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Predator VR Trailer, Game Mode Information and Platform Details!

Do you remember that Predator VR game that made an appearance at IAAPA 2018, and then a trophy list for it appeared online? It’s now got a product page on Steam, complete with a trailer (featuring the voice of Jake Busey, no less), screenshots and game information!

Predator VR drops you into the explosive action of the 1980’s blockbuster movie in the ultimate VR showdown between an overpowering Alien hunter and an elite soldier.

In the single player campaign, fight through intense action movie moments in a hunt through the jungles of Panama, and the claustrophobic maze of a Siberian secret base. Playing as an elite soldier, lead a squad of two NPCs and utilize an arsenal of deadly ballistics boasting the best of 1980s firepower including assault rifles, shotgun, .50 cal Desert Eagle and a chain gun to destroy The Predator.

As The Predator in Rampage Mode, hunt down your prey using advanced alien technology: thermal vision, cloaking, a plasmacaster cannon and blade gauntlets to impale enemies and rip out their spines.

In Multiplayer, get immersed in the hunt as a soldier or The Predator to find your target and take them down. Survival is up to you: will you be the hunter or the hunted?

The trailer features footage from the single player campaign which is narrated by The Predator’s Jake Busey, the Rampage Mode which appears to be a skirmish or wave based mode in which you play as the Predator and split screen multiplayer. Like Predator: Hunting Grounds, Predator VR also seems to be playing heavily in the jungle and Mayan-style template aesthetics.

Based on the trophy list we previously shared, Predator VR is coming out on PlayStation VR in addition to the Valve Index, HTC Vive and the Occulus Rift on the PC. It’s also unknown if Predator VR will appear in arcades as it originally seemed it would.

As we previously suggested, Predator VR was developed by Phosphor Studios and was to be published by FoxNext VR Studio. Following the recent news that Disney was apparently considering selling FoxNext, the future of this game and the Alien “persistent shooter” currently remains unknown. Predator VR’s Steam page doesn’t list a release date.

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Comments: 16
  1. Enjoy
    At the end of the movie Tropic Thunder, a sentry? hut blows up and the sound effect of the explosion has the alien scream from Aliens . The peacock/baby elephant one.
  2. SuperiorIronman
    Quote from: Predboy on Oct 10, 2019, 10:59:16 PM
    Well I don't have VR so I wont be getting this. On a side note though, is anyone else becoming an annoyed fanboy like me because people don't use the predator's original roar anymore? lol

    I'm of two minds on that.

    On one hand it's an iconic roar and it's on some level kind of appealing to the ear (it sounds really nice). But on the other I find it weird that several individuals would sound identical to the Jungle Hunter. Sure animals can make fairly similar sounds, but I also enjoy that each hunter (for the most part) has their own "voice". I'm kind of split on it. I like the roar but I also like the individuality.
  3. Predboy
    Well I don't have VR so I wont be getting this. On a side note though, is anyone else becoming an annoyed fanboy like me because people don't use the predator's original roar anymore? lol
  4. SuperiorIronman
    The graphics remind me of something on the Xbox in 2006 or 2007. That's not particularly bad, graphics do not make the game as long as it's presentable and this looks fine.

    Two things worth noting, there is a shot of a glyph in the trailer which looks to be lifted from AVP 2004 at 27 seconds. The ship the Predator rises up from also looks kind of like the Predator 2 ship model from a few years back. I don't think it's meant to be the same ship, but it could be based on it.

    Specifically these might be making cameos or these are inspired by them;
    While PREDATOR Hunting Grounds reminds me of ALIENS-Colonial Marines multiplayer (first person shooter for humans and third person for non-human team) this VR Trailer plays more akin to .AVP-2 (2002).

    As for "guest", graphics do not maketh the game and to say "1999 graphics" is hyperbole.
  6. SuperiorIronman
    VR as a whole doesn't look great from what I've seen outside Vader Immortal and some Jurassic World content.

    I'm not particularly bothered by this seeing as it's a niche system, I'm more worried about how it plays because I can forgive the graphics being a little early 2000's PC if it plays nice.
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