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New Predator vs Predalien Picture

A new image of the Predator fighting the Predalien has surfaced. This photo is taken from a german movie magazine.

20070914_01 New Predator vs Predalien Picture

It looks to be from the scene in which a previously released still takes place. You can see the entire image here. Doesn’t look like there is much difference between this and the AvP Predators unfortunately. The skin seems a bit yellower but the the face still looks as rubbery. Big thanks to German Predator for scanning this in.

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    It overall looks great, the Predalien 5/5 (just not to happy about the whole 'female' Predalien thing, since the only 'true' female Alien is the Queen, but I`ll just wait for the movie to judge that decision they took) and the Wolf Predator I would say 4+/5, he has a very stong similarity to the Predator in (PREDATOR 1987) since his lower mandibles are much longer as they were seen in P1 and unlike AvP, also his 'actual' mouth seems strongly similar to the original Predator with the 2 teeth/fangs on the top. Besides that stuff I like the throwback to 'Cracked Tusk' from the comics and the other teeth/fangs on his other mandibles...and yes he does seem to have a slight somthing from the AVP Predators somwhere...hard to identify, but if you see in the upcoming Aliens vs. Predator PSP game the screenshots clearly show 'a' Predator with the mouth style of Predator (1987).   JANN/ELDERPREDATOR `.-`.-`.-`.-`.-`.-`.-`.-`.-.-`-.``.-.-
  2. YutaniDitch
    Hell, even Sandy Collora in BATMAN : DEAD END got the Predator design right!!   :o     :o    ADI should really just stick to what it does bestm which is Aliens, and leave the Predators fopr somebody else, because 'somebody else' is better than ADI, apparently...   >:(  
  3. Hren
    i think Predator is going to win because they are making a game based on the predator and he is the protaganist of the game and it follows the movie so wolf has to survive
  4. 7681
    predalien-k:  ''only three months 2 go prepare yourselves for the hunt'' three months? thats ages away..every time they release a nu still i get a hardon    ;D  
  5. Optimus Virus
    Okay guys we know chet (the pred-alien) is going to whack a bunch of predator's, and the wolf means bizzness  So who do you think, is going to win?
  6. gb
    no doubt both species are gunna kick ass! im thrilled 2 hear da aliens r gunna start a war and diss pred is no-doubt gunna finnish it! BRING THE NOISE!
  7. PredGlory86
    i agree with what a few people have said on here...its a production still so chances are it will look much better when the movie finally does come out. the way the brothers are hyping up this "wolf" seems to me its going to be a complete kick ass ninja of sorts. and if the predalien hybrid really does take out a bunch of preds then that also leads me to believe that it is also going to be really badass. so have faith...
  8. pretrixalated
    I think the predator looks awesome and is 10000x better then the one in AvP and the strasse brother are tacking Paul ws. Anderson to school!!!
  9. Matt
    after looking ate the adi book i relised the pred face designe wasn't that bad it was the lighting lack of slime and the way the moved the mandibles out to far that ruined it. i thought the elder from the end was cool. my favorite pred was the elder from p2 witch was the same as the first one eccept it had a sword more decoration and more horns.
  10. Krycek
    That's a good point. Who really cares when the predator gets unmasked. I always thought that it removed part of their coolness/scaryness. Masks on!
  11. Bomb The Bass
    I really hope this movie is good! im not happy with ADI but with clever directing good editiong and lighting etc they mite be able to pull it off.  I also hope this isn't justa cheap slasher movie..with bad acting and its hard, dark scary and violent oh and true to the original's. The interview with brothers struase sounded cool! the way they speak 'whack' and the whole 'wolf is a cleaner' i mean that's ganster talk and there not justa geek who want's 2 make a video game movie like Anderson.  Please please let this be a good movie and not just another way to make more money out of us hard working fans..if so i will loose all hope and interset in future project's regarding predator or alien.  Lets just pray...p.s lets stop moaning and stuff because if its good were going to look like idiot's and if the movie is bad then we can just forget the whol thing and go else where.  bye
  12. gul kalvo
    This is pure CRAP. If I were the director and had to face ADI work I would rather keep the predators masked.    Not to mention alien warriors on all the pics posted until now, that neck, and that mouth with the lower jaw hanging on the air...It remembers me the AR newborn mouth (they should have jailed ADI team after that)  At least I would not  be as dissapointed as when I saw the face on AVP. Now I now what lies behind the mask.  All my hopes lies now on directors and edition work to see anything interesting.
    It would be cool to see the Preds engaged in ritual combat to determine which one's are worthy to go on the hunt. Like in the original AVP comic books. No armor just hand to hand combat. It would make a great scene for the movie.
  14. carnalien
    i love the idea of preds gettin "whacked" in space. thats wat i wanted from avp. a story similar to alien but with preds instead of humans. i wanted the preds to encounter a new deadly threat (aliens) wich they had no idea how to deal with n they start gettin picked off one by one. of course the movie would flop from the lack of dialogue but it would be cool yea
  15. Optimus Virus
    to adam (nz) you said in your comment that the pred in the picture happens at the start when the pred-alien 'whacks' the predators. But that happens in a space ship in space, not on earth in the rain!!   this is the wolf!!! and it is the final battle...yeh i know the pred's face dont look good as the predator's in P1 & P2. But there's nothing we can do? plus this is a production still, not the final film version. Peace  Rock On!
  16. gb
    i hope theres a big dramatic scene wen his mask is removed- resulting in that fantastic roer and hoping the rooftop battle is kinda lyk the (NEO VS 100 SMITHS).
  17. [CaM]Spoon
    Stan Winston did Aliens, predator 1 and 2.   I dont know about you but those are the only movies where the aliens and predators look the best.  Dont know why Fox is so damn cheap and at least do it right! Stan Winston is alien and predator GOD.
  18. Zero T.
      8)     ;D  Looks pretty cool if you ask me.The green skin-thing looks kinda weird?The Predalien looks cooler because you can see him better.The Predator looks cool to.
  19. EpsilonOrpheon777
    @ Adam (NZ)...  ummm so are you saying that, despite the fact that it has the blades that belong to Wolf sticking out of its head [which presumably happens later or perhaps in the middle of the film], this Predalien has actually shown a new power and has gone back in time to fight and "whack" some Predators to START the movie?  i mean, i understand that you have your theory, but i think we all have agreed that Wolf is the one that gets impaled by the tail of the Predalien as seen in the trailer, and therefore is the one who slammed his gauntlet blades in the jaw of the Predalien, AS SEEN IN THE TRAILER. but what do i know    :D  
  20. Adam (NZ)
    I dont think that any of you have the right idea.  If any of you people on here recall in an artice with the two producers writers and director brothers with an interviewer they said that "you see alot of predators getn whacked by the predalien".  I personally think that this is a rookie (or young predator).  The spikes in its head have not reached male dominant length (ie: Elder Predator (Predator 2 movie)).  This shot absolutely kicks major ass and do you know why??? its because it is a young predator getn "whacked" by the predalien.  CAN anyone see what the predalien has done to that poor predator???  I has used a swipe motion in its arm (similar to the swipe of the alien crossbreed with ripley's dna as template) and completely taken off the lower jaw of the predator!!!!!!!!!  This I strongly believe is NOT the predator known as WOLF as he resembles the cleanup of the predalien situation...just look at the pic on this fabulous site of the predator with the barb of the predaliens tail through him and the predators claws slammed into its head!  Classic work unfolding here!  Hail PREDATOR!...!FOREVER!
  21. vortep
    PREDALIEN-K. You just say wath i want to hear !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you.Finaly someone to say it! The expirience is real for bouth vewers and actors when the critures are there.
    Practical effect beats CGI any day. at least in these films the creatures are real and in Camera. George Lucas for example way over used CGI in new Star wars film. The effects aren't bad but after a while you get sick of looking at CG characters.
  23. Space Disc Jockey
    Well, besides that its a production photo and there's the "yellow" lighting issue, I think the Predator's face looks cool. Much better than AVP's Predator. Of course, I would like to see some better pictures of Wolf's face or just watch the damn movie, before making a final opinion.  I honestly don't think anyone could reproduce or do better than Winston's "Predator". It will always be the best design.  To everyone else, let's just wait and see the movie, before having a heart-attack over this production photo.
  24. frankaster
    just hope fox to hire stan winston for predator 3! make a patition for that, because i don´t want a new standalone predator movie with ADI´s rubery predator(s?) and with out links with the alien series
  25. scarface
    my looks like somebody stuck a pred head on an alien. it really does. *sigh* at least its a smaller size for being a queen which should by the looks of things in the trailer make it a little more agile.
  26. vortep
    My opennion about that pic is that it look good but not best.The pred's face disapointed me becose i was expectin go be more scared and melted.But i guess that this pic cant give us good look of it.The hyprid is best as ever.
  27. Dual Blade
    First of all, considering its a rubber sort, its only natural that it will appear ' rubbery ' looking because of the rain water. I STILL believe many of you WILL be surprised by the mood and atmosphere of THAT fight scene.  Stan Winston is the don    ;D  , as good and great as I love ADI, and they ARE .... if and ONLY IF there is a Alien vs Predator 3 ( which I hope) then FOX, do your up most hardest to bring this man back. I remeber how I heard some where that he actually would have like to have done the orginal AVP but wasn't asked ....  .... WINSTON FOR EVER!!!!!!
  28. Soul
    Fox needs to ditch ADI as fast as possible, pay Stan Winston whatever he or his company wants.    I was thrilled with the red band trailer, and most of the images I've seen so far, but at least from this angle, the Predator face looks as bad as from the first AvP.  Yellow, spongy, rubbery.    Ironically, the predalien looks better in this pic to me than in others, probably because I can't see its face directly lol.
  29. [CaM]Spoon
    Stan Winston is god!  He designed the predator and only one that knows how to do it right. Back then poeple worked becuase they enjoyed it and now its all about money and poeple are lazy.  Nothing beats movies from the 80's and early 90s.
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