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AvP Galaxy Exclusive – More Early John Logan Scripts for Alien: Covenant!

Last year we were able to share with you all the only draft of Alien: Covenant’s script so far to be released online. Alien vs. Predator Galaxy is now able to exclusively share another complete draft of Alien: Covenant and a copy of a prologue from another draft that would eventually become The Crossing viral.

Both scripts pre-date the draft we previously shared, with the complete script (titled Paradise Lost) being dated the 19th of August 2015 and the prologue script (titled Paradise) being even earlier, dated August the 6th.

Some notable differences in the Paradise Lost draft include that Daniels is known as Griffin, Oram is missing his religious motivation and the crew come across a graveyard of suited Engineers in close proximity to the crashed Juggernaut and that Karine is also infected by the Neomorph virus.

Make sure you check out both scripts and let us know what you think of them below!

In addition to this look at more of the earlier incarnations of Alien: Covenant, you can also check out scripts for the rest of the Alien and Predator films, including 2 of Jon Spaihts scripts for Prometheus, in our Downloads section. Head on over and give them a read!

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