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UK Release, Int. Trailer + Picture

Just had an email from a company handling the online marketing for the UK release. Nothing new really. Release date is January 18th 2008 as we already established. They also supplied the international trailer in a variety of formats and included this huge high-res image of the Predalien vs Predator picture that was on IGN:

20070823 UK Release, Int. Trailer + Picture

It’s gotta be the biggest picture I’ve ever seen online: It’s 5118 x 3412 pixels so I uploaded it to ImageShack.

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  1. Space Jokey
    the picture looks good, i think the spikes in the predalien have either been fired or impaled. Im not sure about the dreds on the predalien? i cant wait for this movie, i hope they release more still's and it doesn't have to be of the pred's or the  lets stop moaning about the pic's the pred isn't going to look good as the original's lets just deal with it.     :P  
  2. Corporal Hicks
    Don't think we'll be putting them up. You've seen the trouble the site goes through when it gets overloaded. We have a link up to the MWV version of it in our downloads bit.  I'll see about getting them put on AvP2Files.
  3. gb
    wey in avp they can fire the blades out the gauntlet, maybe he did? im guessing the predalien's blood is not acidic coz the pred wudnt' av an arm left.
  4. GermanPredator
    Thanks ;) BUT I cant understand the Situatuion in this Picture... The Predator had f*cked his "Arms-Spikes" in the Predalien, but in this Pic the Arm of the Predator is not really in the near of the know? (My English is very bad I know!) Perhaps the Predator broke up his "Spikes" after he smashed them in the Predalien Head!!!???
  5. gb
    also in the other new pick of pred in sewer with an alien, he has a few if those triangular shaped things,( that we thaught cud b a medkit), attached 2 his strap that goes diagonally across him
  6. gb
    the preds lower tusks are normal but instead of horns pointing down ( like in pred 2), they point out over, and the top left tusk is missing but u can make out a right one
  7. ddave
    "Its not in the movie" ??? Which pic do you mean, this one here or the alien on the car? this one we saw in the trailer.. so do ou mean the alien-car pic? that would be a pity, it looks very cool!!! -------------------- ~5000x3400 thats really big, ^^, i want more of these big-ones....
    K there r either 2 ways for the predalien. Either its jus an alien like in da movie ALIEN n da brothers mistaken an alien drone 4 a SHE, or da Predalien is goin through a stage wen SHE is goin 2 b a queen n lay eggs. But wait an ALIEN QUEEN has 2 hav a huge cranium n a head dat sticks out lika TORTISE! Well we wil c
  9. Green Band
    "Is it me or does the predalien in the hi-res picture above look nothing like the predalien (queen) we have been seeing in the trailer. Maybe its the angle. "  I personally think the head looks alot smaller. Plus the dreaklocks look kinda of different. It would make sense that there is multiple Pred Aliens if the ship that crashes has several predators on board. So hopefully we see some non queen Pred Aliens running about.  I'm totally for a Queen Pred Alien, but I'm unsure if I dig the dreadlocks. I'll hold my judgement until I see the 'bitch' in action! :-)
  10. Otnip
    I'm confused, because in the screen caps of the red band trailer right when the dude with the plasma caster is about to blow its brains out and says the awesome line, you can mandibles on the alien on its right side that he is shooting... I'm guessing we are seeing other non queen predaliens as well. Check it out in the gallery.
  11. PredatorKing 2776
    JK could you post what he said because not all of us iMDB screenames so we can't get on unless we register. Which kinda, no, which does suck!   :-\  
  12. Optimus Virus
    the still looks cool! very stylish! and big  and its big enough to be used a wallpaper lol.  18th jan...oh well not to bad!  Rock On!
  13. Xenomorphine
    Dorman's picture isn't quite realistic, because the lower jaws are too out of proportion, compared to the upper.  Which company is this? I'm in the UK. I'd be interested to know, if it's allowed.
  14. AlienTailWhip
    still not any new waitin for pictures from the movie..doubt they will do that tho considering they dont want to spoil any new scenes that are not in the trailer so..oh well we got enuf info rite..this movie is at least what they promised i used to imagine what it would be like now we got a glimpse and WOLF is nothing but a bad ass predator i cant wait..dont no about u..
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