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UK AvP Requiem Poster

Here’s a first look at the UK AvP Requiem teaser poster. It’s not that different from the US one except it has the tagline “In Space No One Can Hear You Scream. On Earth Everyone Will.” It also lists the title as Aliens vs Predator Requiem as opposed to AvPR.

 UK AvP Requiem Poster

AvP Requiem UK Poster

And finally, it lists the website as which redirects to Fox. In other news, Fox have sorted out the AvP-R website. Everything should work perfectly now including the Downloads link.

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Comments: 34
  1. SHREK
    lol depro im an ass? ha... so anyone ses anythin bad about avp r theyre an ass? haha...poor little virgin...i dont like the poster but i cant wait for the movie so shush
  2. zen
    Well they're probably concentrating on the movie rather then the website.And if i where the Bros. i whould make Fox NOT put too much on the site.Too much info on a movie can kill it,which is why i'm not coming to this site when AVP-2 comes to the theater.And if you do'nt like the poster Shrek then dont look at it.By the time DEC roles around there should be at least one good poster out of the dozen(s) they'll make.Just look at the number of posters for TRANSFORMERS.I've seen at least a dozen sofar!.
  3. Starkiller
    Hey Predator rock's. Yeh i agree too many ppl always moan whenever something comes up, I think the poster is fine, the tagline/slogan should have been 'no peace on earth'..then it would have been bang on!
  4. predator rocks
    i agree starkiller, about the sites background sound, would have liked a fresh track of freaky effects, im happy with the poster, and it worrys me how many people are bitching about it, bad advertising (this apparently is?) = bad ratings e.g. "mallrats".
  5. Starkiller
    I dont think we will be seeing any trailers on t.v here in the U.K because we aint getting the film till january. But in the U.S I bet you guys should start seeing them in a month or so. Patience young padawan zen..   ;D  
  6. zen
    So has anyone seen the trailer on T.V. yet?   ???  .because its only about 80 days or so untill it comes out and its getting time for the trailers to start showing.
  7. Starkiller
    The font is great! like the original alien movie. This logo is actually better than the previous one. I like it, apart from the slogan, should have been ''No Peace On Earth'' or in space ''no one can hear you scream, on earth it wont matter''   Apart from that i like it! oh and it aint cheap whoever said that! plain and simple is sometimes the best way!
  8. zen
    I hope that when the predalien-Wolf fight scene happens that they ether have no music (and are able to pull it off like in the Bourne ultimatum) or:They go full out with predator and alien music!(maybe thats where the homages come in!   ;D  ).But in any event i'll probably be happy!!   ;D     ;D  .
  9. zen
    I dont much care for the tag line or the fonts.To me it sucks.The pic is O.K.,but its comicbook like,at first i loved it,but now.......And if there going for that font the least they could do is make ALIENS green and PREDATOR red!.And REQUIEM should be blue in that case.And i agree with jimmylace,its too high!.And now i think we should all take Pvt. Hicks advice and stop bitching!   8)  .
  10. wolfboy
    I would've chosen a lighter typeface. The leading between aliens and vs is kind of weird too. They must've used up most their budget and gimping now on the graphic design.
  11. Zero T.
      :o  It is cool that they updated the Aliens vs Predator Requiem website.It looks alot cooler now,than it looked last week.New wallpapers,and downloads.Plus at the begging of the website,were you logon is cool!!!And everywere you move the mouse the Predators lasser follows your mouse.L.I.(Loving It)   8)  
  12. Keyes
    I'm glad it appears here in the UK the movie will get the proper title of "Aliens Vs Predator - Requiem" rather than "Alien Vs. Predator 2", which seemed likely a few weeks back. I've noticed the UK trailers (on Yahoo and Empire online) have also said AVP-R too. Thumbs up.  I agree about the font though, could be much better and more unique. I guess they are still playing about with it as it seems to change frequently. As for the tagline, I think it's fine. Who really pays much attention to them anyway?
  13. Clark
    The tag sounds almost as bad as Alien 3's "In space, no-one can hear you scream... this year, on Earth, everyone can hear you scream."  Personally, I much prefer "In space, no-one can hear you scream... on Earth, it's the last thing you('ll) hear".    8)  
  14. Izz
    I like it. For me, Alien's font is the most stiking from the four Alien films and it's good to see AvP-R plays off that.  Agree with you guys on the tags. "In Space no one can hear you scream, on Earth it won't matter" is better than what's used on both the US and UK posters.
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