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AvPR Production Update

Colin was kind enough to drop onto the board and let us know how the film was doing. It’s the first time we’ve seen him on the board in a while and it sounds like he’s making progress:

“Monday we begin a week long process to record all the music. I can’t tell you all how how excited we are about being there in the studio listening to a huge orchestra playing the music live for us for the first time.”

He talks about more in his post – visual effects, colour correction and etc but the gist of it is that everything is going well. Colin also made a quick post on IMDB talking about the rising concerns in the similarities to the AICN review in the trailers:

“On the most basic level some things may still sound the same, but this is a very very different movie. Most of the names didn’t change because we didn’t have any issues with what they were, and many of the setups are a bit similar because of the small city enviroment, but entire last half of the film is totally different than the review, and all the dialog and most of plot points are completely different now throughout the entire picture. Not only that, but what the Aliens and Predator do is also all new and unique to our re-writes, from thier actions, motivations, and where they came from.”

Thanks to Pred_Alien for pointing this one out.

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