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Fox AvPR Press Release

Fox have released a huge press release. Sorta like Production Notes from the movie. There’s quotes from producer John Davis, Strause Brothers, writer Shane Salerno, ADI, as well as a few cast members.

It’s no accident that the Strause brothers are making their feature film helming debut on a story featuring Aliens and Predators – they’re unabashed fans of both film series. “Colin and Greg live Aliens and Predators,” says John Davis, who produced this film, as well as the original “Predator” and 2005’s “Alien vs. Predator.” “They’ve seen the movies countless times, know the [AVP] comics and played the [AVP] videogames. They really understand these characters.” Adds AVP-R screenwriter Shane Salerno: “The Strause brothers live, eat and breathe these films. The specificity they’ve given AVP-R is remarkable. They’re passionate about this material…”

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  1. Honorless_Predator
    from what i read id say they are maybe hard core fans. but....maybe they were chosen by FOX to direct the movie after they saw 300? perhaps the brotheres only read and watched the movies after they were chosen....but also maybe they were just hard core fans that were special FX people just happend to be lucky e nough to be apart of the new avp film.  no matter what the scenario is...they r fans of avp. they are like every one of us. they are like everyone of us fans except they have gotten the chance of a life time. besides 2 is better then 1   8)  
  2. bueee
    "They've seen the movies countless times, know the [AVP] comics and played the [AVP] videogames. They really understand these characters"  the MOVIES and COMICS-shit have absolutely DIFFERENT main heroes species. anybody who tries to unite it f**ks the movie originals. so better go and f**k yourselves, stupid straus brothers.
  3. EpsilonOrpheon777
    see the problem is we're not supporting what we've seen in the multiple trailers, teaser, t.v. spots, etc. yes there is a possibility the movie will suck but there is a possibility it will kick our faces in the teeth  and after all that i've been seeing from this movie so far, i'm willing to bet this will be a great movie.  no judgements.  why can't we just support them in what they're doing in hopes they'll get the green-light for AVP3
  4. Bio Mech Hunter
    The pred-alien design, on the other hand, is so close to the ideal, logical pred-alien design and is almost exactly how I envisioned it.   :-\   The two problems I have with it is the addition of the "alien-ized" dreads (which look great on preds, NOT on aliens IMHO) and the predator's flesh tone. But mainly the dread locks. *shudders* Well, considering the opinions and beliefs Colin & Greg already have on both species, it's no wonder they've come with these hair brained ideas and can justify it in their minds.   :D     :'(    The worst part of all this, is the fact that this is an AVP FILM and not some comic, novel or game. Henceforth will be regarded as canon. Which is exactly why great care needed to be taken with not just continuity and the tone and feel of the film (which they've nailed by the way   :D  ), but the two species themselves (which they're majorly screwing up so far   >:(  ).
  5. Bio Mech Hunter
    I find the sections regarding the pred-alien very unnerving. Specifically the pred-alien's reproductive method, the whole "predator has more dominant genes" and "80%alien-20%predator ratio" theories.   ::)   The new reproductive method is a joke, completely unnecessary, screws with canon and essentially now kills the possibility of a pred-alien queen. The "dominant" gene and "80-20% ratio" theories are absurd.  What I want to know is, are they suggesting that predator's reproduce in a similar manner and that's where the pred-alien gets it?!   :o   If so, they'll need to go into hiding 'cause that's gonna piss A LOT of fans off. And why do male pred's bother covering up that huge bulge between their legs if it's not what we all assumed it is?   ::)   Oh god, if they introduce the "Yautja" and "larger and more aggressive female preds" ideas into the AVP films, I think I'll be done with them.   :'(  
  6. warchant-D
    hey everyone I just saw another tv spot , a different one with a few different shots in paticular another view of the predator ship  flying through space and a quick shot of predator/alien or something reaching out and grabbing what looked to be a marine
  7. killzonewith bladesandteet
    'eyyy up!! Its the revenge of the Keyboard Commandos. While I do respect people's rights to agree or disagree. Whether you think the movie will be good or not we should support it. Let's face it the idea of an AVP film has been going around for years and has been virtually dead in the water due to waining interest outside the  hardcore to even justify a movie of the magnitude. AVP wasn't a great movie but it was a good one with some good ideas. But it made enough money to justify Fox making a second which is what e have. yet you still dissed it.That is the ONLY reason this second one is being made.Things are starting to move in the direction we all want instead of being so judgmental about what you think should and shouldn't be let's get out there and support this so a 3rd can be made which may yet be even closer to what we all may wish for. As in from a  realistic as in business perspective more money pumped into a 3rd movie. I mean honestly some of you here act like your right and you know better when all you really are doing is talking out of your fan boy arse.
  8. Requiem
    So I guess its confirmed that the new reproduction method of the predalien is a shared trait from the predator reproductive cycle. The whole barfing in the mouth thing. Guess it makes sense since predator mouths look like vaginas anyways. Aliens with penis heads, Predators with pussy mouths.   >:D  
  9. Xenomorphine
    This sort of thing is always very amusing... Some people speak about things they don't like about whatever, then they get labelled (rightly or wrongly) as "haters". Then those who label thusly, get all hyped up and start trash-talking about how they want to punch or otherwise disfigure the first set of people, for so much as stating an opinion they happen to disagree with.  While I am open to being pleasantly surprised by this film and will not automatically criticise things I have no idea about (like the standard of acting), there are particular scenes we do know about and we should be at liberty to criticise or praise them, depending on our personal conclusions.
  10. Guest
    I'm about to slap some bitches for fun!!! Listen to Epsilon.  I would f*ck you haters up! These guys are actually makeing movies, you haters are sitting on the computer bitching about a film you would love to be involved with. For the people not being dickheads, I love you.
  11. crumbs
    remember avp 1 had credits that were 12 minutes long..this film mite only have 6 min credits (it was smaller budget). in that case, this film will still be longer than the first!
  12. venomp2
    Epsilon, that is very true. Judge AFTER you see it. Don't think the movie will be bad just because of the short running time, the directors, the 15 UK rating, the creatures, story, whatever! You never know what will become of this movie. We might just get a really good Predator film or even better, an ALIEN film. It will be fun, it will be excilerating, there will be gore, there will be dead bodies, this will be an AVP film my friends!!!!
  13. EpsilonOrpheon777
    wtf do you mean "ignorant off-the-wall decisions?!" here we have another person who thinks they know more about the movie than the rest of us for all you know the Strausse brothers are more creative and bigger fans than you. "oh nooo i highly doubt that! i have all the movies on dvd blah blah blah" i don't care judge the movie AFTER you've seen it until then keep your mouth shut
  14. Dual Blade
    Sometimes I feel that these people at the top no nothing at all when it comes to films, sometimes I get the impression that they are speaking out of their bottom hole, seriousily    ???     ???    The Strause bros WILL dominate with this film.
  15. Bio Mech Hunter
    I gotta agree with AncientPred. What. A. Bunch. Of. Bull. Especially regarding the points referencing the Strause Bros.'s "passion & creative direction for these creatures" (I couldn't help but laugh while reading that) considering what they've already done to both these awesome icons.   ::)    If they truly cared about these creatures and the films they come from, they wouldn't have made the ignorant, off-the-wall decisions they did.
    wooowo at the end of the press release   SONGS  "The Chopper" and "Grim Discovery" Composed by Alan Silvestri Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation  SOUNDTRACK AVAILABLE ON blah blah using old stuff!!
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