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Prodos Games Announces Predator Elders for AvP The Hunt Begins Miniatures Game

Following on from their recent additions to the Colonial Marines and Alien factions for Aliens vs. Predator: The Hunt Begins – the multi-part Marines, USCM Officer and the Alien KingProdos Games have just announced their latest release – Elder Predators! The new expansion features three Unicast Elder Predators including a Berserker Elder!

“The leader of a clan is that warrior who is the most experienced and has lived through countless Hunts. Risen from the ranks of the Elite, often having several xenomorph Queen kills in their tally, his job is to oversee and train Youngbloods, administer and watch over Hunts and lead the clan in off-world matters in the matriarch’s stead. A single Elder can be found in command of an entire mothership of yautja. It is he that determines the location and targets for a Hunt.

Should there be Youngbloods on board who need to prove themselves, he will watch the ritual from the command station to confirm success or failure of the participants. Such a position is highly sought, and should an elder die, only the strongest and most honored of the Elite may vie for the place of elder.

When  an  Elder  enters  battle,  he  will  be  equipped  with  the  finest  weapons  from  the  armoury.  Each  one  has  cultivated a unique combat style over countless years, and to come face-to-face with a yautja Elder most likely means a swift death and a new skull for the Elder’s trophy wall.”

Aliens vs. Predator: The Hunt Begins is a miniatures game set within the Alien and Predator universe. The Hunt Begins core game is a board-game in the same vein as Game Workshop’s Space Hulk. The game can be expanded into a wider miniature wargame with the additional Aliens vs. Predator: Unleashed ruleset.

The Elder Predator expansion is currently available for pre-order for £30 and expected to be released on the 4th of June. All pre-orders will also ship with a promotional miniature.

FB – predator elder berserker 1 FB – predator elder berserker 1
FB – predator elder berserker 3 FB – predator elder berserker 3
FB – predator elder hunter 1 FB – predator elder hunter 1
FB – predator elder hunter 3 FB – predator elder hunter 3
FB – predator elder warrior 1 FB – predator elder warrior 1
FB – predator elder warrior 3 FB – predator elder warrior 3
FB – predator elders FB – predator elders
FB kwadrat – predator karty FB kwadrat – predator karty
sklep – predator elders + pudełko sklep – predator elders + pudełko
FB – predator elder berserker predalien 3 FB – predator elder berserker predalien 3

Alien vs Predator Galaxy and Prodos Games are also teaming up to give members of the Alien and Predator community a chance to win a copy of the Elder Predator. Head on over to our Facebook page for the details!

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  1. Corporal Hicks

    QuoteThis is something we have not yet done before - a collectible figurine. Over 6 inches tall Predator Jungle Hunter is a multipart resin model, featuring AvP Board Game Predator in familiar to all of Predator fans jungle environment. Each set comes with two head part options - either masked or unmasked Predator.

    QuoteMore over, if you pre-order Jungle Hunter, you will get Pocket Edition version of the model, this is AvP Board Game scaled Jungle Hunter, made as UniCast.

    Plus a bunch of bundle deals, including promos.

  2. Corporal Hicks
    The new expansion has been announced! Predator Elders!  ;D

    QuotePredator faction is the only one that misses HQ class miniatures. But no more - full pack of Predator Elders is available for pre-order now. We have included 3 miniatures to choose from. Each one features different weaponry, every miniature was "equipped" by our rules design team.

    I absolutely love the mini stabbing the Alien head through the vent. Pre-orders come with a free-promo too!

    We'll be running a giveaway for this expansion too.  :)

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