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  1. cab12394
    wierd....its like part of me would just like to download the movie off of ,some website, and watch it now... and another part of me wants to wait and not spoil it....... i think ill wiat.   (*sigh*)   :(  
  2. Hicks_0998
    Guys why ruin the movie for the rest of us aye, perhaps we want to experience what the Strause bros have been up to for 18 mths now. Besides, this is AVPR and it's on the big screen!    >:D  
    dark sprite, why did you spoil it on a home theater?  man, even if i was into pirating, i still wouldnt download this, gotta see it on the big screen first! dark sprite you better pay for a ticket at the theaters outta respect!    ;)  
  4. Guest
    My God I hate ADI ALIENS.  For God's sake Colin.  Next time fix that mouth and scale down the neck.  The neck almost goes out to its chin.  Quite frankly it looks terrible. No smiling aliens with mouths that look like a trap door opening next time please.     :'(  
  5. scarface
    hes holding the handcannon if youve played the psp game.. also the predalien is just a bodyguard for the REAL queen in the hospital....the town gets nuked.   >:D     :P  
    I wont tell you the movie s great, you see    ::)   I want to say something ,but I'll ceep it secret    ;D   you all gona LOVE it ,this movie just roocks    :o   man it's soo cool
  7. SHREK
    oh man why do movies have to be so late in coming to the UK? ppl in america only have 2 wait 10 days, us lot over in the UK still have to wait another month    >:(  
  8. ZEN
    FRANKASTER:Theres a lot of aliens,but only one predator.Also did you complain about A2 when they killed aliens left and right?.  rj804:In AVP after Lex killed the alien it was Scars duty to blood her and make her part of the clan.
  9. ZEN
    Deco:Sorry i did'nt respond,but with the 25th coming up i've been getting side-tracked a lot lately.The hybrid is done,i've done another one,but im not too sure if people will like it or laugh at it,but it's kinda cool.I'm doing more concept drawings then script,but thanks to that i've got a lot more done that way.I figured out how to kill one of the preds in a good way,and i'm slowly killing off the towns people,so im guessing that everything is going good.
  10. Dutch
    Hey guys,  Forgive my ignorance, but where did the names "Wolf" and "Chet" originate? I check this site periodically and one day just came across these names. I know they are for the Predator and Predalien, but where did they come from?
    remember this movie is about predator killing aliens! so the main character is wolf, so i feel this movie like predator 3...  aliens are cool, but they are not longer a stand alone menace, c'mon every second you se one blowed away in to many ways like kenny! Oh my god! wolf killed aliens... again and over again!
  12. Sulaco
    That's just it rj804, and all the talk of the dark lighting being key, that original predator was pretty wicked in broad daylight, also the new arm fall off, not half as good as P-1, I'm really looking foraward to seeing Wolf record voices, then playback before the kill.
  13. rj804
    In the first predator movie the predator was more mysterious, you know it only made contact with humans when it wanted to kill them, however in avp the predator actually showed a woman how to make weapons (way to sociable). In avp2 lets hope the predator has the same menacing feel to it, comes in fast for the kill with alot of force then disappears.
  14. Starkiller
    The Wolf looks so cool!   anyone else notice in the new music video they have bought back a 'classic vision thinggy' from predator 1 when the wolf is trying to track aliens in the power plant  Its like when the predator is trying to figure out (track) where dutch is (near the end of the film when the pred is in the tree and dutch wants to throw his make shift spear)  That to me really proved it that the brothers strause are predator fan boys (like me) yay! u guyz rock!  Strause have got to do AVP III
  15. JoshMichael
    locusta | 14 Dec 2007 23:30 9  SPOILER!!!  We see now what happens to Dallas!!  You mean Dallas from 'Alien'? We already know how he died...and I forgot...but why have it in this movie? Plus, the alien movies take place in the future
  16. chuckles
    OMFG I luv wolf sooo much OMG hes sooo awesome and cool ohh yeah yeeaaah sooo awesome OMFG wolf rocks oh yeah baby omg wolf is kickass.
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