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Adam Savage Tours North Bergen High School’s Alien: The Play Props!

Earlier this year the drama department of the North Bergen High School in New Jersey made some real waves on the Internet with their stage play adaptation of Alien! They garnered the attention of Sir Ridley Scott who sent them a letter of congratulations and donated money towards their school. Sigourney Weaver herself even showed up the encore performances that the school put on following the surge in attention!

Uber-nerd Adam Savage, who is not only well known for being a Mythbuster, but also for his own replica of Kane’s suit from Alien, also found himself drawn to the school’s amazing recreation of Alien that done on a shoe string budget. The school even sent Adam their own Dallas suit (amongst other items)!

Adam unveils the newest spacesuit being added to his collection: the Dallas spacesuit made for the North Bergen High School stage production of Alien! Adam could not be more thrilled to unbox this costume, getting a close look at the ingenuity and creativity in materials and build techniques used to make this recreation. And yes, he puts the spacesuit on!

Several days ago Adam uploaded a new video to his Tested Channel in which Adam visits the North Bergen High School and is shown around the various props that the school constructed for use in the play.

In spring 2019, North Bergen High School went viral with their Alien: The Play. A few months later Adam visits the New Jersey school, where art teacher Steven Defendini gives him a tour of the students’ previous builds (including a full-sized Incredible Hulk and Millennium Falcon) leading up to the stunning Alien artifacts.

If you haven’t already seen it, Alien: The Play is available to watch on YouTube thanks to ButtonSmasher.

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  1. Kimo
    A bit late, but finally got around to watching this full play on YouTube and I'm glad I finally watched it.  ;D this was awsome for a shoestring budget of a play. It's crazy, it's like when you watch some teen based highschool movie, and they do some play and you think in the real world the production for that play would not look nearly as good as that. But this play that the school in New Jersey made, managed to pull it off. 10/10

    Corporal Hicks u should get the people involved in that school play and do a AVP Podcast on it.  ;) Would love to hear the students thoughts and experiences on making this.
    This was such a cool collaboration by the kids and the school, I feel it brought alot of fans together in suport of their amazing dedication to the franchise.
    BRAVO on all counts.
    Also props to sigourney she seems alot nore involved with her approach to fans now.
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