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New AvP2 Title: Aliens vs Predator Requiem

Looks like AvP2 has got itself yet another new title:
Aliens vs Predator Requiem. The name was featured in Entertainment Weekly’s latest magazine. (There’s no major article or anything, just a name-drop). Also on their website, they have the film listed as Aliens vs Predator Requiem in their Release Calendar section.

Further more, Fox have registered the domain name This was registered on August 3rd and redirects to the Fox Movies website. Well, I guess it’s better than just Aliens vs Predator or AvP: Survival of the Fittest. Thanks to pred_alien, Danger Close and Darkoo for the news.

Update: The short-hand version will be AvP-R. Fox told us this last week, but didn’t say what the R stood for. Guess we know now. Fox have also registered which redirects to the Fox Movies site.

Update 2: Yet another domain Fox have registered: They’ve also registered and Fox registered 16 domains in total. Check them out here.

Update 3: Okay, I just got confirmation back from Fox. Looks like the new title will indeed be Requiem – or AvP:R. (Hicks).

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  1. AVP II
    love the pic ov d predalien!! like the bit about d trailer about the girl and the torch (flashlight) and the whole predalien jumping up on the window or woteva  souns like a horror movie! and with silent night in the background give's it a whole creepy feel,   We need a teaser trailer asap! and a website with the AVP R logo!  colin and greg i hope u two have made a well made film that's true 2 the original's and scary! the pred-alien being female i like that only if there isn't a queen! in this movie, only because we dont need a queen in every alien movie and a twist like the predalien crashing on earth laying eggs which facehugg humans would work.  ALIENS VERSUS PREDATOR             REQUIEM           Coming Soon
  2. Optimus Virus
    They should of called it either  ALIEN VS PREDATOR 2 or ALIENS VS. PREDATOR or just  ALIEN VS PREDATOR: REQUIEM  what was the point of putting an 's' at the end of alien if they gunna put a title at the end! im not happy!  REQUIEM? what does that mean anyway?
  3. *Spike*
    Not sure about the title but whats more important is the film its self. Theres so much potential for an awsome film. You got 2 of the best characters ever created in the same film. I hope this one delivers what avp left us waiting for !!!    :D     :D     :D  
  4. D2
    Whether fire burns in space or not why the hell should straus bros care about that??  This is a movie not a sci fi documentary.  I for one would like this to be a non stop cheesy action movie with lots of things that will make fans say " This is fake. He is supposed to be short. Fire should not be there" blah blah blah  Chill guys. If avp 2 fails at boxoffice then u can kiss avp 3 set in space, alien 5, predator 3 etc. goodbye
  5. Ok5
    What 2 more weeks?  Colin has told, I would like in-Tuesday, but to make a sound on I shall understand will borrow not too a lot of time.  It means, that it is no more week to wait after it it has told, and has already passed 4 days.
  6. Ok5
    As you think when there will be this прокля&# 1090;ый a trailer, well it is necessary to think simply what is the time this problem with a sound will borrow, well please tell as long to me still to wait, аааааа&# 1072;ааааа 72;аааааа ;...!!!  In my opinion it will borrow some days, to the same Colin itself so has told. My opinion FRIDAY, and yours?
  7. Ok5
    To me AVP1 has very strongly liked only on 3 times of viewing, but on 3 times of viewing to me has liked, AVP1 has not failed in hire because anybody yet did not know, what from itself represents film, and now many will not go on AVP2, to the same under Christmas, but I am assured, what AVP2 it is much better AVP1 and I hope, what film will collect greater money, I very much hope for it, but малов it is probable, a horror film for Christmas? Who on it will go, the special trap that people have gone to Cinema here is necessary
  8. PredatorKing 2776
    Sherk your right, that's why I believe thjat this is a fake trailer. Fire doesn't burn in space the power of the vaccum would extinguish it. So that is most likely false.    8)   Thats all I have to say 'bout that "Forest Gump accent"
  9. Laaadidaa
    Ok5, you have no faith in people.   The first AvP movie wasn't great, but it made huge sales, so either non-fans thought it was alright, or people thought it sucked and saw it anyway. I have faith this will make more money then the first one
  10. SHREK
    i like the idea of them playing silent night with the aliens and predators it will make it eery and scary...which the avp wasnt at all........   btw it sd that the predator ship was on fire in space....well im assuming that the the whole ship was on fire (including the outside of the ship)...but fire doesnt burn in space..   ::)    maybe ive got it wrongg we will have 2 wait and see.   ;)  
  11. YutaniDitch
    Ok, this trailer layout isn't confirmed, so I am just gonna make fun of it...  First thing, the initial space scene definitely makes this a bogus trailer description...Because if THAT was supposed to attract me to the movies or someone else NON-FAN, then the joke would end up on them...  Second, the kid scene is such a cheap scare one... So predictable...  Third, this doesn't sound like the longlength trailer Colin talked about...quick edited shots (quelle surprise    ::)  ) and the Alien in a familiar environment...especially a usually white-corridor one..I guess the Aliens would blend in just fine in order to surprise the doctor...   :o     ::)   maybe they would do an Aliens on them and cut the power...   ;D    So, if this ends up being the so-highly anticipated trailer the fans have been drooling about... OMG, this will truly be a REQUIEM alright, for the dead franchises...  Again, I truly HOPE this is just someone making fun of the movie...we'll se in a couple weeks time...Again HOPEFULLY...Nothing's certain regarding this movie anymore   ;)  
  12. Ok5
    AVP3, Alien 5, Predator 3 completely depend on hire AVP2 which most likely will fail in the USA, but there is a chance of world gathering, I very much hope, that the output film under Christmas will not affect cash department, but all happens, I am personally glad, that film for Christmas leaves, Graidhaus too has left in wrong day and a failure.  Where a trailer though if there was a description of a trailer it is possible to guess, that a trailer on the approach, I think, that this problem with a sound on long will not be tightened also to us will show a trailer on Friday.
  13. MattTaz
    One of the biggest complaints of the 1st film was the - apart from the acting, and baywatch running, was the pg13 rating. Having AVP-R is pretty smart business sense. The trailer sounds cool as well. C'mon people, get behind this film. If this film is a flop, Alien V will be years and years away and Predator 3's chances will be zip.
  14. EpsilonOrpheon777
    as anxious as i am to hear the score... i still think trailers that use no music and only SFX really get you drawn in you know? ... like quick shots of things happening, cutting in and out with no music and only sound to make us guess what that was or wasn't... awesome can't wait
  15. Jonesy
    I cant wait for the trailer either, that will tell us ALOT. I didnt mean to put it down (if you were referring to me), those were just my first impressions. I actually think its not a bad title. I like how it connects to the video game level. And like someone mentioned earlier in the thread, theyll probably refer to it as AVP:R. Thats actually pretty clever; it tells you the rating right in the title.
  16. Jonesy
    Im sure im reading too much into this, but it almost seems like theyre saying, "this is it, this is the last one, the AvP movies are now dead".  Im gonna feel like an ass saying this when I buy my ticket. "uh... one for Aliens vs Predator Rectum, er, I meen, Reqweeeum".    I must admit though when you hear it it makes you think "AvP Requiem? what the f**k?" lol maybe thats a good thing.
  17. Sulaco
    Good work JK, the fans are doing what they can but this wait is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As long as the Alien doesnt cross breed with a sasquach and the Predator doent have a 12inch forehead and look retarded we should be good to go, sittin frustrated!
  18. beeko
    most movies have a fairly short run at the theaters now and end up on dvd within 6 months, thats just how things are now. if thats what the trailer is like , sounds sweet
  19. Chris
    Holy Shit ... JK thx man!  If this is true, then omg ^^ ... i like it very much ... specially the part with the predator facing two aliens and the alien behin de doctor.  TRAILER TRIALER TRAILER ^^ ... cant wait anymore. Hope it will come this week.  greetz
  20. D2
    Well we get only that much after waiting so long which is lame.   I think there will be a second trailer similar to Ergaon showing tons of action and sfx.  Just pray it doesn't turn into another ergaon becasue that movie also had visual effect director.
  21. PredatorKing 2776
    COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL   ;D   I have decided not to kill myself and stay here for AVP, with the trailer out this or next week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. Pyroacid
    didint mettalica make a song with the lyrics "my Requiem somethin somethin  yah  i know not totaly here right now iam on nyquil for this damn cold plz forgive me lol
  23. D2
    that dvd site for avp 2 scares me. Seems like fox knows this movie will flop badly and hence they will release it soon on dvd like maybe in februray or march OR direct to dvd lolz
  24. vehtam
    gameoverman, i don't want to dissapoint you, but they told that trailer will be at comic con for sure too ;), and then that it will be definetly week after cc. guess this time few days are just optimistic speculation again and turn out into 1,5 months   don't make your hopes high guys. the trailer will be released at the end of september.   ::)  
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