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  1. zen
    Well then dont look at it Necrotard,and just wait for a new poster.Personaly i think they could have done better.But ya, just wait,they'll come out with a new poster eventualy.
  2. Necrotard
    Am I the only one who hates this poster?  I'm looking forward to this movie and I've loved the footage and information we've gotten so far, but this looks like a Loony Toons ad.
  3. XenoFox
    It looks kick ass. way better than the AVP poster. It has a "armageddon" look to it. The Alien and Predator kind of look like plastic miniatures, but that isnt a big deal. Very nice.
    i think NEOLUNS poster iz prety gud, realy like the light beeming down the middle and the edge of the earth blurring - ads loads more atmosphere to the pic
  5. wolfboy
    It looked a little weird to me at first but now that I saw the higher resolution concept one in the other news link, I think it looks pretty good.  And Neolun, sorry, but I prefer the original. That and your logo is terribly smudged and blurry.
  6. Spawningcarnage
    LOL even Neolum made it look better (good job Neolum)  You F&$*s are probably the type that love the movie "Serenity".  So if that's true, your opinion doesn't count. real.
  7. spawningcarnage
    Yea i do Know ...bud.  I'm a superior draftsman and just graduated from SCAD.  I studied under PAUL HUDSON?  does that ring a bell?  it will next year.  So whenever you have a sense of design, i'll be more than happy to rip the shit out of your art. ;)
  8. Sulaco
    Posters good. How would the fans of aliens feel, if an alien teamed up with a human and went for a sled ride? at the end of the movie! Revenge is coming.
  9. Jango1201
    Its funny, some people are retarted. A lot of people are slamming ADI for there work with the aliens. But do they remember that they also did aliens all the way to resurrection? I mean c'mon guys give it rest already you didnt complain about aliens? And I like the poster very much, very pleased.
  10. Krycek
    Yeah, Stick to ur art SpawningCarnage, I'll be glad that I won't see you at the premire because you know that all your drawings won't equal up to what the Bros are doing. Have fun Picasso.
  11. EpsilonOrpheon777
    @ Dane  yes someone who makes sense! but your spelling's a little off lol    :D    this movie will be amazing it shall give birth to what we have all been waiting for... AVP3 set in the future/space... just watch
  12. Dane
    U don't know what the f**** your talking about. The poster looks great. If you have a problem with it make your own movie. Like your opinion matters anyway   :P     >:(  
  13. brian
    that poster looks really good like they are both circlating the world. i think the strause brothers did a real good job on this poster. maybe they will have another and that one will be displayed in the movies. some people are stupid for saying that it looks like shit. i think this poster looks really scarey and great.
  14. rocknweird
    seems like everything has been taken very seriously, but this poster seems really silly.   I keep thinking of the national lampoons vacation series...of course that makes no sense what so ever
  15. GueRoux
    Oh ok i got an idea that would be better. Still keep the simple design and have just Earth right there. But the shape of the Earth is an egg shape and theres a crack down the middle like the Alien poster. Little homage...little different. I just personally hate seeing the creatures  ( which used to be shown late in the movies) right on the posters. It takes something aways from there intital entrance.
  16. brett Cassano
    I think it looks fantastic! It reminds me a lot of the egg poster for the first Alien movie. It also makes the movie look like a fun ride. Hope it turns out that way.  My only complaint is that it doesn't spell out "Aliens vs Predator Requiem."
  17. Starkiller
    Better than avp1 (which looked like a video game cover) the font is good very 'alien' and the initials are good and the red r.  However i'd like to see a poster without the creatures on there. Make's it more dark
  18. davebhamuk
    I've heard that it's only going to be called Aliens Vs Predator Requiem in the US which is where it will have the R rating. So AVP-R works as saying this is the film you should have got in 2004. It's AVP but R rated and better?  I think the poster looks ok but a bit cheesy but then again the concept is cheesy so its all good.
    Very nice and fresh but, they should have put "ALIENS VS. PREDATOR REQUIEM" instead of "AVP R" no doubt about that. And yes it would have been alot better without CGI...I`ll wait for more posters to come out, I know they shall come out with better ones soon. Overall a it`s a well made poster 9/10.
  20. Dillon
    It completely sucks ass. This is what I expected from a couple of special effects supervisors: CGI everywhere. The poster looks so fake and what's up with the Alien's mouth? Oh, right, I forgot. ADI made it so no wonder it looks retarded.
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