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AvP2 Predalien Maquette

Yeah, as you’ve all seen by now, a Predalien Maquette has been making the rounds on countless movie sites. I guess somebody let the cat out of the bag. We found out about it way back in Dec 06 but was told not to post it.

Predalien maquette AvP2 Predalien Maquette

Now, the directors didn’t use this maquette. The company, 3DCustomFoam, actually made it with the intent of working on AvP2. They showed it to ADI and they liked it apparently, but the company never heard back from ADI. Presumably because they already had their own idea/designs for the Predalien. That said, we were told a while ago, that this design is similar to the one they used in AvP2. That’s all I can say for now…

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  1. ILovJesusREBORN
    The pro has come to comment dis. Firstly dis looks nice but make da alien's skull longer, 2nd lesser dreadlocks(too much) n da mandibles pls make it more closed up! n lastly da hairs around d aliens look nice. So far it looks like a 7.8/10
  2. AVP fan
    I looked at the images and i like how they didn't make it too much like the predator cause if you think about it its just a alien that as more speed and strength than a normal one
  3. AVP. rocks!
    That prealien design is so amazing! If I was older and taller I would want to go in that suite! Cant wait to see the real verison in AVP2!!!!   ;D  
  4. A;ex Villalobos
    God i love this site im starting to hate planetavp there forums dont alow board gueston there no more they real f**ked it up  the pred alien will kick ass  i almost forgot about this site i dont know if i got hit in the head or sumthin i knew it came back online after 3 years but i dont know why i forgot about it all of a sudden
  5. YautjaTheiDe
    i just hope the design they used is like the first predalien ever seen similiar to this design but its tail was like wristblades thats just bad ass
  6. Predboy
    Xenomorphine: No the original ones didn't look like the one in avp did. The mandibles were stretched so far apart, they nearly covered the entire face in avp. The ones in the originals didn't. They stretched their mandibles out obviously, but it didn't seem like it was covering their entire face. The mandibles for avp were stretched far back, like the way you see the predalien here. If you look at the one from the original, he didn't have his mandibles strectched out so far like that. Watch predator and you'll see.   ;)  
  7. SiL
    That's a really piss poor category to put it in, considering all the other things were mistakes. The human face was very much intended. Comparing it to genuine errors is ridiculous.   :-\  
  8. Xenomorphine
    Predboy, yes they did. Look at when the first one roars after the helm is removed. Or how the other is almsot permanently showing them wide apart when it's advancing on its fallen prey in the slaughterhouse place.  SiL: Yes, it's vaguely there when I've seen it in produciton stills, but never anywhere else and yes, I have tried. :)  I put it in the same category as seeing the foot when Frost gets incinerated and falls down the shaft, the rest of Bishop's body in the hole, or the apparent change in the number of fingers the creature has or the third film switching between different configurations of legs. It's there, but nobody notices enough for it to matter in any way.
    The teaser trailer for AVP2 will Not be out at the end of this week, or at anytime next week. The teaser for AvP2 will premiere at the San Diego Comic Convention Thu, July 26 - Sun, July 29.
  10. Dual Blade
    THIS isn't the final look of the predator but they ADI say "its close to their designs".   ;D    I have a pridiction, THE TEASR TRAILER HOPFULLY WILL BE OUT AROUND THE END OF THIS WEEK, am only guessing or into the peak of next week with the coming Die hard movie coming out (at least in the UK anyways).
  11. SiL
    There's nothing 'supposedly' about it. It's most noticeable when Ripley blows it out the airlock. Freeze frame it. You may not notice it a lot, but that doesn't mean it can just be ignored   ::)  
  12. Xenomorphine
    Predboy: That doesn't change the fact that all previous films had them splaying their jaws massively wide when they wanted to be threatening. :)  SiL: I know it's in production pictures, but I can honestly say that when I watch 'Alien', I have never noticed the skull which is supposedly in it. Nobody I know ever has done, except when they see it in books and so on. It's shrouded enough to safely be ignored.  In any case, the others might well have it, we just never see them lit up well enough to know about that. :)
    I, myself, have no issues with the design. Everyone is giving their oppinion as to what it should look like, but as the original post explained, the movie will use a Pred-Alien with a similar design. There really is no need to judge anything about this movie until we see actual movie footage. There are too many people bashing this movie before the movie has been seen.  If Anderson was making this movie also, then hell yeah, there would be good reason to put this movie down before it is seen. We will get our first look of the movie at the end of July. I believe the Brothers have done a first-rate job so far. I also believe they will not disappoint us with any of the designs. It's rated "Hard R" and will be filled with lots of action. The Predator looks has the look of the original and I believe they will explain why the aliens have a ridged head. As for the Pred-Alien, if the Brothers stick to the roots of each series, as they have said they are, then it may be such a very good creation to make a stand alone movie.
  14. cockroach
    i approve of the fan design & do hope the film version is similar... alsong as they stick to it being more alien looking than pred... it shouldn't really have a dreaded head, should be smooth or ridge like in aliens but looks cool so cant complain. i think the hands wil change tho due to the fact it has six digits (with the 4 middle ones joined joined in pairs) where as the 'preview' image of avp2 shows it only has 4 fingers. i think the best alien design is alien 3, the arms/hands in avp were way too big. anyways dont know im making a big deal outta 'digits' & arms. i wanna see the 'super/queen' facehugger already!    :o  
  15. Predboy
    And what's all this about nobody wanting the mouth wide? It's in a threatening posture! Predators always splay their jaws wide when they're like that. The first film had it do so very shortly after removing the helm and the second one had it doing so virtually all the time.  
     Dude, if the jaws spread out so wide like that, first of all, it makes it look like crap, second of all, it makes it seem like its not part of the mouth at all. Thats one reason why scar looked like shit. Also why he was too human like. It looked like the inner mouth was the only mouth and the mandibles were too far apart so it looks like they weren't even there.   The predator in part one didn't have the mandibles to far apart but not too closed either, making it seem like that was its only mouth, then to your amazment, you see another mouth in there. That gives you a sign that this f*cker is definatly from another world. You see what Im trying to say? I hope so because this is the best way I can explain it.
  16. Predboy
    I like the way the predalien looks in the back. The way the back is makes it look a bit like the preds. Definatly shows you its a hybrid, not too much like the pred but in some ways similar. Thats how it should be.   ;D  
  17. Danger Close
    Or just Artistic expression. I don't think science has had a lot to do with prior designs. But it would be nice if a filmaker would take that into acount.   I would rather an illustrated book to explain all the scientific explanations for the Aliens differences than have them try to explain it in the movie. They could explore to ridged head to what an Alien takes from the host.   Putting it in the movie would waste time. The movie just has to keep with continuity.
  18. SiL
    If it has them, then we ca n assume that the dreadlocks on Predators are not actually hair, but something else
    Not really. The first Alien had a human face underneath the dome, but the other human-born Aliens didn't. We can always pass it off as a freak occurance   ;)  
  19. Xenomorphine
    Ermac: If it has them, then we ca n assume that the dreadlocks on Predators are not actually hair, but something else. I always had the impression they were more like sensory tendrils, in any case. Aliens have dorsal tubes from human beings but not from canines (for whatever reason).  That could be the same.  And what's all this about nobody wanting the mouth wide? It's in a threatening posture! Predators always splay their jaws wide when they're like that. The first film had it do so very shortly after removing the helm and the second one had it doing so virtually all the time.
  20. Orphen42
    I think its possible for the predalien to kill the predators on the predator ship..i mean the predators had no idea that scar was impregnated so the predalien could jst go around the ship piking them off 1 by ,myt be difficult with that many predators bt its possible isnt it?   :-\  
  21. PredalienFreak
    I know it looks awesome nbut there are some details on this maquette i do not like. The Predalien shouldn`t have dreads, it should have long hear. The dreads on the predator head is the first ritual a yautja gets. But they are born with wire hair.  Check out this picture of a predalien bust. I think the final predaalien should look more like this. Its more organic.  Thank you. Goodnight, Good Fight!
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