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AvP Requiem Reviews Roundup

This is just a little post giving a roundup of all the reviews released so far. I’ll update this news post as more are released. I’ve split them up into good and bad.

The Good
MovieWeb (3.5/5)
7MPictures (3/5) (3.5/5)
NYTimes (N/A)
Outtakes With Fiore (6/10)
One Guy’s Opinion (C)
IGN FilmForce (3.5/5) (C+)
Variety (N/A)

The Bad

Arrow In The Head (1.5/5)
Austin Chronical (1.5/5)
BigPictureBigSound (2/4)
Bloody-Disgusting (1/5) (N/A)
BronsonFive (1/5)
CinemaBlend (1.5/5)
CinemaSpy (2.5/5) (F) (4/10)
DreadCentral (2/5)
E! Online (D+)
eFilmCritic (1/5)
Fangoria (2/5)
FearNet (2/5)
FilmCritic (2/5)
FilmJerk (F)
LAWeekly (N/A)
MetroMix (1.5/5)
MovieHole (2.5/5)
MoviePulse (5/10) (D)
The Movie Blog (4.5/10)
The Stranger (N/A)
TheMovieBoy (2/4)
TVGuide (1.5/4)
UGO (C+) (4/10)

Bloody-Disgusting’s review is quite amusing by the way. We’re still waiting for reviews from the big movie sites like CHUD, JoBlo’s and IGN. You can also find a lot of Fan Reviews in the Forum. Fan reaction is mixed. Fans either love it or hate it but generally, a lot of people are disappointed.

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  1. mjacobson
    I just want to add that Entertainment Weekly (Jan. 18th issue) gave AVP-R a solid "B" rating. That's one for the "Good" column.   "...a brisk, gooey bit of schlock that's a million times better than 2004's action-lite AVP."  javascript:insertext('  ;D  ','short')    ;D  
  2. Kigan
    I'm actually entertained by the bad reviews. People are going into the movie with expectations for something it was never intended to be. Having expectations for the wrong kind of film. I saw it in the person I saw AVPR with.  Like Morse, I've paid a lot of attention to things such as the lifecycle, and it isn't as off as keeps being pointed out. The scenes on the Predator ship I think were in the cutting room too long and I think there was initially more to it.  There is so much more to be said, and the bad reviews are so off, but some people have made up their minds so I don't really see the point of arguing it. I feel sorry for the people who can't watch and enjoy this movie for what it is.
  3. Morse
    One more thing, a lot of people have complained about the lifecycle issues in the film; I'd be the first to agree had I not noticed that the movie had been heavily edited, another point to concider is a comment Ripley made in Aliens when briefing the colonial marines "...All I know is that that thing killed my crew in less than 24 hours...". Assuming she means from chestburst to lambert's lonely demise, take into account that the father and son are hunting (most likely just after dawn) the original films are never clear about the gestation period, for Kane it's about 12 hrs in alien, for ripley it seems like a matter of days in Alien3. But the groeth after gestation seems about right to me... On the other hand, the predalien intro scene must have been chopped to pieces....
  4. Morse
    I've been to quite a few sites and read a great deal of reviews so far, yesterday I went to see the movie. I can say one thing for sure, the film is a lot better than the reviews say it is, though the film does have some continuity issues probably too much time in the cutting room (pos. courtesy of Fox, Alien3 anyone?).  On the whole I found it entertaining and very loyal to the franchise as a whole (the style of direction, NOT the script), and loved the way it very discreetly nodded to its predecessors. If you want my advice (as a major fan of both series, but not a fanboy), check it out, if you like the original films you'll at the very least appreciate the effort put in to the movie, I must say it's not earth shakingly amazing, definitely not Riddley Scott or John McTiernan, but these are the brothers Strausse, and yes no matter what its shortcomings it's trully much better than AVP.
    i liked the film alot it was better than paul andersons pathetic avp. it was shit but AVP R rocks especially the one predator kicking the shit out of all the other aliens . i liked the alien warrior design, the predalien design and the predator mask and athletic body it went back to all original. favourite fight is the hospital in the hive.   :)     :)     :)   this film is the best out of any alien or predator film.   :)     :)     :)     :)     :)     :)     :)  
  6. Sulaco
    SPOILERS: The first sight of the alien in the sewer was freaky! It was great to see the body being dragged away in the pool room. The movie was really dark though, and way too much was seen in the trailers. I liked it 7/10    ;D  
  7. talset
    the movie is too fu"#n bad, the trailer was a big spoiler of the end I cant belibe this shit, damm I am a big fan of the alien and predator movies but this was bad, better than avp1 but this sucks....   >:(     :'(     :-\  
  8. Anomaly
    Sergio: Like most directors of films with wrong priorities, they seem to support the fad of ignoring critics so they can have no rules to be embarassed by.   Even the positive reviews show this movie was crap if youre reading carefully. Im so glad this movie was panned. At least some still stand for standards. *applauds
  9. SHREK
    majority of ppl think this movie was rubish, a few think it was one who thinks this movie was crap saddly, however evryone believes they are rite, evry1 has their theres really not much need 2 argue about.
  10. cubanb82
    Well said, Fury 616, very well said.  Have you ever noticed how everyone has to have the last word? What is up with that?   This Kage fellow is a perfect example how how to NOT take everything into consideration, which I accept because he is entitled to his own opinion, but why did he have to express it to me, ya know? Why put, "Hey Cuban" at the start of the post?   I grow tired of all this egocentricity. I post because I want to share Ideas, not go out of my way to make someone i disagree with know my side.. that is not communication, that is self centered, self serving, ignorant, unintellectual, and pointless.  If he had said it with some respect (meaning, trying to exchange ideas and not dictate his thoughts to feed his ego) I'd be more apt to agree with him, and in some respects i see where hes coming from, but show some class. We may not all be in the same room, but we can certainly act accordingly, regardless.
  11. Fury_616
    From the tone of most of these reviews, it sounds to me that the reviewers feel that the Strause brothers committed the worst possible sin: to make a sequel to a market-driven franchise cross-over that's actually worth watching.  The critics can't have that, so they crap all over it.  That's one of the reasons why I'm hoping AVP3 will come out, so it will piss them off even more, maybe make their heads explode or something.  Furthermore, even though critics loved Juno, I think AVP2 handled the topic of unwanted pregnancy more realistically than Juno did ...   ;)  
  12. KAGE
    Hey Cuban.  I am one of those people that said AVPr sucked.  But maybe for differant reasons then everyone else.  I couldn't see a god dam thing.  It was way to dark.  I saw an interview with "the brothers" and they talked about how they used the "cameron" ridges for the alien head....I couldn't even tell if they aliens had ridges on their heads.  all i could see was black and silver teeth.  I could bairly tell the predator and predalien apart most of the time.  Then some one says somethign stupid like "but the alien movies are suppose to be dark"....yes but this is to dark.   For all this expertise and hard work you talk about, you'd think they would watch the movie once before they released it and say "hey we better lighten this movie up some.....I CAN"T SEE A GOD DAM THING.  There are lots of good pictures of the predalien on the web and you can see the light skin tone on its belly....I couldn't see that in the movie.  All you have to do i stick an alien on screen for 2 hours and i'm going to like it.  I loved P.andersons avp.  But if I can't see it then i've wasted my money, and the movie is going to get a "IT SUCKED" form me.
  13. cubanb82
    "nudzi | 30 Dec 2007 12:15 337  Hehe , spot on cuban. Now lets see how the haters will counter THAT!"  I do appreciate your comment, but my intent is to share ideas in the spirit of good will. I'm not concerned with someone responding negatively, because it likely will occur, regardless. That is not the issue, however. I WANT people to respond, but my intent is to learn from other's ideas and views. Impermanence is what it's about to me, meaning, I don't want to have a static view of any philosophy.
  14. cubanb82
    2. If you do not have access to a film set, do not have a film camera, do not write screenplays, or do not know the ins and outs of being a DP (director of photography).. my own humble opinion would be to research all the things you did not like, and apply them to your own film project, and if you can not afford to produce your own film, at least appreciate the people who are willing to make films FOR YOU.  I hope you guys found this helpful, and I am in no way advocating, inciting, or attempting to incite an argument. I grow weary of these rebuttals in written form, to complete strangers, when we could be having an open dialog in the spirit of actual communication.  All in all, it was a worthy film to me, fortunately, I am aware and proud to say that that IS NOT all that matters.  thanks for listening. :-)
  15. cubanb82
    Sometimes forgotten are the days when we watched a movie to immerse ourselves in the world created. In this case, i felt the film had a very genuine feel of a small town in peril.. I could have studied every aspect of it, knowing that it was in fact, the actual lot used to create STARS HOLLOW for the TV show GILMORE GIRLS (it was, it really was), but I made an effort and succeeded at keeping my technical/analytical side from recalling such facts so i could be fully immersed in this fantasy.  All in all, for the sake of appreciating all film, I implore those of you who want more and more and more, to remember that there are two facts we could benefit from acknowledging.   1. Film is a collective union of talented hard working people who make an effort to combine their talents in order to produce what you see, and it's extremely ego centric and less than kind to disregard their work so easily with a single sentence... i.e. "This film sucks!"... "This film was trash!" In essence all I'm saying, while it may seem out of context is, try to cultivate more appreciation for the craft, and enjoyment of film will be nurtured.  Cont in next comment..
  16. cubanb82
    For years we've watched them battle it out on paper, and now we have the chance to enjoy a live action incarnation of their devastation as seen through the vision of two very talented visual artists. Paul W.S. Anderson had these same beasts encompass the same screen space, and could never hope to have created a film like this.  Granted, the majority of the populous would have something changed, or completely committed, and while I'm in favor of fan participation in an effort to make these films great ( as i genuinely thought this one was), I myself do practice a certain degree of humility when approaching these artistic mediums.   As a screenwriter, myself, I can understand many of the complaints given to this film, however, there is also the very important fact that film is an art form that at times becomes less about the story and more about everything that was done to create it in the eyes of the viewer. We, I believe, have become desensitized by so many advancements in visual effects, that we have lost sight of the fact that these advancements were meant to enhance our joy, not dismantle it.  In science fiction stories, we come to expect certain elements, and that is at the heart of my plea to keep an open mind, and by that I mean, to embrace the story regardless of how far fetched it may seem. That is why it's called fiction. It's not real, therefore it's not subject to the laws we are used to adhering in the real world.  cont in next comment..
  17. cubanb82
    In response to all the critics griping over the lighting, I am but one person, but I'm sure I share the same sentiment. This movie was supposed to be like that. It's not just about the technical/practical effects aspect, it's the atmosphere that an ALIEN film is innately fused with.  As for the sped up life cycle, I would like to point out that these films don't have the timeline (story-wise) to wait a few days for a xenomorph to gestate, it's a give and take, however, this is a very large part of the ALIEN mythos, so I do understand the complaint. I do not agree with those who find this to be a problem, however, because while I am an ALIEN purist, I am also able to understand that it doesn't take away from the story.. meaning, to have these creatures grow faster. As an eager audience member, I try to realize that it's a privilege to even get to see these creatures stand toe to toe.   cont'd in next comment
  18. cubanb82
    "Rayne | 29 Dec 2007 00:20 321  Now, understand this: I'm a Predator fan all the way. I fell in love from the first Predator movie. I borrowed all the pred movies and the first AvP for so long from my bf that he let me have them for my birthday, lol. If someone could let me know what was happening at the end of the movie? I didn't understand (AvP-R)."  The ending was a reference to Ripley's employers, Weyland-Yutani.  When she says, "The world isn't ready for this technology", and the colonel says, "But this technology isn't for this world, it it, Mrs. Yutani?".... that is a reference to Weyland-Yutani's motto, "Building Better Worlds"... in effect, it's saying that LV426, the nostromo; basically all WY's advancements were aided by predator technology.  That was a scene a lot of critics just didn't get. A true fan knows.  continued in next comment..
  19. killzonewith bladesandteet
    hey Milan you forgot to mention that the Alien accidentally knocks out the referee gets uses his devastating finishing move on the predator pins him  with what could have been a 10 count but meanwhile the referee who i s groggy begins his three count and just as he was about to hit the 3 predator kicks out..........not!! As the Strauss Bros said they didn't want to make the fights WWE style
  20. Milan
    So why is this movie so bad? From what I'm been reading ppl are killing this movie over stuff like, it could have been lighter, Wolf couldn't be a bad ass, there couldn't be any humans in it, the fights could have been longer, there could have been better acting from the actors who fans didn't want there in the first place.  So if the "brothers" could have done it your way we would have wolf and a regular alien star in a 3 hour long fight scene in daylight and on the moon. And that fight would have 395 plsma shots, 63 whip hits, 425 wristblade hits, 17 front kicks, 398 headbites, 420 tail strikes, and 717 acid burns will force wolf to use his medkit.  And it will end in a draw...  Now all we can do is hope that the brothers will listen to us (fans) and make this happen in Avp3. :)
  21. nudzi
    Saw it yestarday. Don't listen to crititcs, the movie will blow you away. Predator and Alien action was top noch, the monsters were done ablosutely perfectly. Humans were just a background, as they should be.
  22. azrael
    to the root of alien? lol it pisses on everything that made the first alien movies so great. except from a few nice kills the movie hasn't got anything, no characters, bad dialogues, no story (can be summed up in three sentences), the editing is crap and together with the dark images sometimes you can hardly tell who's who... some death scenes and the music cannot save this movie
  23. The G-man
    Deco, if u are a die-hard fan you should have appreciated this movie, it goes way more back to the root of alien and predator, not to forget, that actually you can't compare AVPR to Alien or Predator cuz it is a franchise on its own!
  24. spinner7478
    JESUS...I'm so sick and tired of critics and so-called fans bashing these movies.  The Strause brothers obviously read the criticisms given after the first AVP, and gave us a movie that was a COMPLETELY different vision.  I can't believe some of the reviews I've read actually bash the score, but then say that the movie doesn't stay true to the original, that was the same music!!  I got goosebumps hearing those familiar Alien and Predator score's again.  The brothers obviously had great respect for us TRUE AVP fans...and they gave us a brutal, tense thriller in the spirit of the first Alien movie.  If you're one of those people complaing that it was too dark, and that you couldn't see the Aliens and Predator fighting that well...then you went in with the wrong expectations.  This movie was never meant to be a "action-adventure" picture like the first AVP.  It was a dark, grim tale and I think the Strause brothers did a good job.  Now, I will agree that the acting sucked, but if they had focused more on characters, the "haters" would still find a reason to complain and say that there wasn't enough action.  This was by no means a perfect movie, but I loved it and hope it makes enough money so the brothers can make part 3.
  25. Bio Mech Hunter
    Yeah, there was A LOT of footage cut from the final theatrical release. Looks like Fox is at it again.   ::)   Bastards.   >:(   I was waiting for those scenes to come up, but after the film was over I was thinking "Where's the rest of it?". lol Fox did this same damn thing with the first film.   >:(    The film was definately a cut and paste fest. And it wasn't subtle about it either.   :D    Anyone else think it was absolutely rediculous Wolf didn't get burned or severly injured by acid with all the wrist blade slicing and close quarters blasting he was doing?   ::)   That's why the armor is so important. He isn't going against humans with firearms who can't see him. lol For crying out load, he's going against enemies who are about as big and strong as he is (or at least, they're suppose to be   ::)  ), has some nasty natural weapons, faster and far more agile, quite cunning and, of course, has concentrated acid for blood.   :-\  
  26. Rayne
    Now, understand this: I'm a Predator fan all the way. I fell in love from the first Predator movie. I borrowed all the pred movies and the first AvP for so long from my bf that he let me have them for my birthday, lol. If someone could let me know what was happening at the end of the movie? I didn't understand (AvP-R).
  27. Bender1988
    My opinion They copied too much from Predator1 and Aliens and with those actors that ,well it was horrible Ending,f### ,i m dissapointed about all movie: -too dark -too much people -to little Wolf Wolf was greate,really nice badassPred his"roar" was fantastic-soo fresh I was thinking they do soo much better movie,well its 10000000% better than first AvP but still...:/ They could make movie about Wolf-alone! without human haracters. I am Big Predator and Aliens fan,but this movie wasnt what i expected to be, like i said, to much people,too dark,I wanna see Wolf and Aliens figting,not some f##### teenagers. If there will be AvP3 i hope it will be ...well without human haracters. I like Ewery fight snene in movie,fight between aliens and wolf. And Wolf,Really greate Predator, Awesome desing,as good as in P1,and P2. Wolf was really,REALLY Greate Pred,I wanna see more of him,but they didn show him too much:/ i wanna see movie only about wolf,and i think many pople share that idea. Predalien-again greate haracter"miniqueen"-really nice done. Enjoy the movie people it isnt that bad,but it isnt exelent either.
  28. Stamos
    BTW, I'm a huge fan...  I got shot down earlier because I was misunderstood as saying the movie "sucked" which I didn't. I don't use that terminology. People who use the word "Sucks" are suckers themselves.  I just thought the Human characters were that bad that I would've rathered the WHOLE movie FOLLOW Wolf, that would've made him a legendary character for the ending this movie. It would've been different, we would've had insight into the "Hunt" that a predator undertakes and would've held Wolf in higher regard in the world of AVP.  You could hear moaning in the Theater everytime we left a scene with Wolf and then had to be reminded that there were useless humans involved. I wanted them ALL to die to Alien/Predator fury...  That's it...
  29. Stamos
    Is there anywhere we can submit scripts here, as I'm writing one for fun. It will be very rich though and will mainly feature the Praetorian Aliens
  30. Stamos
    No, it better not. We can't.....  There is still one huge area of our world which hasn't been seen yet in a theatre...and this is where Fox can recreate/create the franchise...  Praetorian...
  31. Gul Kalvo
    I was waiting for january 11, but I think I will save my money (as FOX has done)  Just one thing about "dont believe the critics"...The worst critics came from fantasy/horror media...  When people choose names as "The Strause Brothers" to sign their movie, you should know what to expect. They have done videoclips and commercials...And thats what they have done so far...a good red band trailer.   At least it looks they have make the movie dark enough to avoid people see ADI creatures.  Definitely I won't go see that movie. Hopefully FOX will not try  it again. AVP-R... Aliens vs Predator- Rest in Peace
  32. AVPBrosBlow
    Not good.  Not even stay for the whole movie bad.  I stayed and regret that fact. Alien and Aliens were, are and will be classic sci-fi fare forever.  Predator will always be one of the best sci-fi action flix of all time.  AvP was watchable, empty but watchable.  AvPr is 1.5hrs of hackery. Plotless, emotionless, yawn inspiring hackery.  The scenes where tension is actually constructed come and go in seconds and you think "wtf, that sucked". That is how the whole movie passes, scene after scene of possibility with no payoff. How bad can a modern day script be if the only way the writer/director/studio can end the movie is to destroy everything.  Deus ex machina is the last bastion for those who lack talent. And what the hell are so many people doing propping up this turd while admitting "I haven't seen it but I'm sure it rocks"?  Tell this to your 8th grade teachers when school resumes after the holidays, "I know I'm going to get an A so I shouldn't have to do the homework."  It will work trust me.
  33. cubanb82
    I was wondering about that scar vs scene as well, along with the two cast members we see in photos, but not in the movie. I also wish they had kept the cemetary scene in the film, AND I didn't see Reiko use the machine gun on the tank like she did in the trailer. A lot was cut, m'thinks.  Hopefully the DVD will have a lot of extra stuff on it.  I'm going to watch it again on friday and saturday for a total of 4 times.. so far.   When people ask me why I go and see these movies, I simply tell them, "This is MY star wars. This is my Star Trek. THIS IS MY FAVORITE SERIES (mostly referring to the ALIEN series)".  I get so frustrated with critics who know nothing about these films.
  34. EpsilonOrpheon777
    i agree with cubanb82 on everything  i just think it would have been cool if in the briefcase it had the Predator mask from P2 and the spear from P2 since those two things were left behind.  perhaps even his cut off hand.  so it kind of would have looked like a collection of everything that was forgotten.  kinda like terminator.  but oh well overall the movie was awesome.  some weak CG scenes though...  does anyone know what happend to the "scar vs." scene that was supposed to be at the beginning?
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