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  1. zen
    You'd still need a drone to move the eggs to the propper spaces for hatching reasons Xenomorph,and i've seen/read enough national geographic and discover shows/mags and enough alien/avp/predator books/comics to know what i'm talking about.The drones entire mission is to protect the queen,the hive and the yes,one drone whould collect hosts,while the other protects the queen.
  2. Godsbum
    I see alot of people saying "SPOILER OMFG!!!!" or "now we know the ending its no point whatching it" and that kind of stuff.   Let me just ask you, why are you going to whatch it?  Is it purely because of the ending? no  Its the action of the entire movie, not just the end action. Ofc the pred will prob die at the end. The end is alot of the time "predictable".  Oh and another thing, if you complain about spoilers, why whatch the trailer? it shows parts you are goign to see. Oh i guess a trailer with hundreds of pictures is different to ONE picture, right?.
  3. zen
    to cockroach:all ya need is 3 eggs,1 for the queen,1 for the drone that protects the queen and 1 to collect hosts for future if theres no queen in the hive then a drone will be selected to become a queen.i read it in AVP:prey.   ;D  
  4. PyroAcid
    well this was  a big  spolier thx for  ruining it for me asshole could have they posted a pic of them not in the moments were they both die you know to make  us think this just shows us the end  thx alot why even watch the moive when you know the endung f**k this crap
  5. nchurch81
    I think what I"m going to love about this movie is how it's going to try to genuinely capture the feel of the originals.  But also, I can assume, that it's being made as a stand alone movie.  I would bet that other than a crashed pred ship and complete with  pred alien, there's nothing that's going to actually tie it to the last film.  So fans that enjoyed AvP can go "wow, awesome sequel" and fans of the films that want to to forget AvP ever happened can go "what a great movie that stands on it's own and has nada to do with the previous film".  Good work.
  6. Bio Mech Hunter
    Costa Mesa, CA... STILL NO TRAILER!!! *sobs convulsively*  Upon further inspection, it looks like they gave the pred-alien dreadlocks. Dammit. I've only seen one pred-alien design that looks good with the dreadlocks (a fairly recent design), the other 99% percent were utter garbage and the designers should be shot for such abominations.   ;)    Hopefully, when we see the entire pred-alien in motion it will look good. The pred-alien having dreadlocks is completely illogical.   :-\  
  7. cockroach
    stillll grrrrrrr bring on predalien already & hopefully queen chest/face/adult/er!! brum land is fun im from london. do we actually think the queen will appear? from colins 'she' comment i doubt it tho that may be a good thing if they work the predalien well.... thoooo the predators must have a plentiful amount of facehuggers aboard the ship if theres no queen? agreed?
  8. PredatorKing 2776
    Oh where oh where could The trailer be, oh where oh where could it be? With its action packed footage of Preds and Aliens, oh where or where could it BE! As you can tell I'm a musician. (no u probally could not tell that so nevermind)
  9. PredatorKing 2776
    SHREK are you in London, cause I love Europe but, dude, in the US it is still Friday, so for you, that sucks, for us we still have hope for this week/weekend
  10. PredatorKing 2776
    SHREK are you in London, cause I love Europe but, dude, in the US it is still Friday, so for you, that sucks, for us we still have hope for this week/weekend
  11. COCKroach
    grrrr agreed shrek as a fellow brit i am annoyed... tho knew from this morning it would nt be out as apple always has em out first thing... waiting for (by wolf creek director) & avpR so much .... im not patient in the slightest so will just have to drown my sorrows in irish cider... colin when will u put us out of our misery? so excited/disappointed!
  12. PredatorKing 2776
    Interesting way of putting it. I figure u meant, waiting for the same damn thing, nothing, but I have confidence that it will come 2 night. In the meantime, everyone get on internet checkers and pllay at the same time!    :D  
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