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New AvPR Production Stills

As I said, Alien Experience have three new pictures from the movie as well as two behind-the-scenes shots of Colin/Greg. The first one shows the Predalien facing off with Wolf, next up is the Predator in the hive holding one alien down while pointing the hand gun at something.

20071128_01 New AvPR Production Stills

The last production still, seen above, is Wolf unmasked standing in the rain. The other two shots are of Greg and Colin on set.

20071128_02 New AvPR Production Stills

20071128_03 New AvPR Production Stills

20071128_04 New AvPR Production Stills

20071128_05 New AvPR Production Stills

20071128_06 New AvPR Production Stills

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  1. Anonymous
    Who here wants wolf to survive and if he does i say leave him alone in the other movie if they decide to make some or just have him survive/
  2. Jango_Zilla
    To Ty,  The Lennox guy hold down the other guy and aims a gun at the soldier that is aiming toward Lennox during Starscreams attack. That's what the Pred image reminds me of.
    those pictures looks so cool and the predator's face looks so badass just the way the fans of these great monsters are supposed to look and not like how they looked in the first avp. i cant wait to see this awesome movie in theaters next month.    ;D  
  4. Mattdevastator
      >:D    I am overly estatic.  This movie promises it will deliver and I'm so pleased that the strause brothers have taken the elements of the franchise back to it's roots.  If only they could make a predator 3.  I deff don't know who or how it can be done but alien3 must be remade to fix the problems of the franchise and then alien resurection could be set on Earth where there is a war set on earth with marines and ripley fighting a huge hive of hybrid and warrior aliens.  That would be my dream.  Somehow though ripley needs to be in one of the future avp movies.  Eventually tho Ripley needs to go back to lv-426 and wipe out the hive on the derelict ship.  A new and great elemnt to add to that would be for her to discover a badass mother queen cause you got to wonder who laid those thousands of eggs on the derelict.
  5. Nomad
    I dont know what to say... DAMN COOL!!!!!!   :o    3d picture, Wolf's bleeding, Hope he'll survive, if not may him die with honor   8)     >:D    Just read 2006 avpr script, the one were Chet dies in the beginning, I know it is changed but judjing from trailers final version got alot from it. But the ending is sucks good it was rewriten.
  6. Optimus Maximus Virus
    All the pictures look great. The Wolf's head is a little big but wern't they all? the hive picture is amazing! I love that pose the wolf has got with his back turn to the us, that has got to be in the film, looks great.   I not sure how the bros. have made up alot of new ideas regarding the facehugger's & predator technology etc, I just hope they havn't changed too much because  anderson has already change and added things hope the bros dont add too much either and just stick to the original's. U.S fans are so lucky you guys get the film in dec, ive got to wait till january It aint gunna be a merry xmas for me    :-[  
  7. meetxj9
    AVP 3 Apocalypse!!! Thats what i would like to hear now.   >:D    1 veteran predator  is enough to take down Arnolds whole team. Now its the Aliens turn.   Wouldn't it be great if there where more then 1 pred in this movie?
  8. Serra
    Thanks bobcunk for the 3 preds pics.  It would be nice to see an AvP3 with those 3 designs. As if there are different clans, with different facial features.
  9. oz
    And wot of the other predators that r meant get f**ked up by the prealien .iv not herd eny think more on thes guys or wot thay look like.imean dont get me wrong wolf looks good but wot of the rest of the clan on the ship.dos any one no??    :-\  
  10. oz
    So far so good.Does anyone else think that wolfs mask looks almost identical to the predator for P2 or is wolf from the same clan as the P2 predator??anyone.
  11. Blaz
    Man, Wolf's wristpad looks awesomely different. Like cool little design alterations. And the alien being hled down look really similiar to the ones in Aliens IMO.
  12. Evilpredator
    Wolfs face looks great, nearly as good as the Predator 1 & 2 face designs but in its own unique way. Shits all over the AVP face designs, big improvement ADI.   >:D  
  13. Venomp2
    HOLY SHIT!!!!! This is funny............everyone thought the wolf was going to look like shit. Now It looks like A MAJOR BAD ASS!!!!! THANK GOD!!!!
  14. ArielAleXCo
    I love the new Predator face and design but I do have one small problem with it. Am I the only one who noticed/wondered why it's head is so damn HUGE?  ---- Ive always had that problem to even with hunter... XDD but the thing is back then technologie wasnt that "lite" and to move thing around had to be a little bigger than now... but since they are going to the root they had to mantain that fact. (look at the predator 2 head... that is the biggest)
  15. bueee
    "They got the predators face right!"  this sad-eyes monkey-like big-mouth small-head face is "right"? heh.   well maybe it's right for comics lovers of wild-honored-barbarians. but not for stan winston's Predator.
  16. Dual Blade
    Starkiller you've hit the nail on the haed there.   ;D    IF there is going to be a third movie and IF it is to be the final of the AVP saga then you are exactly right, one massive melee ...  - In the future... - the predator home planet (perhaps) - Aliens (by the hundreds) - Predators (I really don't think they should over do it just a hand full so that the audience could identify which pred is which) - Involve the human element, some how ( WY personal troops.) - A new Queen pred alien - pure epic  bloody heck    ;D     ;D   I can't help looking at that second pic...   ;D     ;D     ;D  
  17. Starkiller
    The pics look ace! the second pic of the wolf in the hive is fantastic.   AVP III (AVP WAR) should be set in space and in the future on a planet with dozens of aliens & predators and the whole film is just one big 'war' with marines & commado's, now if that dont sound cool I dont what will. Also i hope avp-r has some emotional moments (nothing like shedding a few tears lol)  Go Team Strause! u guys kick ass.
  18. Dual Blade
    Sorry for the constant messages people but I just can't help looking at these images, there can be no way, NO WAY that this film could faulter, right?   ???    I mean the lighting is so remensicent of that of Aliens ...  the mood is so dark and gritty ...  there is NO WAY this movie can get a negative view (maybe am biased)
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