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New Brian Tyler AvP2 Interview

AvPGalaxy member, Pvt. Hicks, was lucky enough to interview music composer Brian Tyler. He talks about how he was asked to do AvP2, as well as what the music will be like. Here’s a couple of Q&As:

Are you a fan of the series?
I am a mega fan of the series. All of the series. The Alien Quadrilogy DVD set is probably my most watched DVD set ever. And Predator – how cool can you get? Its Aliens. Its Predators. Its a dream come true working on this movie.

Will the score be more of an epic score like AvP, or more Horror-like?
Well, the movie is both terrifying and adrenaline pumping. There is a high tension factor, a military component, there is an Aliens vibe, and a Predator vibe. There is a science fiction feel to the music while at the same time the music has to be unsettling, dark, anxiety ridden. And ballsy! It is a high bar to shoot for.

Check out the rest in the forum, Thanks to Pvt. Hicks for the interview.

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  1. pretrixalated
    this is halarious cause I thought I was the only 15 year old actual(meaning i've seen the old alien and pred films) but this is pretty cool...    :)   anyway just cheking  "avp2 power" lol
  2. Pvt. Hicks
    Did you know I actually started writing an AvP movie in 2003? Then I found out of an AvP and was like NO!!!!!!  Haha, I actually believed they were going to accept an 11 year old's script    :D    Althought it was better then Andersons movie    :D  
  3. Pvt. Hicks
    hopfully they can do us nerds a favor and make AvP 3 in space with 100 million bucks behind it. that was our REAL fantasy, not some stupid pyramid  oh god    ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D  
  4. TakenByForce
    Im not whining, i never said it wasn't good, it wasn't the best but it was o.k.  Like Pvt. Hicks said, it was 14 years in the making. and it seems like they rushed it.  But hopefully the soundtrack is as good as they are saying it is   :)  
  5. Orion the hunter
    Music is always a big component to a movie, good thing it sounds like they're on the right track. They better have hints of the original predator soundtrack, that worked so well with that movie.     ;)  
  6. Pvt. Hicks
    You always say that!  But dude, this was 14 years in the making! They should have taken their time with it! These are very important characters in sci fi cinema. We shouldnt have to beg for an AvP movie, one should already be made. I mean look at all the merchandise!
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