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Brian Tyler Talks AvP2

There’s a new interview with music composer, Brian Tyler, on It’s mostly about the psychological horror film Bug but there’s a couple of things about AvP2 right at the end:

MFTM: You’re now working on Alien vs. Predator 2. What are your impressions of the kind of music needed for AVP2?
Brian Tyler: It is going to be wild wild crazy wild! I really want to bring the world of Alien and Predator together musically. There will be references to the tradition of those classic scores. The music of the Predator is more organized and methodical while the Alien music is certainly extreme and frighteningly primal. The score will be purely orchestral.

MFTM: Will you be using actual musical motifs from Alien and Predator or using music in the style of those films?
Brian Tyler: There will be some homage’s to the music of the earlier films in there. But mostly it will be conceptually bringing the two musical worlds together. One thing I can say for sure, it is going to be big!

Thanks to John Chambers for the news.

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  1. TK1999
    I can only be skeptical about AVP2, as I clearly remember an awful amount of hype (remember the elabourate website??) and anticipation for AVP.  I went to the midnight showing and was beyond dissapointed!!   I don't know how many people read the screenplay novel that was released prior, but it was actually good(!!), and I couldn't understand how Paul Anderson could f*** it up so bad!  I'll go see the next installment (can't quite help myself), but a possible Alien 5 w/Ridley Scott and James Cameron would be the best thing since.......Aliens.
  2. Dual Blades
      :)   thanks Pvt. Hicks  Because THIS is a Alien vs Predator movie the scare value will have to come from the humans point of perspective because it will be them that we most recognise from, we all relate to.  If there is only ONE scene in the movie that will course me to draw back in my seat I will be happy.  P.S. Darkness, the brothers probably know themselves but I ask only of one thing only ...  ... PLEASE DO NOT SHOW ANY PICS OF THE PRED-ALIEN FROM NOW TILL THE MOVIE COMES OUT ( we all know it will) itis the single ONE thing that will leave people and fans guessing to what it will look like.  On of the major factors that would want people ( not fans) go and see THIS movie.  I'm hyping this movie like crazy to anyone and everyone , my contribution    ;D  
  3. Dual Blades
    Thanks for the heads up Cellien   ;)    But you see my point. I bet you that SOMEONE will criticise the hell out of this movie, constructive critisism is good its just when people pointlessly want to jump on the directors for something they did or done.  Now I can't talk considering I like everyone else hasn't seen anything of this movie yet ( one stills) but we all need to look at this movie ...   ... NOT as an Alien clone ... ... NOT as a Predator clone ... ... BUT an Alien vs Predator movie, in it own vain.  Paul Anderson set out to create a sci-fi,action first hand, NOT an horror movie.   The Strause Bros are intent on creating a HORROR movie first hand where as the action will follow due to this.  Seroiusily people, I really,REALLY have faith that the boys WILL deliver something special,will ALLLLL be in for a surprise.     ;D  
  4. gd
    seriously, don't you guys ever learn? the less you expect the better, no matter if the movie is good or bad, it's always better to expect nothing.  until now, we have nothing that should make anyone hyped really. we have a lot of promises, just like we had with the first movie.
  5. Jango1201
    I really hate to lower some folks spirits in here, but does anyone remember all the hype on avp1 ? All the homages in that fil and it still sucked...   :-\    Also.. i remember a video interview by Lance Henrickson saying "This is gonna be an awsome ride, there are no seatbelts in the movie theater" and i felt like I was riding the "teacup". So what the actors and the rest that work on the movie have to say means nothing to me..." Ill be the judge on the "roller coaster" when i ride it
  6. ArielAleXCo
    quote ----- so when we hear a sound byte of the score, we can go "AvP 2!" not "AvP 2's score, which is just a bunch of homages to the older movies, so there is nothing fresh!" -----  Do you remmeber the score of avp1??? because I dont, but I do remember the predator's one. They rule.  And I would really like to hear like a newmix fo the traditicion with the alien theme... that could finally be meaningfull ^_^ I'll be happy to listen to the "tum, tum.... tata ta tatata tat, tum..." Yeeeeeeeah man!
  7. Predboy
    Well I hope that all this "good news" they're giving us is true. I dont want to think this movie will be great and when I see it, its crap. You dont want me to be run into Colin if the movie is crap. Hell will surely break loose if that happens.
  8. Dual Blades
    One thing that I am worried is not about the film as such but the fans expectations. I know full heartedly that it will dominate, regardless so Strause bros I got ya back    ;D  , Its the fact that the fans will be intenstionaly wanting to SEE those scarey moments only to feel that those moments won't be as good.   This is a totally different fan base as oppose to those from both the previous Alien and Predator films (the audience members didn't know what to expect thats what gave it its razor edge). Today we know amost everything of what to expect of these movies so the suspense may possibly .... POSSIBLY not work as well.   Saying that I hope I am as wrong as hell and that those moments when watching those movies takes me back to those moments of terror, and thats what we ALL want.  Its all good regardless.
  9. Pvt. Hicks
    I am not worried, I am hoping for some homages to the older scores, but I want to have it's own score, stand on it's own legs, so when we hear a sound byte of the score, we can go "AvP 2!" not "AvP 2's score, which is just a bunch of homages to the older movies, so there is nothing fresh!"
  10. Xenomorphine
    By 'primal', I think think they mean organic and visceral. Primal does not equate bad. The music from the first two 'Predator' films, however, had the most primal atmosphere, because of the tribal theme.
  11. SiL
    I'm a bit confused. He's calling the Alien MUSIC primal ... if he means in AvP2, fine and dandy, but in the previous films? I'd hardly call the work primal.  Unless again he's talking about the creatures. Fair enough.
    I love Brians work, I have no worries of the score, it's in good hands now.   Now for a trailer! I think I heard that the AVP2 trailer will be shown with the next Die Hard film, is that true?
  13. Highland
    nice, It seems things always get better when speaking to people working on the movies, now all we need is an actual screen shot to prove that were not in for the biggest hoax of the century!    :P  
  14. Uncanny Antman
    Goldsmith only uses his Klingon motif twice in First Contact.

    1.  When Worf is first shown on the bridge of the Defiant.
    2.  A very faint version when Worf enters the Enterprise bridge.

    P.S. FYI, the score for the deflector dish sequence was actually composed by Jerry's son, Joel.
  15. SM
    Yeah but the Klingon attack on the V'Ger cloud in TMP was different from Horner's motif in Search for Spock.  And I don't remember any Klingons in First Contact?

    I just thought it'd be cool if certain themes could be consistent throughout then new ones come into play in each film.  That said the stuff Goldsmith and Horner used for the Klingons were both pretty sweet.
  16. SM
    Yeah I knew Aliens was rushed, which pissed Horner off greatly.  Still the music suited the film extraordinarily well, so ti did the job.

    There's very few new compositions done for it, mostly making do with re-timed cues from II.

    Aside from Goldsmith's original film theme, Horner's was best.  Not surprised he re-used his music.  I was always a bit disappointed that Trek didn't use the same themes throughout all the films like Star Wars or Indiana Jones.
  17. Xenomorphine
    Off topic-ish.  I was watching Wrath of Khan yesterday and noticed Horner ripping himself off again during the scenes where Khan meets Chekov.  Same stuff as he used later in Aliens during the early colony sweep scenes.

    He musta really been stretched...

    Actually, those basic melodies were present in as far back as what he did for 'Battle Beyond The Stars', but he tends to rearrange them sufficiently to fit in with each film's theme. :)

    Just listen to 'Krull' It takes some of the pieces he's famed for using, but the score has an identity all of its own.

    In the extra features for 'Aliens', I think there are interviews which show how amazingly rushed it was and that the music was meant to have suffered for that. It's either admitted or alluded to that he had so little time and opportunity to score new stuff, that he had to basically resort to what he knew worked well.

    The same applies to the composer for 'Alien 3', but both efforts are amazing pieces of musical work.
  18. SM
    I knew Horner had used the Klingon attack motif from ST 3, but I wasn't aware he also nicked stuff from ST2.  Mainly cos the stuff I'm talking about is very quiet under the dialogue.
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