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Dave Dorman on AvPR Predalien

This is some interesting news. Dave Dorman, you remember him? He’s a great sci-fi illustrator/painter (check out Aliens: Tribes). He was also one of the first people to design a Predalien. According to a post on his blog, he actually offered to work on AvPR but he was turned down!

“I was hired by 20th Century Fox/Dark Horse Productions to develop some Predalien creature designs for the (then viable) first incarnation of Aliens v Predator. I did a number of designs, including the one shown here. Well much to my surprise here I am looking at my designs, in the flesh, so to speak! I have posted here my original designs and the photos showing the quite distinct similarity!… Last year I had approached the filmmakers about doing some design work for them. While they were familiar with my work they declined to have me involved. Now I know why!”

20071029 Dave Dorman on AvPR Predalien

He goes on to point out the similarities between his design (seen above) and ADI’s version. Essentially, it’s about credit. But while the designs have some similarities, there are lots of differences too. But either way, I can’t believe he was turned down. Thanks to Sabinator and Xenomorphine for the news.

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  1. zen
    FOX versus 1 one guy.Ya,FOX has billions of dollers,that guy probably has only a few million.Im sure that guy whould win   :P  .FOX whould just bring in there lawyers and the trial whould last as long as that guy had money.And besides,its his fault,he should have gotten a contract with FOX so they whould'nt rip him off in the first place!   8)  .
  2. DarthJanus
    Actually Fox is known for supporting outside character design only to swipe it later.  As far as ADI they should be fired and Stan Winston Hired back Tom and Alec have completely screwed up the last to Alien films and the Original AVP.  Winstons Predator form the original Was awesome as was his retooling of the Warriors in Aliens.  Dave dorman has always Faithfully represented these creatures and now they blatantly rip him off.  I hope he sues there butt into bankruptcy.   >:(  
  3. zen
    Never heard of that guy,but maybe fox didnt trust him,maybe they thought he'd steal info,or maybe he wanted a fortune like what Optimus Virus said.And i agree with Joshua,ya its similar,but its too different!.Its like comparing a king snake to a coral snake!   8)  .
  4. aliensun
      ;D     ;D     ;D  sour grapes 2 b sure    :D     :D     :D  but making a design and then making it work are 2 different thingz    :-X     :-X     :-X  or did you want a CG 1    ???     ???     ???  
  5. Joshua
    Ummmm....that really doesn't look at all like the final Pred Alien. Yes, they both look like aliens with mandibles and dreads, but that's part of the criteria of the creature. Having seen the dozens upon dozens of potential concepts for the PredAlien in AVP-R, I can attest that there was a huge range of styles. Some more alien, some less, some more queen, some longer dreads, some with none, and some that are totally out there, etc, etc. This sounds like sour grapes to me. If Mr. Dorman is claiming to have invented the idea of the PredAlien having these features, I think he is going to have to spend time browsing some 10 years of fan art and realize that perhaps he isn't so clever. The PredAlien I painted for art class back in 1991 kinda looks like his concepts. Maybe he ripped me off!
  6. killzonewithbladesandteeth
    I think Dave's design is very cool. I also think ADI's design is also cool. I think what seems to be missed here is the practicalities of creating a working, PredAlien. Dave's drawing is very good. But maybe it it just could not be effectively made.
  7. Ric
    Both designs look like scheisse too me... and other than having an alien with dreadlocks and tusks... doesnt seem to be much resemblance between the one in the movie and this one... Dave Dorman is just acting like a whore....    ;D  
  8. konradski
    i dont think most of you read dormans blog if you did you,d understand he,s not bitter by anything. fox paid him put the pics in the vault then got them out because they owned them and used what they paid for as a base to get what they have got  it just so happens his blog is titled  dave,s raving tht i beleive leads some of you to the conclusion he,s having a rant at fox  i have to go with the creature looks like the diobolick alien 4 disaster mainly due to the creature gait in the a4 movie . too rubbery n its heads got too much going on that detracts from its overall apearance
  9. Xenomorphine
    Dorman's Predalien should have had the upper mandibles bigger than they are, as it looks like only lower ones exist, unless you look closely.  Even so, aside from proportions, they still look like they're part of the whole jaw, which I still say is even more important than whether it has tendrils on the head.
  10. Kal-El
    the ADI predalien is way better than dave's. He's look's good for a comic or video game, but ADI's look's way scarier, trust me chet will look fantastic in the movie you just wait and see, p.s fox owns the right's and tey have done nothing wrong.    8)  
  11. Green Band
    "...and why do people call the PREDALIEN "chet", isnt that Bill Paxtons character in Weird Science? "  The Strause Brothers said they nicknamed the PredAlien chet, and your correct about the connection to Paxton.
  12. Green Band
    I like daves design better. The way he did the back of the head looks much better. Well actually I like his head much better period, because the mandibles on the Predalien in the movie look ridiculous. It almost looks like ADI decided to strap to crabs to each side of an aliens head and the called it a Predalien. But oh well, hopefully the movie is decent.  I'm still not thrilled with it being set on Earth in present day.
  13. Necrotard
    Okay any predalien design is gonna have some similarities.  But the mandibles on ADI's predalian are off to the side, surrounding a regular alien face and the dread are long as hell and coming out to the side.  Dave's design actually makes the mandibles part of the face, like they should be, and doesn't put my emphasis at all on the dreads.  The only similarity I see is the top of the head and the bulky tail, but what are the odds that they'd want a bulky tail anyway to make it look threatening.
  14. Chuck Norris
    That predalien looks a lot more better than what we got, I can tell you that much. The dreadlocks aren't so big and like iron pipes, like the predalien ADI made. And the mandibles are set right, and actually look good. Can this be said for the predalien in avpr?   ::)   Why he was declined, I have not a clue.
  15. REYALS
    Hmmmm.... I dont know if I sense anger in Mr. Dormans interview, but it does seem as if he is "troubled" by the fact that he did not get to work on this project. His design is great, and so is the design of the one that they are using. I dont think this PREDALIEN looks bad at all.  ...and why do people call the PREDALIEN "chet", isnt that Bill Paxtons character in Weird Science?
  16. Jenga
    Dave Dorman's art used to seem breathtaking when I was younger. Now that I've got a little more experience I realize that he's very human (in terms of his art abilities). In spite of my disenfranchisement with Mr. Dorman in my young adult years I still have to say that his design is truly superior. I'm continually disgusted with this design they ended on. I hope to god Chet gets to looking enough like a queen at the end of the movie to counteract her crap design.
  17. Deco
    I gotta say the same thing here, theres not much more that can be done with the design without upsetting both fanbases beyond reproach. Fox havent stolen anything. I still think I would have liked to see something a little different than just sticking the predator mandibles on the side of a mishapen alien head. That said, it works
  18. plasmacannon
      ;D   Ah so young and foolish . Who said anything about MONEY . I mentioned CREDIT . Its his design and if your telling me it looks nothing like the on in the movie you have serious problems my friend .
  19. Spoon
    They didnt steal anything.  you tell any artist to draw a predalien and they will all look 85% similar. The movie one doesnt look anything like it.  Its both alien and pred designs in one so nothing is stolen. They are both great deigns but I actually perfer the movies version of the  mouth has its different and looks way more scary. Im sure Dorman got payed for his sketches.  Fox can change 5% of the picture and doesnt have to pay the guy a cent more.  They paid for his ideas not the whole design and credit.
  20. plasmacannon
      >:(   Well if this is indeed true im ashamed for Fox . To steal a mans work and use it without credit is awfull . It dont take a genius to work out the sole fact that Fox have stolen his entire design . Urgh makes me ill to see things like this .
  21. Cellien
    I'm sure this is a money factor.  A newer concept artist on the scene got to work on AvP (and for cheaper).  Dream-job to say the least.  :)  Also, there is no copying going on.  Fox owns the rights to the design.. they can do with it whatever they want.
  22. Mr. Teal
    haha i agree optimus virus about dave dorman wanting money lol . the hybrid doesn't look great in the movie, it still look's pretty damn good i think and will look alot better in the movie with all the rite effects, lighting and the music (which also make's a difference) lets stop dissing chet she is fantastic but just not super fantastic haha   ;D  
  23. Optimus Virus
    dorman design is okay but not great, I think fox made the right move to turn him down...a pred-alien is going to be a mix of alien & predator, so of course there is going to be similarities with his design and ADI\'s. He just want\'s a cheque...
  24. Gul Kalvo
    Thats not the first time...Something similar took place in Alien 3. Once they got the first hints of concept art, they say to the artist that they are not interested and made their own and worst version. The predalien in the film is the biggest piece of crap by far I have seen. We have seen several predaliens on different media, and they all look better than this.  I guess these guys at ADI have one only design of xenophorm face structure (budget issue?), used on all their aliens, including our friend the newborn, and the have dared to use it on the predalien, so there is no place to put predator mandibles as they should be (low mandibles wider). Anyway they do not have any idea of how to make predator mandibles...   :P  
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