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  1. Starkiller
    severen76 looks good to me, maybe they should stop releasing pics though, I mean i think I've seen most of the film through pictures now _________________________  I agree! maybe they should just release a behind-the-scene's footage maybe just update the official website
  2. Starkiller
    looks interesting, wish the lettering wasn't in the way and the pic was a little bigger.  I wonder if they will ever release any pictures of gunnison and maybe a few of the places like the hospital, woods, the store etc and the charachters aswell?
  3. $cHm0cK
    Whoa ...  Its the rooftop  1. Looks like a big hole ... Acid made it!  2. THe Alien which got killed by the whip, we saw in the trailer. Hasnt Colin said smth. about, that Wolf is doing with it smth.?   greetz
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