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Three AvPR Featurettes

Three interesting featurettes from the upcoming AvPR DVD can be seen on Arrow In The Head. The first one is called “Building the Predator Homeworld” which takes you through the concept art for the homeworld. The next one is “Crossbreed: Creating the Predalien” which about the various concepts for the Predalien. The final clip is about the sculpting of the Predalien.

20080409 Three AvPR Featurettes

Direct FLV Downloads:
Building the Predator Homeworld (9MB)
Crossbreed: Creating the Predalien (7MB)
Sculpting the Predalien (7MB)

The different concepts for the homeworld look interesting. Check out my forum thread for more concept art. Thanks to JK for the news.

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Comments: 23
  1. ZEN
    @Rob-----ski.  I dont really care about the "RIP-OFFS" because George Lucas ripped many people off.For instance,those hooded things are a rip off of Orco from HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE which is why they had to get rid of him for the movie.And the beginning of those films are rip-offs of a film from the 50's.Also 7 people are killed 1 at a time by an E.T.,and then the movie ends with a big explosion with only 2 survivers.1 came out in 79,the other in 87.A group of people go into a complex,wearing packs on they're shoulders with big lights on them,some have normal guns,the others have huge weapons on pivots hooked to their bodies.1 came out in 86,the other in 1990.Plus look at all the films that came out last year that was based off old stuff (TRANSFORMERS,SWEENY TOD,TMNT etc).I see the point your making,and I understand it completely,but I hope you see the point I'm trying to make and see it with the same coolness and logic as what I saw for yours.I may sound like an A-hole,but I'm not trying to pick a fight. PEACE ROB-----SKI!!!!!   ;D     ;D     ;D  .
  2. Spoon
    All though jungle planet would be cool but it wont go well with how they are technologically advanced. Im ok with seeing alot of the predator but i agree aliens should be kept on a low as they are sneaky little things and better to know nothing about them.  They really need stan winstons aliens back as ADI's aliens are not scary at all.  Having those dinosaur mouths now just look so damn stupid.  I rather see there smaller mouths with smaller sharper teeth then those t-rex teeth they now have.  small and and many teeth are so much more scary then a huge mouth with big teeth.
  3. shred predator
    just leave the predator mystique alone- the more we want to see the less cool the preds will be. less is better in cases of badass, (used to be) scary aliens!
  4. shred predator
    rob ski is right- looks just like star wars ep 3 mustafar- they should have left aloe the pred world and avp movies in general after all- thats just my opinion.
  5. jokerking
    the pred home world in the movie couldn't be right,if the preds can only see in infored there would have to be a reason,with a thicker atmospere with more grav more heat, more presssure their homeworld would have to be misty/foggy thats why they can only see in infored. an evolutionary adaptation. jus a thought.
  6. Rob - - - - - - ski
    HASN ' T ANYONE HEARD ME!  Those paintings are PURE RIP - OFFS of previous more original work of other films of it's type.  The Temples more followed the exact footsteps, blueprints, and creativty of KING KONG (2005). Don't retort to me saying they're not. And those beams of lights in the air: OBVIOUSLY from HALO 3 and tons of other sources before it  The Industrial setting is also pure copying and borrowing without guilt from MUSTAFAR in STAR WARS 3 with all the LAVA. And even worse BLADE RUNNER. The heart and soul of the "LOOK OF THE FUTURE" now being mass-produced to people who have limited original, more-from-the-heart imangination and rather have success from following the exact footsteps of those who have true new, one-of-a-type imanginations.
  7. Sulaco
    Awesome concepts, the gladitorial ring is probably for the Dutch vs Predator or Harrigan vs Dutch, predator entertainment lore {whatever?}.. Back in the day I read in gamepro, after A3 that for A4 the a director wanted to cast Jeane Cluade VanDamme and Jim Carrey, big name actors in the early nineties, but dam that would of sucked. I like the bros take on AVPR, too bad fox didn't dish it out.  Peace Zen!!!
    i think the concept art is gr8 for the homeworld, maybe all of the pics could be part of it- just their spread around the planet like our countries, that would explaine the diffrent predator tribes (clans).i also have the 'inside the monster shop' book and theres a lot of awsome pics in there too.
  9. ZEN
    Keep in mind its just A homeworld.Theres probably many out there with different ecosystems.As for the architecture,buildings very depending on the enviroment and cultural back-ground.Just look at japanese and english buildings.As for me,my house might as well be a cardbourd crap-shack when you compare it to other houses..
  10. d
    Yeah the homeworld is ok, should it be swampy, jungle? I don't know but at least it looked like it was very hot which is the point for preds. I still wish they didn't put dreads on the hybrid which I knew they would all along but what are you going to do?
  11. Dallas01
    Uh these are not viewable. Can you convert them into quicktime or windows media video files so they can be played on an american computer and not be flv docs?   >:(  
  12. Rob - - - - - - ski
    Overall I saw their attempt at the Predator Homeworld unoriginal and uninspiring. The Temple in AVP was just "Lets take building blocks or pieces to a 3D puzzle of Aztec, Egyptian, and Cambodian temples and force mesh them together and just replace the statues' heads with Predator and Alien faces" The concepts in AVPR are rip-offed, if not stolen, from KING KONG (2005) and Mustafar in STAR WARS 3 more or less.  Creativity is reduced to copying it from where it was already accomplished eariler. There's nothing wrong with gaining insperation from other people. It's just too much "They gained success from that so we can too if we follow the general same footsteps and blueprints" That is the exact reason why I didn't like the CHRONICLES THE NARNIA film's production value.
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