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AvPGalaxy Exclusive – Early John Logan Alien: Covenant Script!

Alien vs. Predator Galaxy can exclusively share with you all one of John Logan’s earlier Alien: Covenant scripts! I believe this may actually be one of, if not the, first drafts that John Logan completed.

Dated November 20th 2015 (it was first reported in early November that Logan would be revising existing scripts), this script follows the same over all structure as what ended up on screen for the finished film but has several differences.

The most notable element is a sub-plot involving a quarantine field around the Engineer homeworld that Tennessee, Ricks and Upworth have to deal with, giving their characters more to do while the expedition team is on the surface of the planet.

Among many smaller differences, the character of Rosenthall is completely missing, there’s a small set piece of an “astronomical model” on the roof of the Citadel (which you can see a concept of below) and Shaw’s distress call is different.

“SHAW’S IMAGE walks through a WALL, and they RUSH TO FOLLOW–

SHAW is in anguish now. She falls to her knees and prays. The words of the Catholic prayer for the dead desperately whispered–“

 AvPGalaxy Exclusive - Early John Logan Alien: Covenant Script!

This draft of the Alien: Covenant script features the “astronomical model.” This is concept art by Gerhard Mozsi portraying that set piece.

Check out the script in its entirety and be sure to let us know how you feel it compares to the finished film!

In addition to this first look at one of the Alien: Covenant scripts, you can also check out scripts for the rest of the Alien and Predator films, including 2 of Jon Spaihts scripts for Prometheus, in our Downloads section. Head on over and give them a read!

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Comments: 33
  1. Nazrel
    The final version was much better but there were a few small details which would have been nice, or interesting. The afflicted(?) Organisms, a hint of the pathogen was interesting to read
  2. Tonyhartmorph
    "Yeah, he turned off his serious chops. He didn't mean to, and didn't do it maliciously. He accidentally ratted himself out when he said he wanted "to make a fun rollercoaster horror movie". And the movie wasn't even fun!

    Oh brother, John. Go rub The Aviator and The Last Samurai DVDs all over your body. Serious movies, serious genres!"

    I have no idea what you're on about. Are *you* being serious?

    The Last Samurai, The Aviator?


    So random.
  3. Baron Von Marlon
    Observations and things I like:

    -There's an artificial forcefield around the planet. Probably why David didn't leave because here he
    mentions intact ships.
    -The walking part after David rescues the crew seems longer as they describe more of the city.
    -David's attack on the city is a little different. He drops urns of goo, they break and then it starts.
    The attack is described more in detail. So this scene was also meant to be longer.
    -More info about Engineer technology.
    They were highly advanced in some ways, but still so limited.
    Spacefaring for a billion years -- yet binary logic never occurred to them.
    Many things about them were primitive.
    -More about how David looks down on mankind.
    -The crew is more suspicious of David. Also more mentions about his behaviour.
    -Daniels appears less "weak". It reads like she would look different.
    -The garden scene is more detailed. The garden itself is described as something beautiful full of trees and flowers.
    Appears a lot bigger.
    -David talks more about life and creation
    -David's rooms are different. No mention of a small study or the flutes.
    The lab doesn't have drawings, it contains specimens, some dissected, some in jars,...
    The egg room is around a corner.
    The drawings are in a seperate gallery that has a secret room dedicated to his work on Shaw.
    We also see David drawing.
    -The first egg-facehugger scene is better and makes more sense.
    And so does the second scene.

    I think all this would've improved the final result.
    But the fruit tasting scene isn't as strong as the flute teaching moment. A combination might have been the best.
  4. sleepyone
    Thanks for sharing this.
    I have to agree pacing is better in the final film. What is good about this script version is that it sheds enough light on some topics, at least it let us in the head of the writers and Ridley in regards of what is happening in planet4.

    This was the most interesting part to me, David commenting on the dead facehugger:
    David carefully stretches open the dead fingers, spreading
    the beast for Oram to observe the horrible maw.
    This one’s a true survivor. Not
    unlike myself I suppose ... It can
    evolve very quickly under certain
    circumstances. Sadly, this one
    became aggressive so I had to do
    away with it. Such a shame.

    The "survivor" part seems to indicate that the eggs were stored somewhere by the engineers, and that the specimen had survived the bombing and whatever happened to planet 4 during the 4 days disaster (mentioned by David earlier in the script), until David found it, had to kill it, then studied how the engineers created it and took it from there.

    I don't know how to feel now. Sure, some of these comments by David create more mystery, cause further info is shared but no conclusive answers are given. However, the answers seem to point to rather unsatisfying concepts, like all xxx-morph creatures being just parasites or engineered biological weapons.
    No nightmarish conceptions, unknown origins, sex machines deviations, no giger. :(
  5. BishopShouldGo
    Yeah, he turned off his serious chops. He didn't mean to, and didn't do it maliciously. He accidentally ratted himself out when he said he wanted "to make a fun rollercoaster horror movie". And the movie wasn't even fun!

    Oh brother, John. Go rub The Aviator and The Last Samurai DVDs all over your body. Serious movies, serious genres!
  6. joylit
    Exactly. I have the feeling Logan didn't try hard enough. He writes like someone who is convinced he is involved in a "minor" genre film, and saves his best chops for "serious" projects. He should know that we take this stuff very seriously, and there are very well written, Oscar nominated adult sci-fi scripts as well, in case he has't seen "Arrival" or Ex Machina". I feel like awarding "Alien Covenant" a couple extra points for trying so hard and not becoming an even worse movie. Honestly, poor Ridley Scott.
  7. Scott
    I really missed some more david - shaw elements, it's just a big mystery what happened (other than that he killed her). I mean shaw was the one of the main character in P.
  8. oduodu
    Thanks Corporal

    239 light years from earth

    Some distance further than lv 426 and lv 223

    I take upon arrival a lot if terraforming was to happen . Perhaps a lot of the crew would remain in stasis until proper terraforming was complete.

    Feels a lot like the start to Aliens.
  9. Evanus
    Yeah, I wonder if they'll ever actually implement it in a film.

    Also, the ending makes more sense here. Instead of asking about the cabin on the lake, Daniels asks David what song they played at Jacobs funeral, because she wants him to play the same song for her funeral in case she dies. David of course doesn't know the answer, and that's how Daniels finds out it's actually David. In the film, David could have just said yes, when Daniels asked him to help her build the cabin. But for some reason, he doesn't. I guess he was just messing with her.
  10. SM
    That was in the original Alien script where it gets an appendage ripped off in the airlock hatch, and Ash talks about the hugger 'self regenerating', though ultimately left out.
  11. Evanus
    Funny, some of the dialogue is switched. David says: You have a light step, and Walter responds with: Me and the fog, on little cat feet. It's the other way around in the film. Interesting. Also, it seems the Xenomorph has the ability to regenerate, like the Hammerpedes.
  12. SM
    And why is Jack Paglen not credited?

    My guess is that it's significantly different enough from Paglen's story.

    Possibly a Guild arbitration thing.

    I mean, in the film, after the lander blows up the crew is wandering for a while on the wheat field before they are attacked by the neomorphs.

    They're just standing on the shore with weapons ready while Daniels tries to contact Tennessee in the film.

  13. whiterabbit
    One of the things that I found interesting about the movie was actually cut out. The scene where mother is talking in a literal sense with Walter. I don't know how the average fan reads this but I always took the mu/th/ur program to be purely a coded operating system. Not a system that would bother to interact "humanly" much less point out a random fallacy. I suppose that's the entire "I was made like this cause your people are more comfortable interacting with your own kind" comment David made about having to wear the suit.
  14. joylit
    Not only Rosenthal is missing. Ankor too. Very little detail. No transitions from one scene to the next like in the neomorph attack. And why is Jack Paglen not credited?
  15. RawMeat
    the Shaw's prayer for the dead is interesting! (for the dead Engineers, presumably) A detail that would fit into the "gothic" mood. Ominous and goosebumpy. IMO they changed it because, sadly, some people were bitching about religious tones in Prometheus.
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