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Carrie Henn Talks Slime and Resin – Filming the Hive Scene

Alien vs. Predator Galaxy recently had the pleasure of chatting to Aliens’ very own Carrie Henn (aka Newt, no-one calls her Rebecca except her brother) for our podcast. We covered a lot about her experience working on Aliens and how it affected her live after.

We talked a lot of about the positive memories of working on Aliens but we also asked her about her least favourite times on the film and she explained to us it was when Newt was cocooned in the Alien hive!

“There was many things about that scene that I hated. It was literally a hole I had to crawl through to get to the cocooned, through the side. It was made of fibre glass and it could only be broken once. We had to do the scene over and over and over again. Everything had to be depicted exactly. “Sigourney, you’re going to pull this part first, and then this…” Everything had to be done and practised multiple times.

But James Cameron had said to me that “you cannot break this. You cannot do anything, we can’t make it exactly the same again.” So I couldn’t actually rest my hands on the fibre glass.  So I was sitting on a wood stool that was covered in fibre glass but I couldn’t rest them [hands] on there because it could possibly be too much weight and break it.

So I’d be sitting like that for ages…then they’d pull me out and I’d be able to walk around a little bit, then they’d put me back in and walk around a little bit…It took several days to actually do  that scene because there were so many aspects and so many angles they got it from.”

 Carrie Henn Talks Slime and Resin - Filming the Hive Scene

The hardships of filming those scenes didn’t end when “cut” was yelled, though. Carrie went on to explain the trouble getting back to her hotel after the day’s work was done.

“We were actually on set. We were at the Acton Power Station, we weren’t at Pinewood. I just had a trailer and I didn’t have my nice bath or shower like I did in my dressing room back at Pinewood.  Because I could wash and clean up before I went back to the hotel. So they offered to provide us with a hotel closer to Acton. My Mom and I, we never wanted to make a fuss – and that’s probably the English side of us – so we were like “no, no, no, we’ll just go back to the hotel!

So the wardrobe people were lovely. They said “you can take the costume home, just make sure you bring it back!” We would go back to the hotel – we were staying closer to Pinewood. Everybody that worked at the hotel knew what was going on…but this was around Christmas time. So I went back to the hotel in full costume and I had slime and everything – because the slime was what took so long to get off.

So I had the slime, my hair is all filthy, my face is filthy, and I had my winter coat over it with my hood up. They were having a Christmas Ball at the hotel…”

Laughing, we commented on the funny looks Carrie must have been getting from the attendees:

“It wasn’t too bad! I was able to kind of scamper in really quickly because I knew where everything was so I was able to rush in and get to the elevator! And my Mom…we were waiting for the elevator and these two couples came. They were in tuxedoes and formal dresses and everything. They were looking at me, looking at my Mom…We got into the elevator and I just went straight to the back corner. They got in and avoided me and went to the opposite corner, as far away from me as they possibly could!”

Be sure to check back in with Alien vs. Predator Galaxy on Alien Day for our full interview with Carrie!

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    26th day? Hey man I don't want to rain on your parade but we're not going to last 26 hours.

    The boredom is going to come in here just like it did before, and it will come in here, come in here and the boredom is going to kill us!!!!!

    Just kidding.

    Actually looking forward to this, as there was a thread with Q&A's so interesting to see if my question was asked and answered.

    Already from this snippet funny to imagine a young Carrie Henn going to her hotel room in Acton London covered in an ALIEN cocoon prop.

    Acton is a quaint area of South West London and I visited it, not knowing ALIENS was filmed in that very location.
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