators figures which included a 8″ Classic Predator figure. In 2011, they released Series 2 which included a Battle-Damaged Classic Predator while Series 3 included a Masked Classic Predator figure. Hot Toys released a 14″ Classic Predator action figure in 2011.

NECA Series 1 Classic PredatorNECA Series 1
NECA Series 1 Classic PredatorNECA Series 2
NECA Series 1 Classic PredatorNECA Series 3
Hot Toys Classic PredatorHot Toys


  • He was known as Classic Predator because his design resembles the Jungle Hunter Predator in Predator. He’s also known as Crucified Predator because he was tied to totem.
  • The Classic vs Berseker battle is the first time we see two Predators fighting each other on screen in a film.
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