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Brian Tyler on AvP2

In this week’s issue of Film Music Weekly, music composer Brian Tyler did an interview with them about a film called Bug. Right at the end of the interview, he briefly mentions AvP2 and how it will be like the originals:

“Now I am scoring “Aliens vs Predator 2″ and that is absolutely incredible to work on. The Brothers Strause are directing this like men possessed. It is absolute grit and grime and the feel of the original films. The music is going to be along those lines. Bringing it back old school style!! Those orchestral sessions are going to be insane and I am completely looking forward to it!”

You can read the full issue here. Thanks to John Chambers for the news.

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  1. Danger Close
    If anyone here has played Gears of War, They based the score on both Alien and Predator. It really captures the mood of being scared and hunted. There is one place in paticular that is Very Predator. Because this movie is to have heavy musical roots in both Alien and Predator movies, it is almost certain to capture the mood of it's forefathers.
  2. Dual Blade
    The more I hear about the TYPE of movie were all going to expect the MORE anticipated I am for this.  Dark...  ...Gritty...  ...Grimey all the ingredients of a classic in the making    ;D     ;D   I might be jumping the gun waaaaaaaayy too soon but everything about this movie all seem to be pointing thumbs up from various sources.  The Strause brother way yet pull this off.   ;D  
  3. Highland
    this really is starting to sound too good to be true....If we fall this time , it'll be further than AVP!!, Maybe thats why they are not showing us anything, cause we're all getting worked up from comments!   ;D  
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