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Comic Con Experience Exhibit Doesn’t Include Alien: Covenant Props

Earlier this week, 20th Century Fox Brazil teased an exhibition of some variety at CCXP – Comic Con Experience. It sounded very much like it would be an exhibition of props from Sir Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant. Unfortunately, this turned out to not be the case.

Mimi Kamioka was kind enough to check out the exhibition on behalf of Alien vs. Predator Galaxy and report back.  Unfortunately, it turns out the exhibition was just a display of four props from Alien Resurrection and Alien vs. Predator. A display stand introducing the exhibition reads (translated from Portugese):

“Ridley Scott was once a successful director in England when he made his American film debut with Alien – The Eighth Passenger in 1979. What neither he nor anyone could predict was that the film would become one of the most iconic horror movies to Of scientific fiat of history. The success of the story of the crew of the space freighter Nostromo, stuck with an invincible alien creature, marked the pop culture, generating more movies, book, comic stories and all a mythology around its creation.

After the original production, the cinema received other readings of the saga, with each director impressing his personal style. It was so with Aliens, The Rescue, Alien 3 and Alien – The Resurrection, which accompanied the character of Sigourney Weaver, Lieutenant Ellen Ripley, when their story crossed that of the creature. The Alien, which had original design by H.R Giger, still returned to the movies in Alien vs. Predator and Alien vs. Predator: Requiem. But his story completed the circle when Ridley Scott cast this universe on Prometheus.

Although it had the same DNA as the original film, Prometheus still left many unanswered questions. And for the saga to be tied in full with the adventure that started it all, with the classic 1979, which Ridley Scott is preparing Alien: Covenant, which hits theaters in 2017 and marks the return of Michael Fassbender as the android David, and Noomi Rapace in the role of scientist Elizabeth Shaw. Covenant and the name of the spacecraft whose crew believes they have found paradise, but which is in fact a desolate and dangerous world. And the genius of cinema retaking the saga he helped create – saga that you catch a glimpse in this exposition.”

On display was the ceremonial head-dress and an egg from Alien vs. Predator, a bible interface and the security gloves from Alien: Resurrection and lastly a maquette of a Predator from Alien vs. Predator. The Predator display also had a text display under it which seems to be talking about the dropship from Aliens but that is nowhere to be seen.

20th Century Fox and Escape60 are also running an Escape Room event apparently themed around Alien: Covenant. We’re still trying to obtain details of this event.

Later today, Fox will also be hosting their panel where they will be discussing some of their upcoming films. It seems it will be primarily focused around Assasin’s Creed but some of the earlier tweets by Fox indicated Alien: Covenant would be receiving some attention.

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