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AvP Galaxy Exclusive: 1st Scene Breakdown of Early Alien vs. Predator Draft!

We have just scanned and uploaded what appears to be the first ever scene breakdown document of Paul Anderson’s Alien vs. Predator. We’re not sure exactly which draft this is a breakdown of but the breakdown itself predates the earliest complete draft we have available and opens with the Cambodia scene that was talked about during the very early pre-production hype of the film!

The breakdown isn’t a script, but rather a document that summarizes the scenes and what kind of props and visual effects will be required for them. But it does include some of the scenes that we’ve only previously seen in the novelization or promotional material. Check it out here!

 AvP Galaxy Exclusive: 1st Scene Breakdown of Early Alien vs. Predator Draft!

Early concept art from AvP.

In addition to this breakdown, you can also check out scripts for the rest of the Alien and Predator films, including 2 drafts of Alien: Covenant that we were able to source, in our Downloads section. Head on over and give them a read!

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    Quote from: SM on Apr 09, 2020, 10:39:23 PMI think 'character development' is a term like 'plot hole' that gets bandied around without knowing what it means.

    I do know what it means. ALIENS and latter ALIEN.

    As a kid I could name all the marines, when they got bumped off and the significance of their deaths given their tech operations in the grand scheme of survival and team work. As well as obviously being friends and comrades of the main cast who mourned their personal as well as professional loss.
  2. SiL
    Likewise your character doesn't need a name to have character development.

    Some interesting notes from reading this last night:

    They anticipated a lot more model work than they ended up with.
    Weyland survived to hear the explanation of the Predator backstory, then died immediately after.
    This was definitely intended as R originally.
    They originally planned to do the cloaked Predators as blue suits.
    The Queen awakening was tied with the Sarcophagus as well.
    Characters were way different -- different deaths, different roles, etc.
  3. SM
    I think 'character development' is a term like 'plot hole' that gets bandied around without knowing what it means.

    You don't need development for Mikkel the rouchneck or Barnes the mechanic or Ledward the security guy or even Stunt B the prisoner.
    The most interesting takeaway of this list of scenes (but no script) is none of the cast have names only "russian" "roughneck" "swedish" "dutchman".

    Could explain why there was zero character development in avp..........until prometheus and alien covenant came along with the exact same issues.
  5. SiL
    Cambodia was in the novelisation.

    The script breakdown lists every Predator that's not Scar as 02-Predator, which causes some confusion, but descriptions of the scenes and the listed materials in those scenes correspond to what's in the novel.

    For example, when one Predator gets facehugged, the scene listd a torn in half Predator in the props. This is reflected in the novel, where a Predator is torn in half and another facehugged in the same scene.
  6. Darkness
    It does say there were five Predators throughout the script. It doesn't really say what happens to them. It does say Grid held a Predator down while a Facehugger infected him.

    Was the Cambodia thing in Thrill of the Hunt?
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