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New AvP2 Predalien Images!

Here’s the first real look at the Alien/Predator hybrid courtesy of USAToday.

20071026 New AvP2 Predalien Images!

USAToday also have four more clear pictures of the hybrid and they did a little interview with Greg/Colin Strause. Check the other images out on the next page. Thanks to Darkoo, Simon and Innerchaos for the news.

EDIT: One of the captions for the pictures provided this information: “Unlike the original Aliens, the Predalien doesn’t lay eggs which are then transported by a face-hugger. The new creature can regurgitate in it’s victim’s mouth.” So…erm…it’s a big face-hugger maybe? (Hicks)

20071026_02 New AvP2 Predalien Images!

20071026_03 New AvP2 Predalien Images!

20071026_04 New AvP2 Predalien Images!

20071026_05 New AvP2 Predalien Images!

^ They’re certainly a lot better than the shots we saw in the trailer.

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    I gota say dat d alien mouth seems so fake now seriously, dey seem lik stiff plastic puppet thingies. Da old alien films were awesum! Da aliens mouth seems so REALL!!!! Nowadays da aliens seem so freakin fake jus look at da aliens mouth, so much OPEN gaps so FAKE!
  2. JDUB
  3. jdub
    i say that the stupid predalien looks sooo stupid and the directors should have gave a dif look on the son of a b---- but hey at least they came out with another movie were is alien 5 or predator 3 this is gay GOOD LUCK ON THE MOVIE I WILL NOT B3 WATCHING IT EVEN IF IT IS RATED R
    those pics of the predalien looks so freaking cool. i cant wait to see this badass on the big screen taking out the predator and the humans in the movie.    ;D     ;D     ;D  
  5. zen
    Nomad:Thats just for the Hish-qu-ten,not the yautja or the others.And the Hish have a gland called the kill-gland located just above the sternum,without hormone supressents its like filling a guy full of steroids,LSD,meth and crack.
    True dude u can say dat again, 2 me da movie is between da predalien n da pred, i want ALL D ALIENS vs da PRED not jus 1 by 1 ALL! N da predalien is 7/10
  7. wargod_tyr1
    and another issue is that the predalien's mandibles look more like insect mandibles i much prefered the concept art that was posted minus the dreads the predalien has way too much flesh and is just a little too simular to the newborn in some respects   :-\  
  8. MrFantastic
    In response to the "Shouldnt the Predalien be able to take the predator no sweat" comment, I dont think that's necessarily true considering the rigorous combat training that a Predator goes through. Though the predalien is probably physical superior, skill wise it couldnt be able to match a skilled predator
  9. wargod_tyr1
    i have a problem with the dreads because the dreads on a predator are hair the novels tell us that the hair is simply pulled incredibly tight.   :(  
  10. Nomad
    ZEN, you said preds like frogs!!!   ???   Oh GOD, I am so dissapointed. What else do you know about them that was not shown in the movies.   :o  
  11. Predalien
    My mind is still not at rest for questions linger.... Y does da predalien look lika CLOWN or girl wit pony tails? Y r da jaws on da cheeks of d predalien? Doesnt it make it look useless den y hav jaws? N wad does da hair do for da predalien? Ne advantage? NO It jus makes da Predalien more bulky n slow dis is ridiculous!
  12. anonymous
      >:(   I cant beleive no one commebted about the movie rating. THis had better be rated R with a rated x directors edition on dvd. ALL the aliens and predators were dark and gory not for kids.  screw u kids u dont know what real movies are all about.  I hate how society is teen and family oriented. Its like the new star trek being directed by the sorvivor shows and having !@$%  american idol casting.!! I'm pist!!!!
  13. petefish420
    LOOKS KILLER!!!! i was very worried about how the hybrid was going to look, all i can say is "DAMN", JOB WELL DONE.     Now, i think we're all waiting to see how PREDATOR's face looks from the front because those side shots of pred. does him no justice.
  14. zen
    This comment is to the predalien in the pic:You fugly,you fugly,yo mama says you fugly!.When i say predator you say yautja!.PREDATOR,YAUTJA!.GO HISH!!!   :D     :D     :D  .seriously though,the predalien looks awesome!!!!!   ;D     ;D     ;D  .
  15. Predalien
    Hmm yea da mandibles r alittle weird n da mandibles n dreadlocks r useless, y hav it on an alien or mus d alien take da mandible or dreadlock trait? it only makes d alien slower n bulky. No advantage given except makin da creature look more scary dats all. Talkin bout SCIENCE...
  16. Guest
    HEY BROTHERS STRAUSE! I like it! The Predalien looks very menacing! I think it harkens back to the idea of the original Predator movie. The first Predator was a formidable adversary for Arnold Schwarzenegger. It made people think, "Uh oh, Arnold's in trouble!" That was the first time Arnold ever got his ass kicked. Now the tables are turned. The Predator finally has to hunt a creature that is most likely going to give him a tough time. Wolf is definitely going to have his hands full!
  17. King-Koopa
    carnalien | 26 Oct 2007 09:587 when it comes down to it, shouldnt a predalien be far superior to a predator in fighting ability. because as far as i can tell, an alien takes on the positive characteristics of its host. for example: a plain human wouldnt have a chance againsed its alien counterpart, same with a dog/cattle thingy. im surprised the predalien would even break a sweat taking on a predator, although im sure many pred fans will have a problem with wat iv just said  im a hardcore pred fan but ur completley right!! but the case could b that the hybrid is a youth
  18. zen
    You guys should read PREDATOR:Forever midnight.The preds (Hish-Qu-Ten) are like frogs,they'r able to change sex from male to female and back.And yes,AVP has become its own frachise,and its evolvinng like ALIEN evolved and like PREDATOR evolved.Its become its own entity!   ;D  .
  19. stevens
    its grown on me now lets see if it can act.and to all the people who get up up set about the possible pred queen the avp movies are their own entity and shouldnt be compared to the other films their there own cannon and for the pedaliens reproductive method the preds may have a complex reproductive system may be a sexuel
  20. Warrior Angel
    hey, for anybody who wants this as their background/desktop...just click on any image (I suggest the predalien ansd Wolf fight) then right click and select background for desktop and it is soooo awesome
  21. Zero .T
      :-\   They did a kinda bad job on the mandibles. I mean common!!!!! The mandibles are messed up,the chest of the predalien looks like a frekin facehugger.I think they could of did a better job than this on the Predalien   >:(   I would haft to say my fav. picture would haft to be......the 2nd picture, and the last picture.
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