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Dutch Is Back in Predator: Hunting Grounds Alongside Patch 1.08!

Dutch is back! Today marks not only the release of a new patch for the game, but also the release of the first piece of downloadable content for Predator: Hunting Grounds. And it’s none other than the original Predator killer, back to tear it up alongside your Fireteam!

Purchasing the Dutch DLC will also get you early access to his QR5 and his knife, these are new weapons that are coming to the game. These weapons won’t be available to other gamers until later in June. These unique weapons have been used by  Dutch over the years while on the hunt for Predators. The QR5, Hammerhead, is a new weapon to the universe. It is a fully automatic assault rifle equipped with an underbarrel grenade launcher. The knife is a custom blade, taken from the gauntlet of a slain Predator and repurposed as a human weapon. Use this arsenal and play as the one and only Dutch on his mission to hunt down and kill the species who wiped out his team. I can’t wait to see Dutch face off against the Predator once again. See you in the jungle!

If you head on over to the PlayStation Blog, Illfonic’s CCO Jared Gerritzen has shared an article talking about the process of bringing this particular character back into the lore since his big screen debut and then disappearance.

We don’t know about you, but that was the longest two weeks from announcing to playing new game content for us. We are so excited the day is here and you get to experience Dutch’s story now with us with the free update. When we were looking to add Dutch into the game it wasn’t lost on us that 38 years would have passed from the ‘87 film to this game’s timeline, and that means a lot of life lived and stories to tell. It was really great to throw a bunch of ideas around and work with the team at 20th Century Studios Games to make sure everything made sense in the Predator universe. A lot has happened since then, literally and figuratively; comic books, more movies, new characters in the universe, etc. It was important to all involved that we could weave Dutch’s story throughout.

This update also comes with an exciting new lore drop (that you don’t need to purchase the Dutch DLC for) in the way of more recordings! Unlike the OWLF Recordings though, Dutch’s Tapes are all free and unlock as you progress in rank, rather than having to be found while you play.

 Dutch Is Back in Predator: Hunting Grounds Alongside Patch 1.08!

Dutch’s debut is made alongside the release Patch 1.08 which not only adds daily and weekly challenges, but the much revered Clear All Notifications button! You can find the full patch notes below!

  • General
    • [PAID DLC] New playable character – Dutch
    • [Early Access w/ PAID DLC] New unlockable weapon – Hammerhead
    • [Early Access w/ PAID DLC] New unlockable weapon – Dutch’s Knife
    • New feature – Challenges
    • New unlockable tapes – Dutch Tapes
    • Performance improvements for all platforms
    • Movement controls are now rebindable in the controller mapping menu
    • Players can now leave the match during the after action report
    • Made improvements to the weapon wheel to make it easier to navigate
    • Added a clear all new items notifications button
    • Made improvements to AI accuracy
    • Reduced damage from Heavy Guerillas
    • Increased amount of Veratanium awarded for small and medium pickups
    • Increased amount of bonus Veratanium awarded at the end of the match
    • Added numeric feedback to many sliders in the settings menu
    • Switched from FXAA to TXAA on PS4
    • Improved performance on customization screens due to having too many new items
    • Improved rotation of weapons when adding attachments in the customization menus
    • Numerous crash fixes and stability improvements
    • Fixed an issue that was occurring with new item notifications
    • Fixed an issue where the default button to activate 2x EXP was the same button used to disband party
    • Fixed remapping controls in-game not always applying and not updating widgets
    • Fixed a bug where certain items in the customization menu would not have any information shown if you don’t have enough Veritanium to purchase it
  • Fireteam
    • General
      • Decreased maximum ammo for all Fireteam guns
      • Updated after action report to include individual player damage to Predator
      • Interacting can now interrupt reloading (so you don’t get stuck reloading when trying to get to the chopper)
      • Fixed an issue that allowed Fireteam members to fire their guns abnormally fast
      • Fixed a bug that caused camera jittering when the player is spectating the last player alive
      • Fixed a bug where the wrong player information would sometimes be shown while spectating
      • Fixed a bug where the Ammo Bag gear item was supplying too much ammo
      • Fixed an issue where the muddying up interaction prompt would become unavailable after cancelling the muddy up action part way through
    • Classes
      • Assault
        • Removed class attribute Teammate Revive Speed
        • Added class attribute Secondary Weapon Damage
      • Scout
        • Removed class attribute Secondary Weapon Damage
        • Added class attribute Teammate Revive Speed
  • Predator
    • General
      • Increased the cost to equip the perk Impenetrable
      • Increased the cost to equip the perk Height Advantage
      • Updated VFX for Predator melee weapons
      • Predator can no longer leap while ADSing
      • Reduced brightness of Second Wind glow on Predator
      • Added per-weapon slot selection keybinds for keyboard
      • Fixed an issue that caused Second Wind to not activate properly if the Predator is downed by AI when no Fireteam members are nearby
      • Fixed an issue that caused the Predator to slide after performing a Leap Slam
      • Fixed an issue that allowed you to cancel a slam animation early by leaping again
      • Fixed a bug where the Predator could sometimes become permanently cloaked after performing a stealth kill
      • Fixed a bug where the HUD would appear during the ending cinematic
      • Fixed an issue where the Predator would not appear in the ending cinematic after the player has left the game
      • Fixed a bug that caused the Predator’s stamina to regenerate slower than normal if the player swapped to a melee weapon immediately after firing a ranged weapon
    • Weapons
      • Elder Sword
        • Increased damage
        • Increased attack range
        • Made adjustments to combo timing, attack angles, and melee lock-on
      • Smart Disc
        • Increased rate of damage for thrown Smart Disc
        • Increased melee damage
        • Increased projectile health
        • Fixed an issue that caused the Smart Disc to move slower than intended when playing on dedicated servers
        • Fixed a bug where certain parts of the Predator would not remain cloaked after throwing the Smart Disc
      • War Club
        • Increased attack range
        • Made adjustments to combo timing, attack angles, and melee lock-on
    • Classes
      • Berserker
        • Reduced passive melee damage
  • Audio
    • Updated Predator’s Yautja Bow audio
    • Updated Predator’s Net Gun audio
    • Updated Predator’s melee weapons audio
    • Decreased attenuation falloff distance for cloak/vision mode activation
    • Reduced the music volume while playing OWLF tapes
    • Decreased Predator clicks and healing SFX falloff radius
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Motion Tracker to ping excessively
  • Matchmaking
    • Players will now show up in the lobby while they’re loading (instead of waiting until after they have loaded in)

What are your thoughts on the latest patch, and being able to step into the shoes of the legendary Dutch himself?

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