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Interesting AvP2 Points

Well, Friday’s been and gone. There was no AvP2 trailer or anything. I guess Fox and Comic-Con couldn’t work it out in the end. Anyway, at least we’ll all get to see the trailer at the same time now instead of reading rough descriptions about it. I thought I’d post a few interesting points that Colin has posted in the forum this week.

  • Firstly, they called the predator in AvP2, “The Wolf” throughout production. This is a reference to the Cleaner in Pulp Fiction, apparently. I’ve never seen that movie so I wouldn’t know.
  • This Predator comes to Earth on a mission hence he’s not a member of the group of Predators seen in AvP. Most likely, he comes to Earth to clean up the mess that was left behind.
  • There’s no teenagers that can kill aliens in AvP2.
  • The online trailer will be R-Rated and will be very intense, very gory.
  • Return of the Medi-Kit or at least some form of healing device.
  • As we saw from the props pictures, the Shuriken will be seen but there will be no Disc weapon as seen in P2.
  • As seen on the mask, there’s lots of markings. This means, the Predator has killed lots of aliens or other dangerous creatures. This confirms the Predator is more experienced than those seen in AvP.

Disappointed about the Shuriken and blooding thing. The Predators in P1/P2 never had the markings and they were both very experienced.

Hicks: We now know those markings aren’t from bloodings but actual Predator words and letters.

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