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Interesting AvP2 Points

Well, Friday’s been and gone. There was no AvP2 trailer or anything. I guess Fox and Comic-Con couldn’t work it out in the end. Anyway, at least we’ll all get to see the trailer at the same time now instead of reading rough descriptions about it. I thought I’d post a few interesting points that Colin has posted in the forum this week.

  • Firstly, they called the predator in AvP2, “The Wolf” throughout production. This is a reference to the Cleaner in Pulp Fiction, apparently. I’ve never seen that movie so I wouldn’t know.
  • This Predator comes to Earth on a mission hence he’s not a member of the group of Predators seen in AvP. Most likely, he comes to Earth to clean up the mess that was left behind.
  • There’s no teenagers that can kill aliens in AvP2.
  • The online trailer will be R-Rated and will be very intense, very gory.
  • Return of the Medi-Kit or at least some form of healing device.
  • As we saw from the props pictures, the Shuriken will be seen but there will be no Disc weapon as seen in P2.
  • As seen on the mask, there’s lots of markings. This means, the Predator has killed lots of aliens or other dangerous creatures. This confirms the Predator is more experienced than those seen in AvP.

Disappointed about the Shuriken and blooding thing. The Predators in P1/P2 never had the markings and they were both very experienced.

Hicks: We now know those markings aren’t from bloodings but actual Predator words and letters.

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  1. Half-knife
    I like the idea of a "cleaner" or mop-up guy. It does make sense that an ancient hunting race like Predators who capture alien queens and transport them to other planets would have elite warriors who specialize in this specific duty. Any way, it's a great idea.
  2. Half-knife
    It's good to see all this interest in the AVP scenario. I know that I will enjoy the movie regardless unless it is just too stupid. Teenagers killing either a Predator or Alien would qualify as too stupid!!! Let's keep that crap on HBO and in generic crime movies. AVP could really blossom into a major phenomenon if it's done right. The question is when will hardcore fans be able to really influence it. That's what killed Star Trek, or at least mortally wounded it. That supreme MORON Rick Berman got too greedy and kept his lackeys around him while ignoring the fans and lining his own pockets. Trying to change the history of the franchise with Enterprise is what got it and he himself canned. Let's hope that that doesn't happen here.
  3. Half-knife
    As a hardcore Predator fan since the first film, I can't understand all the infantile nit-picking about weapons, markings, etc. The idea of different Predator clans is the same thing I wrote to Dark Horse Comics about in the 90s. I even proposed different colors for different planetary populations (any color a reptile can come in), different sizes, everything. In the first AVP book, Prey, it clearly states that the aliens are about as smart as dogs and not much of a challenge to an experienced Predator. I, for one, hope that this string of movies goes for a long time to come and explores the Predator culture in great detail like the Klingons in Star Trek. Also, I don't think the same characters should be used again in any further Predator movies, (Arnold or Danny Glover), but have fresh faces and situations. I would like to see a Predator film set in the future with Predators fighting other alien species or high-tech humans for territory or whatever. I do really like the idea that Predators and Humans can work together. The Predators clearly have a code of honor of sorts and I'd like to see a film which shows Humanity saving the Predators from some disaster or something, and the Predators returning the favor big time somewhere down the road. In the comics, a Human and Predator worked together to defeat the Predalien just like with the queen in AVP. That would be a great story on a grander scale.
  4. Yautja boy
    I read in a book once that the queen looks the same depending on the species,example:In the book AVP:prey the drone turned into a queen that looked the same as all the other queens.also i heard that some people did not like the aliens in AVP,which is stupid because there the same as the ones in the comics!also the predators use certain weapons depending on the prey,such as the razer disc whould have to be a hand held weapon rather then a projectile weapon,i say this because i saw it in the comic i got with the AVP movie!.Were as the shurikan spins so fast the acid blood whould just fly off!.And did you know that certain human tribes tatoo or "mark" themselves when they come of age?Or is that like the predator thing and it shood not be believed?.
  5. PyroAcid
    you guys  bitch to much just kick back and enjoy the news and wait for it to come out stop this poo flinging i agree with the guy differnt preds cultures have differnt trials  i mean look at all the ships each one was differnt even the inside was differnt it whould have been neat to see a pred female tear some sheet up but thats just me i guess LOL preds are not allways tall look in p2 theres a pred that shorters then the hero human that whould been one mean fight for that lil dude lol
  6. Yautja boy
    Hi again.I just wanted to say that the predators in AVP are nifty and that i cant see why people complain.First off there are many different clans(yautja,hish-qu-tan etc)and they all have DIFFERENT CUSTOMS,so one clan might mark themselves whereas another might not.Im glad i could shed light on this.READ YA NEXT TIME!.
  7. Yautja boy
    Dear AVP Galaxy,a few weeks ago i got the AVP/predator  horrorclix collectors set.Its realy,realy kick-arss and you shood see the Alien queen action pack at WWW.Horrorclix.COM
  8. Venom
    And another thing for an ending it should have the predator destroy the predalien. Predator should be weak and then the predalien goes to pick up the predator after a big battle with each other(if the predalien is that big.) Then predator should set the arm bomb and then have the predalien eat the predator whole then boom!
  9. Venom
    I heard the suppose "cleaner" or "wolf" is supposed to be battle scared. for example a chunk of his face missing? anyways lets just deny that the clan from the first one was known for how badly f**ked up they fought and we now get to see the predator come back from the original movies. We should see some guy's head or body part get blown up by the gun. I want to see the predator kicking ass in this one! The last one just seemed like the predator's, especially the celtic, just were too muscular or fat to where they could not be as athletic and flexible as the ones from the first two. And yes i know we want to see aliens kicking ass too! I miss those good old days! Well, there is only 1 predator and he can't die right when he comes to Earth. It will be a good film. My bro. worked on the art concepts of the Aliens, predalien and such at the place where Tom Woodruff works at. I even think they used some of the finished up details from my bro. for the alien warrior head.
  10. Heavy Metal Spike
    Hey Hicks - how the heck do I PM you?   :-[    If you're the guy who joined the HIVE then PM me there and I can reply ....  I have no problems sharing what I know with you but do NOT want to post on the board for obvious reasons.  If YOU are happy posting it once you have seen it then that's your call.  Lemme know dude ......
  11. Elorrra
    To me it sounds so funny.  "The Predators in P1/P2 never had the markings and they were both VERY experienced." Yeah, sure. Killed by oomans. Egos hit stars.
  12. Predhunter
    "The Predators in P1/P2 never had the markings and they were both very experienced."  Yes, but only killing humans. Remember that not every Predator has the chance to face an Alien. The group of Predators in AvP were selected and it was considered an honour to them. As i recall, this was a selection of young Predators and so, it could be a recruiting method for a small elite Predator force, an army well prepared to deal with the Aliens extreme threat."The best of the best". Well, that´s how i see it...Cheers
  13. BRETT
    GREG AND COLIN STRAUSE - PLEASE READ! I'm a huge fan of the first Predator and the first 2 Alien movies! Alien vs. Predator (2004) was the most disappointing movie I ever saw in my life! I felt like I was watching Looney Toons. Please make sure you don't make the same mistakes. The Alien and the Predator need to be taken seriously and presented in a frightening way. I have faith that you are making an excellent movie and I can't wait to see it! (I also hope that you use the original musical themes by Jerry Goldsmith, James Horner, and Alan Silvestri.)
  14. sharnefromaus
    i agree with Corporal Hicks ! all i know is nobody here should be critical of the movie until they see it! its not that hard to believe anyway! theyre all here to hunt alien so they all have one thing pasted down from their ancestors! TO HUNT
  15. AB2K
    I do think the Predalien is a queen, A more refined/ scaled down queen alien but with some predator attributes. But Mr.Fox tell us what you know about a queen predalien or just PM me if you think your knowledge is going to upset others. Because I think I'm agreeing here with you. But I would like too know just how a Predalien may lay eggs with such a small body. Talk people, talk! Don't hold back!    ;)  
  16. Mr Fox
    man, you guys are rabid, but you have to understand that the Predators vs Alien thing is not a new concept, maybe for you guys it is, but it has had over a decade of "Meat" if you will to build up a basic lore of predators rituals, and the markings was in the berry first Alien Vs Predator comic, and so on, also the Predalien thing is also a comic evolution, now dont get me started on a Pedalien Quenn because you guys will shit a brick   ;D  , but seriously, lets wait for the trailer and then we can bash it or praise it all we want
  17. Dual Blade
    Don't be stupid    >:(    I don't know if that comment is serious or just a joke, so be careful with talk like that.  Again back to the subject matter, I really don't think will see teens with guns blowing up aliens, I mean lets just think properly upon this, yeah? Am not going to comment too much upon this UNTIL we see actual proof, so I reserve judgement.
  18. Psykorgasm
    If some stupid teens kill an alien then that will totally ruin it for me. Especially if its some typical black kids thinking they're all 'gangsta' like.
  19. Dual Blade
    Ok good fsn folks of this board    :D   lets try and shed some good light on the situation :  1. This ' wolf ' predator is said to be the ' cleaner ' of some sort, that would mean that he IS far experience warrior than we previously saw from the other movies, and if his that experienced than I think we should expect him to be able to handle the alien drones, hence the many markings on his helmet. I like that.  2. If what Heavy metal Spike said was true than again lets step back and look at this logically, wouldn't it be possible that the ' teens ' may have been given weaponary to fend for themselves, this is about their survival so they may probaly been told that they NEED these guns, again lets not start going after the Strause bros for material that may or maynot be true, its not fair to them.  3. This we should all know, the army have NEVER come across anything like this so THEY WILL be over run by the aliens, plenty of gore, plenty of blood, a load of grisely deaths.  It will be the movie to silence those nay sayers, that am sure of.
  20. Pvt. Hicks
    Heavy Metal Spike,  We fans spent 7 months without a trailer, barely any pictures, posters, anything at all. Not even plot info. Can you please give out all the details you saw, or at least private message it to me?   It would be greatly appreciated dude. Please spill the beans.   :'(  
  21. Heavy Metal Spike
    I can't really say without giving away the whole scene (or what I saw of it) - not a major plot point but I don't want to upset anyone (if you know what/who I mean).  It did involve an alien getting killed by a number of teenage kids with guns.
  22. Heavy Metal Spike
    RE: "There's no teenagers that can kill aliens in AvP2."  One of the scenes I saw being filmed locally was exactly that - took 3 nights to get it in the can.  Can't believe they would spend all that time/money and then let it hit the cutting room floor.  .
  23. AB2K
    :shocked Hey Darkness, Do you remember when I posted this back In February before Colin said anything! I always felt from day one that they could've named the Predator The Cleanner/Cleanser because I had Pulp Fiction's The Wolf played by Harvey Cytell as The Cleanner in my mind! Oh boy, Was I on tap! LOL!!! Also check out Pulp Fiction It really rocks! But then again if you don't like Quintin T's. work than I guess you wouldn't care for it. But if you do check it out!  PEACE To All My Fellow Alien And Predator Hardcore Fans!!!   ;)  
  24. andalore
    I think that theres gonna be at least 1 other predator that gets head humped, probably found by the humans, taken to the hospital, where it gets 'bursted' the wolf predator follows the bursted predator to the hospital and the predalien and wolf have a fight on the roof, maybe the predator's mission is to clean up the mess that this 1st predator got itself into
  25. Predboy
    The markings is the dumb shit anderson wanted for the predators, and I think its stupid. It seems that the bros are managing to fall into one of anderson's footsteps to be bringing that stupid idea back.
  26. wolfboy
    I don't have any problems with the markings. If you ever watched the behind the scenes footage of Aliens, Cameron told the "marines" to personalize their armors and stuff with their own type of graffiti. In Predator, all the soldiers had some kind of nod to make them stand out: Dutch with his cigar, Mac with the razorblade, the corny vagina jokes, etc. I'd take this as a tribute of some sort to that.
  27. NotBadForAHuman
    I am not sure why the markers on the mask matter too much. I mean sure, we want it to be close to the original, but is that small little detail really going to ruin the film? There will always be something someone won't like, that others do.
  28. Soul
    PredatorKing 2776, you're not serious right?  You seriously think "they didn't have the idea of the whole VS. thing until 2002 or 2003"???!!!    DarkHorse Comics had been making Aliens vs Predator comics for years following Predator 2 and Fox had considered making that kind of a movie for nearly a decade before Paul Anderson's cinematic abortion came out in 2004.
  29. Highland
    I say bring on the wolf,  I wanna see him wipe out the threat with all the new toys, i dont care how many , or what markings he has.  I've been waiting for th*s shit for years, just like the comics, finally wew should see some on screen proof that the preds are all who we think they are. (well they AVP fans anyway, sorry alien fans, better buckle up)
  30. PredatorKing 2776
    When I said "sadly" about agreeing with YutaniDitch, its nothing personal it wasn't against him/you it was aginst the whole one Predator wiping the Aliens out. I'm just a huge fan of Preds and Yutani made a good, true point that I didn't like. Nothing against the user.
  31. PredatorKing 2776
    I think its a cool idea with the "wiser Predator" but I have to agree with some of you and disagree with others.  1. The markings were made specifically for AvP, if you want proof buy the DVD and listen to Paul W. S. Aderson's commentary state that these markings were only for this movie and resemble a J for John, the guy who had the ide of the markings in the first place. So just because the Predators in P1 and P2 didn't have the mark, doesn't mean they weren't expierenced.  2. Yes there was an Alien trophy at the end of P2, but they didn't have the idea of the whol VS. thing until 2002 or 2003.  3. I don't know what you guys see wrong with "Wolf" (love that badass name) haveing the markings, I like the idea of the shuriken and medi-comp.   4. I have to agree with YutaniDitch on this one (sadly) How is one Predator going to wipe out a city's sewer system filled with Aliens. Sure he has a wrist nuke, and the Predator Warship has a wrist nuke and the ship can refract the Heat Laser to shoot out different directions and destory the city but still, if he is alone how is going to contact the ship. I think there should be at least two more Preds with him.
  32. Sentient
    I just have to say that the logo for this movie is f******* awesome! If that is not begging for a more direct response from hard core fans then I don't know what is!
  33. Danger Close
    I agree that the markings were not part of the first 2 movies. It was introduced in the comic's. The way they show off the Fortitude was their trophey case. I can accept the markings as an indevidual clan thing but it should not be attributed to all older Predators and should not be expected for all future movies as part of the Predator way of life.
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