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International AvPR Poster

We’re finally starting to get more media from Europe now. Last week we got the two one-sheets for lovely United Kingdom and today I give you the polish one-sheet poster!

20071106 International AvPR Poster

As you can see, the images used for the Alien and Predator are the same as the UK poster and the images of Kelly and Dallas are the same as the the recently released retailer incentive piecework trading cards. You can view the high res poster on Many thanks to Invisible Darkness & Coolalex91 for the news.

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  1. zen
    Deco:Mine is like a survival,simular to P1 or A1,but its going to be hard because A)Im not that creative and B)Im a huge pred fan,so im going to have to try my best on the aliens but hopefully people will like it.THANKS DECO!!!!!   ;D     ;D     ;D  .
  2. Deco
    Zen, yeah cool man, its difficult to judge when someone is genuine and when another is just bashing good work isnt it? So my apologies for my rant. lol You should run with your idea, do as much as you can with it.   I have begun writing an Alien Versus Predator story which is stand alone to the movies but uses nearly all of the main characters from the film to date. Its conspiracy themed like the original predator.
  3. JediYautja
    Foundationman2: I think it's good to keep the Predalien totally hidden...It makes it even more of a surprise for the people who haven't seen the pics, when they go to see the movie!  My guess is that it's a selling tactic...Kinda like the absense of Yoda on the original posters for 'The Empire Strikes Back'....
  4. Foundationman2
    I think it would have been cool to have at least a hint of the predalien on it. I mean, maybe just a silhouette of it or something. Just enough to get people who haven't seen the pictures on this site hyped on the movie.
  5. Nomad
    I agree with you zen, because I always thought that preds have differant races. But I mean different, maybe it is soe sort of ritual marks that cleaners predators have to put on their masks or maybe he doesnt even belong to any other clan (just cleaning the mess) and that symbolise it?
  6. zen
    Darkness or Deco:A few weeks ago i was drying some dish's when i had a few ideas,i peiced some of these ideas together and i realized that i had a plot for an AVP3 movie!.Sofar i have a place,a dozen people,at least one pred and a few aliens.I already know to not have any nude scenes because A) it whould be to embarrassing for me and B) even though it will be rated R for violence,gore,slime and language it makes it easier for younger persons to see it(they have every right to see it because some of the biggest fans in the world were probably only 14 when ALIEN or PREDATOR came out).And im going by the original movies with only 2 or 3 things from the comics(stuff so small you probably whould'nt notice),And i'm not that scared of the aliens but im going to give them something that i find scary.And the movie takes place present day(when the movie comes out,sorta).But dont worry,i wont break continuity one bit.So is there any advice you can give me???   ;D  .
  7. zen
    Is it possible to get that poster in the U.S.?.Or do i have to buy it online?. Nomad:My guess is that wolf is from a different clan judging by the symbals on the cannon and the symbals from P1.Just look at his face,the face from P1 and the face from AVP.Theyr all simular in appearence,yet different,like comparing an african-american,a latin-american and a Japanese person together.Ya they\'e all simular in appearence(sorta),but they have different customs.
  8. Guest
    Now THIS roxx. Was a lil bit anxious about the release date in Poland, but now im on cloud 9    8)    28 Dec, gr8  I WANT A PLASMA CASTER 4 XMAS    ;D  
  9. Nomad
    forget all what i said about ukrainian release date its january   >:(   F&%$K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ive been fooled by my own cinemas...January 17th...BAD!
  10. Deco
    NOMAD  The markings on the helmet represent the successful honorable hunts the predator has been on. The reason they dont match the yautja alphabet is because the filmakers have re-invented the predator language to make it more sleek in appearance.
  11. Nomad
    HERE IS THE QUESTION: Who knows what are those symbols on Wolfs mask? I compared it with myne yautja alfabet but no sense still. Any ideas?
  12. Deco
    Im warming more and more to the Predator. If anything, ADI have really given him a signature look with real Character. Still would have preferred Winston!! lol only joking, hope the film is good
  13. Xenomorphine
    I also think it's the best one, so far. I like this a lot more than the others, with just a single Predator or Alien on them. This one has a blue-tinted 'Resident Evil' influence to it, but looks much more impressive.
  14. Nomad
    Can someone tell me why in UK the movie from january, but in Poland from 28 of desember, in Ukrain it is from 27th of desember( but I'am glad because I'am ukrainian). But were is the logik?    ???  
  15. Yoda
    Не... Точно не русски&# 1081;! Я же говори&# 1083; с самого начала - Польск&# 1080;й :P  I like this poster. I hope soon there will be an English
  16. Wolfs Girl
    Cool poster!!! I prefer the wolf one though. I wonder if I can get a bootleg copy once the film starts it's run in theatres? I hope so because I will be getting it, but I don't feel guilty because I will be seeing it quite a bit on the big screen too Like I have the past films (saw Predator 26 times and P2 about 19 times) and i'll be doing the same, though not quit so many times since ticket prices have almost doubled since the first one. :( Right, now can anyone tell me if any of these posters are available to buy oline anywhere? Because i want them!
  17. Optimus Virus
    Nosferatus | 06 Nov 2007 23:1351 Optimus virus're right....i don't understand it...why must people in GB go to see it after 3 weeks?.....strange marketing __________________________________  I agree, 'bad marketing' illegal pirate copy's will be availible and will be sold in pubs and clubs and school's and college's before the film comes out here in cinema's so ppl wont go to watch the film! and fox wont make there '£' or should i say '$' well thats there fault, FOX make the u.k release 28th Jan!  Thank you! or should i say Rock On!
  18. washderice
    those arent actually the same pics of the rpedator and alien from the seperate UK posters. theyre both different, and look better i think. the aliens has its mouth open and the predator is more af a straight on shot.
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